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AKA Corp. Added function to enhance cognitive ability to AI English conversation robot Musio S

AKA Corp.
Added function to enhance cognitive ability to AI English conversation robot Musio S

Musio S, the latest version of AI English conversation robot Musio developed by AKA, has added two functions to enhance cognitive ability. This OS is scheduled to be released in January.
AKA (U.S. headquarters: AKASTUDY LIMITED, California, USA, Japanese corporation: AKA Corporation, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Raymond Jung) develops artificial intelligence engines and artificial intelligence social robots.
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The following two functions have been added to Musio S, which has a revamped UI that enables intuitive operation.
ReSmart: Contributing to improving learning ability and preventing dementia through brain training and conversation in Japanese Alive: Meditation feature helps improve concentration
ReSmart is a feature designed to enhance the cognitive abilities of older people.
Brain training tasks are created based on the five main cognitive abilities, “attention, verbal ability, memory ability, thinking ability, and visuospatial ability,” and are divided into six levels of difficulty.
-Example of brain training-
Training to memorize shapes and choose the correct one
Training to memorize letters and pictures and select the correct ones Training to tap when colors and letters match
Training that trains the brain and body by scanning specified colors and words in cooperation with Sophy (Sophie: dedicated scanner) Brain training is designed so that you can enjoy it like a game without resistance, and we have devised the UI and content so that you can use it in your daily life.
It also has a function that analyzes the data of brain training and conversations in Japanese with Musio and displays the current brain age.
By visualizing the state of the user’s own brain, it is easy to feel the effects of daily training, which leads to increased motivation. [Image 2

■ Alive
Alive is a function that can be expected to strengthen concentration and stabilize the mind, focusing on meditation.
Fall in Deep Sleep
Free Your Doubts
Center your Focus
Let Off Some Steam
Forming New Habits
For each of the above five categories, there are “binaural beats” that are said to have healing effects. It is expected to be effective in treating trauma and depression.
Training can be selected from “Daily” to play randomly and “Choose” to play by yourself.
“Daily” has content of 3 to 20 minutes, and is devised so that meditation time can be easily incorporated into daily life.
Musio displays calming images, such as the ocean and sky, while the binaural beats are playing, designed to provide both an auditory and visual effect.
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Since its release in 2016, Musio has been used by a wide range of generations, from children to adults, as an “English learning partner”.
In recent years, the demand for improving mental health, lifestyle habits, and cognitive/physical function is increasing, and this time, we have developed a new function related to healthcare as a field where Musio, which has been responsible for communication in English learning, can be used in new ways. . Along with this new feature, the traditional English learning features are still available.
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■ AI English conversation robot Musio
Musio is a communication robot equipped with the English conversation engine Muse, and uses deep learning to make natural, human-like conversations. Equipped with four main functions, users can train according to their English level.
Chat mode: Speak native American English and have natural English conversations. Tutor mode: You can study English according to your level and purpose using special teaching materials and a scanner.
Edu Mode: You can repeat and practice the words and phrases necessary for English conversation.
Learner’s Chat: Efficient and practical conversation training is possible by suggesting phrases to reply to the dedicated app and having conversations by theme or situation.
Musio can be purchased at the Musio Store, and you can register for the service “Musio English”, which is a set of Musio rental and Kimini English conversation, from the following site.
Musio Store:
Musio English:
[About AKA]
Company name: AKA Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-6-5 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo the HIVE JINNAN CEO: Raymond Jung
Business description: Development and sales of artificial intelligence engines and artificial intelligence robots, SaaS business
■Musio Official Website:
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■ Online English conversation service “Musio English” Official site:

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