Aizumisato-machi and Welsock Co., Ltd. conclude a “Regional Comprehensive Partnership Agreement”

Welsock Co., Ltd.
Aizumisato-machi and Welsock Co., Ltd. conclude a “Regional
Comprehensive Partnership Agreement”

Aizumisato Town (Mayor: Junichi Sugiyama) and Welsock Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO Hiroshi Numamoto, hereinafter referred to as Welsock) are working together to develop “DX for industry” and “DX for living” using high-speed communication networks. We are pleased to inform you that we have concluded a “Regional Comprehensive Partnership Agreement” for the purpose of promotion, and held a signing ceremony at the Aizumisato Town Hall on December 26, 2022.
1. background
Aizumisato Town is a town blessed with a long history and beautiful nature, such as characteristic agricultural products such as Takada plum and Korean carrots, and Isasumi Shrine, which is derived from the origin of “Aizu”. In Aizumisato Town, we are working with various private businesses to maximize the use of such local resources, overcome the depopulation society and lead to sustainable regional development, to revitalize the region and improve resident services. It is working.
Welsock aims to “establish Japan’s first wide-area Wi-Fi
next-generation DX”, and will work together with local governments to revitalize regions and solve problems, such as supporting tourism and watching over the elderly throughout the country. We are promoting. Among them, Aizumisato Town has installed 125 Wi-Fi 6 base stations, and will carry out various initiatives to revitalize the region in the future. Aizumisato Town and Welsock have concluded a comprehensive regional partnership agreement, and will work to revitalize the region and improve services for residents by making effective use of their respective human and material resources.
2. Main Initiatives under the “Regional Comprehensive Partnership Agreement” (1) Promoting the invitation of smart demonstration experiments in various industries in the town
In a society with a declining population, productivity improvement is required. We work on the digitalization of existing industries and support the operational efficiency of producers and businesses by increasing productivity.
(2) Promotion of implementation of latest technologies such as robots and IoT For elderly people who find it difficult to go shopping, we will promote life support for the elderly, such as renting out tablet terminals equipped with AI speakers.
(3) Ensuring the safety of townspeople in the event of an earthquake or other disaster
We will consider communication infrastructure that will not be disconnected even in the event of a disaster, such as the use of satellite lines. In addition, we will strive to ensure the safety and security of the townspeople’s lives, such as by using disaster prevention wireless and Wi-Fi together.
(4) Contribute to improving the safety and security of townspeople Security cameras donated by Welsock to Aizumisato Town will be installed at Wi-Fi access points. By installing security cameras in 12 locations in the town, we maintain an environment where you can live with peace of mind.
(5) In addition, promotion of utilization of high-speed wireless communication networks, regional development, etc.
We aim to revitalize the local economy by reducing communication costs for townspeople by providing low-cost communication services. In addition, in order to improve the convenience of tourists, we will provide sightseeing services such as renting out Wi-Fi in the town to tourists free of charge. This will appeal to the region as an information-advanced region.
3. Signing ceremony for the Comprehensive Regional Partnership Agreement between Aizumisato Town and Welsock Co., Ltd.
On December 26, 2020, a signing ceremony was held at the Aizumisato Town Office with the following attendees.
Mayor of Aizumisato Town Junichi Sugiyama
Welsock Co., Ltd. Executive Vice President Kiyohisa Ota

[Image 1

Signing ceremony Photo from left: Mayor Sugiyama, Aizumisato Town, Fukushima Prefecture, Vice President Ota of Welsock Co., Ltd. [Base station installation example photo]
[Image 2d114228-1-a2df5212d4c0c0bcb0f5-0.jpg&s3=114228-1-06cfebb49fdb831fe079534660a2b087-2081x2185.jpg
Base station installation example 1

[Image 3d114228-1-54ba7634ce17c96750b3-1.jpg&s3=114228-1-c4764754245a12cb5380106b19c8b34d-2275x2700.jpg
Base station installation example 2

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