Airbnb Japan Co., Ltd. Collaboration between Airbnb Japan and chef Shusaku Toba of the 1-star restaurant “si o”. This winter, we will announce the original recipe of “Shiawase no Tabe Soup” that can be enjoyed at Airbnb na tionwide.

Airbnb Japan Inc.
A collaboration between Airbnb Japan and Shusaku Toba, chef of the 1-star restaurant “sio”. This winter, we will announce the original recipe of “Shiawase no Tabe Soup” that can be enjoyed at Airbnb nationwide.

・Complete recipe for “Happy eating soup” that you can easily make and spend a fulfilling morning while staying at Airbnb
・A recipe that guests traveling with Airbnb listings nationwide and hosts who provide breakfast can enjoy while arranging with local ingredients.
・Cooking videos demonstrated by Chef Toba and downloadable recipe sheets are also available (
The Japanese subsidiary of Airbnb (Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA, hereinafter: Airbnb, Japanese name: Airbnb), the world’s largest travel community platform, will launch the Airbnb concept of “traveling like living” this winter. We will jointly release the recipe of “Happy eating soup” originally developed by Mr. Shusaku Toba, the owner and chef of the 1-star restaurant “sio”, so that you can enjoy it even more through food. This original recipe can be arranged using local ingredients at Airbnb listings
(accommodations) nationwide, making it a recipe that will warm your body and soul in the coming winter.
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Airbnb is based on the concept of “traveling like living”, and each listing aims to be a place where guests can find their own place, like a “home away from home” on the road. There are many unique listings on the Airbnb platform, and many of them are equipped with kitchen facilities and cutlery. In fact, as the demand for travel without restrictions on movement increases for the first time in three years, travelers in Japan during the year-end and New Year holidays are looking for convenient accommodations such as Wi-Fi, kitchens, washing machines, and free parking lots. You are searching for equipment and these are in the top 5 most searched items. (Note 1) Period from January 1, 2019 to September 30, 2022
Therefore, this time, as “Air bed and breakfast”, which is the origin of the name of “Airbnb”, “Airbnb experience where you can enjoy breakfast (breakfast) with friends and family on the extension of accommodation (bed)”. In order to deliver it, we have developed a breakfast recipe jointly with Chef Shusaku Toba, who focuses on discovering the appeal of local ingredients, such as starting “Tabi”, an attempt to explore a new relationship between the region and food at Hotel’s, a sio affiliate. Based on the ideas of Chef Toba, who knows the charm of local ingredients, we have devised recipes that will warm your body and soul this winter, which anyone can easily make while staying at an Airbnb around the country.
This winter, by all means, reserve an Airbnb listing with a kitchen from the “Airbnb search category”, and have breakfast with your friends and family while eating “happiness eating soup” that incorporates seasonal ingredients and local ingredients unique to the area you are staying. We hope that you will have a fulfilling morning that warms your body and soul. Also, in the future, for those who are starting new hosting by utilizing their own vacant rooms and vacant houses, it is finished so that it can be used as a hint of hospitality when welcoming guests.
-Comment from Chef Shusaku Toba-
“The recipes we have developed are warm, gentle, and soothing. When traveling, guests go shopping together, procure local ingredients and their favorite ingredients, and make their own original soup. If possible, the host can also make it to entertain guests, so I left a margin in the recipe so that it can be arranged with such a scene in mind.
Cooking with local ingredients at your destination will be a great memory, and I hope that both the guests who enjoy the food and the hosts who provide hospitality can come up with their own original ideas.”
-Eating Soup of Happiness-
[Image 2d16248-121-17b512861fe26a6ca64c-1.jpg&s3=16248-121-79c55d6fd94fe74b4963215bd22425dc-3900x2600.jpg
[Image 3d16248-121-5745fab904426b88e885-2.jpg&s3=16248-121-b7729388c58654efd3e881bfa0ac68cf-3900x2600.jpg
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++ -Eating Soup of Happiness-
■ Ingredients (approximately 900 grams for 4 servings)
・ Rolled barley 35g (about 1/4 go *1 go = 150ml)
・80g radish (about 5cm long)
・ Carrot 80g (about 1/2)
・ Turnip 80g (about 2/3 pieces)
・Shimeji mushrooms 80g (about 1 pack)
・Onion 80g (about 1/2 medium size)
・Chicken thigh (80g)
・Bacon (70g)
・ Laurier 1 sheet
・Consomme cube 1 cube
・Vegetable juice (tomato base) 200g (1 small pack)
・Water 800cc

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