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Aishito Co., Ltd. Hatchanko representative Hatsue Iwamoto starring “Uruoi Sengen Premium” new TV commercia l to start airing in December

Love Toto Co., Ltd.
Hatchanko representative Hatsue Iwamoto starring “Uruoi Sengen Premium” new TV commercial to start airing in December
The edible collagen jelly “Uruoi Sengen” has been the best seller in Japan for 13 consecutive years! (* 1) Focusing on the power of collagen early on, it became a flagship product that supports the company

A new commercial featuring Hatsue Iwamoto (Hacchan), the
representative of Ai Toto Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative Director and CEO: Hatsue Iwamoto). will broadcast Since its release in March 2006, the Uruoi Sengen series has been very well received, and has been the number one in sales in Japan (*1) for 13 consecutive years. The reason why it has become a popular product is because of its “taste”, which has been researched over and over again, says Hacchan, who is in charge of development.
*1 Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd. “H・B Foods Marketing Handbook 2011-2023” Obvious food (within the category to which this product applies) company share from 2009 to 2021
[Image 1d54826-98-6f19bc713344439cff1b-12.png&s3=54826-98-6bb4bd7fc9b89a473fbc576f24dfe605-1368x772.png
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In the TV commercial, based on the message “The source of health is the sea”, representative Hacchan filmed at the sea in Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Along with the mischievous phrase, “Hey, hey, do you know this?”, the appearance of running in a miniskirt with the sea in the background is a commercial that makes you feel youthful and collagen power that makes it hard to believe that you have passed your 60th birthday.
Overview of the new TV commercial
[Image 3d54826-98-475810208bbcb857f331-13.png&s3=54826-98-ac2337e877a369733b3d4d92f3ef7c68-1361x763.png
◎ Title: “Uruoi Declaration Premium Itoshima” (30 seconds)
◎ Broadcast start date: Sunday, December 4, 2022
◎ YouTube (CM main part) ◎Broadcasting station/Program name: ・TeleQ Every Sunday from 14:54 to 16:00 in “Nandemo Judgment”
          · KTN TV Nagasaki Every Monday from 16:50 to 19:00 in “Marutto!”          ・Kyushu 6 station network (Fukuoka RKB, Nagasaki NBC, Kumamoto RKK, Kagoshima MBC, Miyazaki MRT, Oita OBS)
Broadcast every Sunday in December from 10:15 to 10:30 in “World’s No. 1 Kyushu Begins”
Product information
[Image 4d54826-98-b837f48f4087cc00dacb-5.png&s3=54826-98-5dddc5ff735a27274835b8bc39b451d8-2691x2020.png
“Uruoi Sengen” is a health food that has been sold by Aishito since March 2006. Collagen jelly that can be easily eaten anytime, anywhere in stick-type individual packaging. Fish-derived collagen, which has a finer molecule than normal collagen, has been further reduced in molecular weight by a unique manufacturing method.
Moisture declaration series (EC site): shooting episode

[Image 5d54826-98-949b1278ab4b41c9a04c-15.jpg&s3=54826-98-b21e8150992e3a8341bd2ecb1edb9a1d-994x687.jpg
Itoshima is the hottest area in Fukuoka, where the head office of Aisito is located! Hacchan, the representative who is full of spirit to shoot at the beautiful sea and photogenic spots. Hacchan’s passion for “Uruoi Sengen Premium” can be seen from the way he faces the shooting while repeatedly discussing his acting with the shooting staff with a serious expression, and the choice of words that say, “More and more beautiful, and more and more research.” It has been transmitted. “Hey, hey, you know this!”, “I’ve got something really delicious!” (Video staff Satsuki Sagara)
Performer profile
Hatsue Iwamoto, commonly known as “Hacchan”
[Image 6d54826-98-63ef0a07104bc8a485fb-3.jpg&s3=54826-98-6a7030aa2623f6e2cc35102c8f5a8183-1108x1478.jpg
Aishito Co., Ltd. Representative Director and CEO
In 1998, he founded Aisito Co., Ltd. (former HRK). In addition to the collagen jelly “Uruoi Sengen” series, which boasts the highest sales in Japan (*1), we also operate a mail-order company for health and beauty products. In 2013, he was awarded the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon for his numerous social contribution activities both publicly and privately. In addition to appearing on many TV programs as a commentator, the radio program “Happiness Brings Words”, which is a personality twice a week, is a long-running program in its 19th year. Furthermore, currently, consultations on worries on Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, voicey, which can be listened to for free, etc. At home, she has two children and seven grandchildren, and works in the kitchen to support the diet of her large family. Her way of thinking and way of life evokes sympathy, and she has become a charismatic figure among women.

◎Hatchan (Hatsue Iwamoto) comment
[Image 7d54826-98-266e8b17cbb56abd4628-16.jpg&s3=54826-98-e910ac4facad11fb741f87c32b9820c3-761x810.jpg
My late father taught me the importance of collagen in fish. 25 years of research and commercialization. It is now the 13th year of No. 1 sales in Japan. Customers will spread what they really need. I feel that it’s the same as the words you need to spread more than the words you want to convey. Just as our bodies need collagen, we would like to aim for such a love that gives power to our hearts.
Aishitoto Co., Ltd.
A mail-order company that develops, manufactures, and sells
supplements, foods, and cosmetics, including the collagen jelly “Uruoi Sengen,” which has been the best edible collagen in Japan (*1) for 13 consecutive years. We are also developing food manufacturing and management of Gokayama Tofu. Spreading smiles around the world through “beauty” and providing “radiant youthfulness” regardless of age. [Image 8d54826-98-f78a57057261acec7b0b-14.png&s3=54826-98-b8d70542dc13447bc8e79aa0bb2028a2-1021x599.png
Representative: Hatsue Iwamoto, Representative Director and CEO Head office location: 6-23 Imamitsu, Nakagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture Established: October 1998
Corporate site:

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