All Travel Federation Youth Group invites the World Minpaku Council to Japan Held Global ReformBnB Forum in KYOTO

All Travel Federation Youth Group
All Travel Federation Youth Group invites the World Minpaku Council to Japan Held Global ReformBnB Forum in KYOTO
The 1st general meeting of Global Reform BnB, which is a member of hotel associations around the world, is held in Kyoto

The Youth Group of the National Ryokan Hotel Life Sanitation Trade Union Association (Shige Hoshinaga, Youth Manager, abbreviation: All Travel Federation Youth Group) will hold a world event at Funazuru Kyoto Kamogawa Resort (Kyoto City) from November 30th to December 2nd. We invited and supported the Global ReformBnB Forum in KYOTO held by the Global ReformBnB (Global ReformBnB), a group of hotel associations from around the world.
The conference was attended by ryokan and hotel associations from 20 countries around the world, and because it was held in Japan, the conference had a strong presence from Asian countries. In addition, 50 people participated online, and more than 250 people attended the conference as a whole to discuss issues related to tourism and the accommodation industry.
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During this exhibition, we updated the guidelines for the STR (Short Term Rental, so-called private lodging) industry, and newly
incorporated the opinions of Asian hotel associations (China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Cambodia), which participated in this forum for the first time. .
Also, on the day before the conference (November 29th), members of the Global ReformBnB board visited the Japan Tourism Agency together with the director and deputy director of the AJRA (All Travel Federation Youth Association), and paid a courtesy visit to Vice-Minister Takashi Ikemitsu. did
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On December 2nd, Mr. Takanori Suzuki, Deputy Governor of Kyoto Prefecture, and Mr. Hiroaki Kakinuma, Director of the Tourism Industry Division, Tourism Agency, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, were invited as guest speakers to discuss the changes in the legal development of the Japanese accommodation industry and the future of accommodation. Presentations were made on the choices the tourism industry should take to grow.
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In the future, Global Reform BnB aims to establish a common global guideline, further brushing up, building a unified platform to clarify the identity of guests and STR facility owners, and disseminating that information. Share with the government and aim to build a more appropriate management system.
The next 2nd Global ReformBnB General Assembly will be held in Washington D.C. (USA) in November 2023.
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[About Global ReformBnB]
Global ReformBnB aims to clarify how much damage STR is causing around the world and to promote the development of a fair legal system in response to illegal STR being viewed as a global problem. , is a conference recognized by the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) launched in November 2018 with the participation of representatives from hotel associations in more than 30 cities in 24 countries around the world.
Through repeated meetings, Global ReformBnB has created guidelines that describe the content of regulations to be applied to the supply and intermediation of STRs, and solutions to the problems that accommodation facilities suffer from and the flaws in the legal system that regulates them. It will be the most efficient way to help find the is aimed at
All Travelers’ Youth Group is the only lodging industry group from Japan to join Global ReformBnB. I have participated in all events, including the 1st web event and the 5th event in Paris (France). And this time in Japan, Global ReformBnB will be the first general meeting to be launched as an official international organization.
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[Regarding the invitation to Japan and holding the event in Kyoto] Global ReformBnB’s bid to host the event in Japan was held in Buenos Aires in November 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic, and how the tourism industry, including private lodging in Japan, where the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be held, changed after the Olympics. proposed to understand. At that time, the All-Travel Federation Youth Division (director Haruhiko Suzuki) started working as the All-Travel Federation youth division to attract Japan in the fall of 2020, but the new coronavirus infection spread worldwide and the real event will be held after Buenos Aires in 2019. Instead, the Paris conference held in May this year was held in real for the first time in about two and a half years. This year, we invited Japan to hold the event again, which was scheduled for the fall of 2020, and invited it as an opportunity to raise issues outside, including the government, regarding private lodging problems that may occur during the recovery period of inbound after-corona. .
This year’s event in Japan will focus on the issue of private lodging in the background of the resurgence of inbound demand. Kyoto is one of the leading inbound tourist destinations in Japan, and is a city that has raised the issue of minpaku issues to the administration, especially among local governments. In addition to the 180-day rule of the Private Lodging Business Act stipulated by the government, the ordinance permits the operation (business) of residential areas only in the winter season. Since advanced city ordinances are being enforced in Japan as well, it was an opportunity to present the Kyoto model at the conference as an example of how regulations are applied to minpaku in Japan.
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