Almost sold out Reservations for the “Phantom Christmas cake” that matcha lovers love!

Gion Tsujiri
[Almost sold out] Reservations for the “Phantom Christmas cake” that matcha lovers love!
-Limited quantities of “Matcha Chocolat Noel Premium” woven with 5 layers and “Uji Matcha Christmas Tart” made with strawberries are on sale-

Founded in 1860, Gion Tsujiri Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, CEO: Masaaki Miyoshi), which delivers the rich taste and enjoyment of Uji tea from Gion, Kyoto, sells out every year. We are selling Christmas cakes again this year.
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[Image 1:] This year, for the first time in 6 years since 2016, Christmas Eve and Christmas will overlap on Saturdays and Sundays, and the demand for Gion Tsujiri’s “Christmas cake” as a gift for family and friends has increased further, and “Matcha Chocolat Noel Premium” And there is also a tendency to purchase the strawberry-filled “Uji Matcha Christmas Tart” together!
The rich and sweet and sour harmony of matcha and strawberries, which can only be tasted in 2022, is a gem that is highly acclaimed by “matcha lovers” who are not fond of matcha sweets. “A 5-layer cross-section full of the Christmas feeling of strawberries and matcha. A smooth mousse that melts up to the top 4 layers. A mariage of 5 layers of matcha green tea and strawberries that appears every time you cut the knife. The matcha chocolate glacage on the outside is rich and goes perfectly with the acidity of the strawberries (heart)! The sweetness of the mousse and milk ganache creates a special feeling while having the sweet and sour taste of strawberries! ] and other happy comments have arrived one after another.
There are only a few left, the supreme Christmas cake… (Heart) Please take this opportunity.
Overview of the 2022 “Christmas cake” presented by Gion Tsujiri 1. Just like a Christmas tree (heart)
“Matcha Chocolat Noel Premium” with 5 layers of marriage such as strawberry chocolate mousse
As the name “premium” suggests, the crunchy texture of “strawberry chocolate feuilletine” is topped with “milk ganache” with a gentle sweetness that envelops the rich flavor, and the smooth “matcha” and “matcha” that melt in the mouth. The point is the luxurious harmony of layers of chocolate mousse layer by layer. In addition, the finish is coated with “Matcha Chocolat Glasage” that adds an elegant and mature bitterness, and the Christmas-like pink strawberry powder makes it look gorgeous. Please enjoy the “Gion Tsujiri only marriage” that the craftsmen have arrived at through trial and error to your heart’s content.
2. Have a heart-pounding Christmas with your family and friends with the strawberry-filled Uji Matcha Christmas Tart.
The “Uji Matcha Christmas Tart”, which is decorated with plenty of bright red strawberries and blueberries, is loved by children and adults alike for the once-a-year Christmas.
A new product that was born with the hope that it will be a
“heart-throbbing Christmas”. The “Matcha Ganache” layered on top of the fragrant tart dough combines Uji Matcha with white chocolate and cream to achieve both a rich mouthfeel that is as smooth as raw chocolate and a refreshing balance. . By combining the freshness of strawberries and berries, which have a moderately sour taste, with the soft and fluffy “Matcha cream”, we will provide a new texture that has never existed before.
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[Image 2

[Image 3

Product name: Matcha Chocolat Noel Premium
Product size: H45 x W55 x D170mm
Specified raw materials: milk, eggs, wheat
Price: Free shipping 5,940 yen (tax included)
Expiration date: 2 days including the day of thawing (expiration date in frozen state is January 10, 2023)
The secret of the specialty made by a craftsman who knows Uji matcha inside and out is the marriage of five layers.
In 2022, add a carefully selected “strawberry” as an accent. ~ About materials ~
[Image 4

・Matcha chocolate ・Glacage
Glasage coating that makes you feel the comfortable and elegant “bitterness” of matcha and Christmas-like pink strawberry powder produce gorgeousness.

[Image 5

・Strawberry chocolate mousse
The mousse is finished so that the gentle sweetness and sourness of the strawberries stand out, and the fragrance and sweetness are adjusted to create a taste that harmonizes with matcha.

[Image 6

・Matcha chocolate mousse
White chocolate is used as a base, and matcha, which has a pronounced umami flavor, is used luxuriously.
The rich matcha flavor envelops you as if chasing the sourness of the strawberry.

[Image 7

・Milk ganache
“Milk ganache” with a gentle sweetness that envelops the rich taste. The sweetness and sourness of strawberries, the bitterness and umami of matcha, and the mellow flavor of ganache are added to create a milky feeling like strawberry milk or matcha au lait.

[Image 8

・Strawberry chocolate ・Fiantine
The texture accents and pleasant acidity create a rich yet refreshing aftertaste. )

(Heart) (Heart) (Heart) (Heart) (Heart)
(Heart)・・・・(Heart)・・・・(Heart)・・・・(Heart)・・・・(Heart)・・・・(Heart)・・・・( Heart)・・・・・・(Heart)
[Image 9

[Image 10

~ About materials ~
[Image 11

We deliver the best Uji tea from Gion, Kyoto.
The history of Gion Tsujiri dates back to 1860.
The company name was changed to “Tsujiri” from the name of the founder, Riuemon Tsuji, and it began with the production and sale of Uji tea in Uji Village, Yamashiro Province (now Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture).
In addition, Gion Tsujiri, which pursues the taste of Uji tea according to the times, opened Saryo Tsujiri, a teahouse specializing in Uji tea, in 1978.
We develop and provide high-quality matcha sweets that use Uji matcha luxuriously.
Currently, we will deliver the “joy” that tea brings to many people at 6 stores nationwide, including Tokyo Skytree Town, including Gion, Kyoto, and online shops.
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