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Akita City, Pasona, and Cognity hold a public seminar on regional revitalization initiatives promoted by telework through cooperation between local governments and companies

Akita City, Pasona, and Cognity hold a public seminar on regional revitalization initiatives promoted by telework through cooperation between local governments and companies
-Live distribution from Akita about the cooperation system between local governments and companies and know-how for making telework transparent-

Cognity Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Rie Kawano, hereinafter Cognity), which conducts business communication analysis with AI, is a demonstration cooperation company for the “Regional Revitalization Telework Model Creation Project” implemented by the Cabinet Office. We have started working with Akita City.
On January 17, 2023 (Tuesday), Akita City, Pasona Co., Ltd. and Pasona JOBHUB, which are the contractors of this project, will jointly promote “regional revitalization promoted by telework created by cooperation between local governments and businesses”. Hold a public seminar on the topic.
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[Regarding the project to create a telework model for regional revitalization and the history of cooperation between Akita City and Cognity]
The Cabinet Office is promoting regional revitalization telework that enables flexible working styles that are not bound by time or place, such as teleworking from a satellite office in a local area while working for a company in Tokyo.
Through demonstrations of companies working on regional revitalization telework, we will create a model of new work styles for companies, visualize the process from consideration to implementation of regional revitalization telework, and the benefits and effects obtained from implementation. We are implementing the “Regional Revitalization Telework Model Creation Project,” which will lead to an increase in the number of companies working on regional revitalization telework by widely disseminating it.
(Regional revitalization telework details:
Cognity has established a full telecommuting system, and has been highly evaluated for utilizing excellent local human resources, especially women who have restrictions on commuting and working hours due to childcare and nursing care, etc., through regional
revitalization telework. As one of the nine cooperating demonstration companies, we have started initiatives in cooperation with Akita City, Akita Prefecture, together with Pasona Co., Ltd., which serves as the project secretariat.
[Open seminar held at Pasona Cognity in Akita City]
A public seminar will be held from 17:00 on January 17, 2023 (Tuesday) to commemorate this project under the theme of “Regional
Revitalization Promoted by Telework”. A panel discussion will be held by the Akita City Industrial Promotion Department Enterprise Location Employment Division, Pasona Inc., Pasona Inc. JOBHUB, and Cognity, and will also introduce the IT basic course started by Cognity.
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[Promote the utilization of local human resources by providing learning opportunities for IT and telework]
The “IT Basic Course”, which has been held regularly since November, is designed to give you a concrete image of telework by allowing you to experience the knowledge necessary for telework while actually touching a PC. Free childcare is available for those who wish to make it easier for the child-rearing generation to attend. Recruitment briefings will be held after the course to promote the utilization of local human resources through active recruitment.
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[Efforts to promote women’s utilization with local governments] Since its founding in 2013, Cognity, which has focused on telework, has been working to prevent inequality in working in the “residential area”, such as “there is no job within commuting distance” and “it is difficult to find a job because the partner is a transferee.” We are promoting regional revitalization telework because we want to hire excellent human resources. As a result, in Japan, where the burden of childcare and nursing care tends to be disproportionate to women, about 90% of employees and managers are women, and they are active in flexible work styles that are not constrained by time or place. In addition, we have opened three satellite offices so far, with Tokushima City in July 2017, Fukuoka City in March 2022, and Akita City in December 2022. , we have been promoting initiatives such as holding seminars on-site. The opening of the satellite office has solved problems such as the variation in work skills that are likely to occur due to telework, communication, and the creation of learning opportunities, and has had a clear effect in improving engagement and improving work quality.
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This public seminar will share the know-how that Cognity has accumulated since its founding with more companies, local governments, and individuals, and promote remote work for regional revitalization. The purpose is to aim for a society where people can play an active role.
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“IT Basic Course” started in November 2022
Cognity will continue to secure excellent human resources through various initiatives such as basic IT courses, and by expanding bases, we will aim to become a strong company from the perspective of BCP, and promote regional revitalization telework in cooperation with local governments. .
[Company Profile of Cognity Inc.]
◯ Established: March 28, 2013
◯ Location: 1-1-2-208 Nishioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0015
◯ Web:
◯ Capital: 530,277,000 yen (including capital reserve)
◯ Employees: 341 (296 annotation workers in Japan and overseas) *As of January 2022
◯ Representative: Rie Kawano, Representative Director
◯ Business description: Developing software to “remove cognitive bias”. Using a database of more than 20,000 analysis results, we provide the “COG Series” analysis service that models the trends of high performers and teams in customer service, presentations, meetings, etc., and quantitatively compares and evaluates them. ◇ 22nd Telework Promotion Award Excellence Award
◇ Acquired ISMS certification (ISO27001) in June 2019, including remote workers ◇ “Technology for calculating differences in the context and structure of talks and documents and predicting/recommending omissions/overs and shorts” was filed in 2015 and patented in August 2019 (Patent No. 6573321).
◇ Since its founding in 2013, it has adopted a “complete telecommuting system” and has been featured in many media as a company that has successfully operated it.

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