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Amazing Co., Ltd. New product GET LINE BAT released! A new sensation to put the ball on. “Minoruman Produce ” Total series exceeded 7,000

Amazing Co., Ltd.
New product GET LINE BAT released! A new sensation to put the ball on. “Minoruman Produce” [Total series exceeded 7,000]
AMAZING BASEBALL new series [GET LINE BAT]. Get the feeling of “putting” instead of “hitting”.

Amazing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yao City, Osaka Prefecture), represented by baseball Youtuber Minoruman, has pre-sold the new training bat “GET LINE BAT” at the official online store
( We have started.
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GET LINE BAT, put the ball on, a new sensation.
GET LINE BAT means “Put the bat in the line of the ball”.
Instead of putting the bat in the line of the ball for a long time and hitting it back, you can learn the new feeling of carrying the ball.
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Development background
What is the most important metric in batting? Development began with such a question. Batting average, on-base percentage, number of HR, OPS…. important metrics are various.
However, there is one good number that is common to professional baseball players and players who have been active for a long time. It is the “batting average”.
After about two years of research and development, we have developed the supreme item [GET LINE BAT] that increases the batting average. Product features
Meat power that rises naturally.
A quirky training pad reminiscent of a battledore.
You can’t hit with a kneading swing trajectory.
You can acquire the feeling that the bat enters the line and support your meat power improvement.
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The feeling of putting it on for a long time instead of hitting it. With a swing that twists your wrist, the bat will not enter the line and you will miss it.
If you can use GET LINE BAT well, you will understand the feeling of putting it on, and your meat power will naturally increase.
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Operability that goes up with a grip
If you can “manipulate the grip freely” = “leave it until the end”, you can handle any ball and increase the meat rate. The GET LINE BAT has a heavier grip than normal bats and is ideal for training to improve operability.
[Image 4

Hit the ball hard and sharp in the opposite direction
In order to hit a “strong hit in the opposite direction”, it is necessary to increase the ability to respond to the ball.
By using GET LINE BAT, you can improve the operability of the head and grip and respond to various balls.
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Product introduction
17,000 yen each (excluding tax) / 87cm 900g
Available in one size from elementary school students to adults. WHITE
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[Image 7

[Image 8

Release date/Sales method
■December 10th (Sat) Amazing official online site
Minoruman, CEO of Amazing
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Representative Director Minoru Hirohata (Minoruman)
Active mainly in Kansai as a baseball coach and Youtuber.
In junior high school, he belonged to the All Hirakata Boys and won the Giants Cup.
In Osaka Toin, he participated in Koshien as second and second. After becoming a third-year student, he became the captain.
After that, he entered Asia University. Experienced winning the Meiji-Jingu Games. After graduating from university, I belonged to the baseball club of JR Tokai.
As a pioneer in baseball coaching, he has over 100,000 followers on YouTube and Instagram. Manager of the women’s baseball team Amazing. 【Company Profile】
Company name: Amazing Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director: Minoru Hirohata
Established: January 2021
Address: 5-8 Miyamachi, Yao City, Osaka Prefecture
Phone: 072-9207998
Company HP:
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Amazing Inc. Public Relations: Toshinari Fujiwara
Phone: 06-6766-4206 Email:

Details about this release:

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