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Alcantara Alcantara’s 5th art exhibition “Studio Visit” held at MAXXI Italian National Museum of the 21st Century

Alcantara holds the 5th art exhibition “Studio Visit” at the MAXXI Italian National Museum of the 21st Century
Art Exhibition “Search History” by Space Popular until January 15, 2023

[Image 1d44421-67-9d65e612ba1b814c1a9c-2.jpg&s3=44421-67-28e3960c5ad3eec34a4bfc86ca6f1b80-3200x2133.jpg
The material brand “ALCANTARA (R)”, which boasts the highest quality of Made in Italy, will hold an art exhibition “Studio Visit” commemorating the collaboration with the MAXXI Italian National Museum of the 21st Century Museum on December 7 (Wednesday). ) has been released to the public.
Domitilla Dardi, MAXXI Design Curator, under a partnership of more than ten years between Alcantara and the MAXXI Museum, which has brought about a new form of cultural collaboration in the art world, with a focus on research on contemporary art. Curated by the masters of the MAXXI Museum of Art’s architectural collection, the 5th Studio Visit, which presents works by contemporary designers with their own interpretations, will be held in 2023 1 under the theme of “The Search History”. It will be held until Sunday, May 15th. As with the previous Studio Visit, this work will be part of the MAXXI Architecture permanent exhibition.
Mr. Domitila Dardi made the following comments on the opening of this art exhibition.
The 11th commemorative art exhibition by Alcantara and the MAXXI Museum of Art will present space popular works that reinterpret the works of Mr. Rossi, the great master of 20th century architecture, and link urbanism and digital technology. I am very happy that I am able to do it.”
In this project, Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg, directors of the design studio “Space Popular”, which is active in various fields, will participate and represent the 20th century. We focused on the internationally influential Italian architect Aldo Rossi. Based on Mr. Rossi’s concepts of ‘facts of the city’ and ‘an analogical city’, they thought about how to co-create a virtual city.
In the 1980s, Mr. Rossi himself was fascinated by the possibilities of the colors of ALCANTARA(R), and when he was commissioned to design an unfinished small theater, ALCANTARA(R) “is between the old and the future.” , hidden behind traditional fabrics and colors in its perfection and color”.
In “Architecture of the City”, Mr. Rossi accepts the subjective experience that accompanies the passage of time, and while the city is unique to each person, it is a continuous spatial experience that continues to be a “permanent, universal and necessary fact.” expressed as According to Space Popular, the concept is closer to the experience of traveling through a virtual environment than any of the previously called Metaverse platforms have proposed.
Space Popular understands that digital screens and headsets are just the latest in virtual reality hardware with precedents such as frescoes and tapestries painted hundreds of years ago. We have created virtual environments without using digital means.
Also, an immersive Internet space called the Metaverse should be liberated from privately-owned commercial authorities, and instead jointly built and managed, and concerned with issues inherent in immersive online environments such as tracking and privacy. and proposed a civic approach to virtual urbanism against the backdrop of the proliferation of metaverse platforms aimed at replicating existing real estate market models by selling virtual land.
Space Popular commented as follows:
“Search History is an object, a boundary, and an environment. , represents Rossi’s idea of ​​a building as an entity that absorbs, records and reproduces the history of the city.”
[Image 2d44421-67-c999b46d9581b57c0675-3.jpg&s3=44421-67-46534d83bd127751ef3c78c1eb66bfac-1800x2700.jpg
In this installation, the experience of moving through a virtual environment in immersive media is transformed into a multi-layer circular structure that changes to the rhythm of an original soundscape composed and produced by the Spanish music duo San Jeronimo. I will continue.
Bold cuts that transcend boundaries, creative prints, and high-quality ALCANTARA® sheets create new landscapes in soft, swaying architecture, transcending the physical limits of materials and offering a glimpse of new perspectives. let me
About MAXXI –
MAXXI (Italian National Museum of the 21st Century) is Italy’s first national museum of contemporary art. Designed by Pritzker
Prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid, the novel form of the building, in which curves are intricately intertwined, has attracted a great deal of attention. It consists of two galleries and is known as an art museum that focuses not only on art but also on introducing excellent contemporary architectural works.
About Alcantara –
[Image 3d44421-67-2012a4873f833ac32a58-4.jpg&s3=44421-67-b273d2ed0bc940bf5761cc76239ce4ae-650x434.jpg
Founded in 1972, Alcantara offers the finest materials with Made in Italy quality. ALCANTARA(R) is a registered trademark of ALCANTARA S.p.A., and is an epoch-making material that combines unique sensations, beauty and functionality created by unique technology. Its versatility has made it the choice of leading brands in a variety of sectors, including fashion, accessories, automotive, interior design and home decor, and consumer electronics. These properties, together with our constant commitment to sustainability, make Alcantara a true icon of modern lifestyle.
In 2009 Alcantara was certified carbon neutral. This goal is achieved by measuring, reducing and compensating for CO2 emissions from production activities. To report on the progress of these activities, Alcantara publishes a BDO-certified sustainability report every year, which is also available on our website
( You can refer to it. Alcantara is headquartered in Milan, with production and R&D facilities in Nera Montoro (Terni), in the heart of Umbria.

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