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AironWorks Cyber ​​security conference “AironWorks Cyber ​​Tokyo 2022” event report released

Airon Works
Cyber ​​security conference “AironWorks Cyber ​​Tokyo 2022” event report released

AironWorks Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Terada Hisahi, hereinafter “AironWorks”) will hold an offline cyber security conference “AironWorks Cyber ​​Tokyo 2022” on Thursday, December 15, 2022. I was. We will publish the event report of this conference, where the Israeli research and development team also took the stage.
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About “AironWorks Cyber ​​Tokyo 2022”
This conference, which was held offline for the first time, is a session program on improving organizational security literacy and security measures, with the latest information on cyber security, in response to the situation where security measures are becoming more important due to the recent rapid increase in phishing damage. was held.
Part 1 Keynote: Speaker Kanahi Terada (AironWorks/CEO)
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Mr. Terada, the representative of our company, gave a presentation titled “Israel-Japan collaboration to change the world”, and in the future where the digital and the real world will continue to merge, we would like to share with you the vision that our company aims for together with “AironWorks”, which makes full use of Israeli
technology. introduced.

Part 2 Latest Cybersecurity Research Presentation: Speaker Masashi Asai (AironWorks/Analyst)
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Based on the market trends and other information collected by AironWorks on a daily basis under the theme of “Thinking about cybersecurity in the future,” we discussed the impact of digitization on cybersecurity and the development and spread of AI technology for cyber defense.・Introduced the impact on cyber risk, the trends arising from government regulations and new policy trends, and the outlook for the future.
■ Download report
You can download the report of this research announcement from the following URL.
Part 3 Announcement of new functions and R&D plans
About Deep Fake: Speaker Jacob Zhitomirsky (AironWorks/VP R&D) [Image 4d87353-59-b6c9c62d7a7fcde90014-7.jpg&s3=87353-59-213b265dc586919606c9680c4d75f63a-1908x1090.jpg
The number of cases where Deep Fake technology is applied to cyberattacks is increasing around the world, and in 2022, it attracted attention as the elaborate Deep Fake video of Ukrainian President Zelensky was spread. While technologies that generate images and videos that surpass human recognition ability are spreading, methods that take advantage of AI’s recognition ability are also emerging. Technology to prevent cyber attacks is required. AironWorks
investigates the latest cyber attack methods and continues research and development to create new countermeasures.
About new features: Speaker Gonen Krak (AironWorks/CTO)
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In the future, AironWorks will report on a plan to add new functions to detect and defend against cyberattacks in real time using AI developed by our company, and a new function to report to the IT department, and a simulation that will be performed within the AironWorks system. We have announced that we will upgrade to a dashboard that is easier to manage and has a more user-friendly UI.

About AironWorks
◾︎About AironWorks service
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AironWorks Service Features
AironWork is a “cyber security simulation education platform” using cutting-edge technology developed by engineers from Unit 8200 of the Israel Defense Forces, the world’s top hacker group. It enables training against attacks from various vectors such as SNS (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and SMS attacks that cannot be covered by conventional targeted email training. In addition, it is a system that allows continuous and more practical training to counter today’s cyber attacks that are individually optimized according to the target. In addition, we will implement an “original education program” that utilizes the Israeli Defense Force’s education method + gamification to achieve a high educational effect.
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AironWorks service image
◾︎Company profile
With the corporate mission of “Enhancing Teams with AI”, AironWorks creates a better society and empowers working people and teams with cyber security solutions that make full use of advanced technology developed in Israel.
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AironWorks Company Profile
・Company name: AironWorks Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Terada Hisahito
・ Location: 4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
・Foundation: August 2021
・Business: Planning, design, development, construction, management, maintenance, operation, sales, education and consulting of cyber security services
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