Amazon gift certificate worth 1000 yen hits 50 people! Good luck with Feng Shui in 2023 ♪ New Year’s gift ca mpaign held for “Rike Yuchi’s Power Spot Guidebook”

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[Amazon gift certificate worth 1000 yen] hits 50 people! Good luck with Feng Shui in 2023 ♪ New Year’s gift campaign held for “Rike Yuchi’s Power Spot Guidebook”

Sekai Bunkasha will hold a [Good Luck with Feng Shui in 2023 ♪ New Year’s Gift Campaign] to commemorate the release of the good luck travel guide “Rike Yuchi’s Power Spot Guidebook” by the popular No. 1 feng shui master, Rike Yuchi. . A set of books and [1000 yen Amazon gift certificate] will be presented to 50 people by lottery! Please feel free to apply.
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[Good luck with feng shui in 2023 ♪ New Year gift campaign] held! \ Commemorating the publication of “Rie Yuchiku’s Power Spot Guidebook” / Follow and retweet on Twitter to know the lottery results immediately! 50 people will receive a book and [Amazon gift certificate worth 1000 yen] as a gift
During the campaign period from December 17, 2022 (Sat) to January 7, 2023 (Sat), follow Sekaibunkasha’s book [official] Twitter account (, A lottery will be held among those who retweet the campaign application tweet, and 50 people will be presented with a set of “Rike Yuchiku’s Power Spot Guidebook” and [1000 yen Amazon gift certificate (greeting card type)]. . Please feel free to apply!
【Application period】
December 17, 2022 (Sat) 20:00 to January 7, 2023 (Sat) 23:59 [Prize]
A total of 50 people will be selected by lottery and will win a “Riya Yuchiku’s Power Spot Guidebook” and a [1000 yen Amazon gift
certificate (greeting card type)].
【Application method】
1. Sekai Bunkasha Book [Official] Twitter Account
 Follow @sebunmedia (
2. Retweet the campaign application tweet
3. Click the URL in the application tweet
4. Press “Twitter link” from the displayed screen (Please link with the account that participates in the lottery)
5. Press the “Start lottery” button
6. The winning results page will be displayed
[Winning announcement]
The results of the lottery will be displayed on the screen on the spot. Winners will be presented with a winning screen and an entry form for the delivery address of the gift, so please enter the desired delivery address information. After January 10th (Tuesday), the gift will be sent to the address you entered.
*Please be careful of fake accounts. We cannot answer inquiries about lottery results.
[Application Terms]
If you are applying, please carefully read the “Twitter Follow & Retweet Campaign Application Rules” from the link below and apply only if you agree. Those who apply for this campaign are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions.
● Sekaibunkasha Group “News” page

What is “Riya Yuchiku’s Power Spot Guidebook”?

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Money luck, work luck, love luck, health luck, etc. The No. 1 feng shui master, Mr. Yuchiku Liya, who has over 7 million copies of the author, has carefully selected and introduced 15 power spots nationwide where you can get good luck if you visit in 2023. We will explain in detail the luck that can be obtained at each spot and feng shui advice to effectively obtain luck.
2023 is a year with the luck of “tree” and “wind”, where the four green Jupiter is located in the middle shrine. It’s a year when the luck you get from “travel” is the strongest. With this book in hand, why not make the new year full of good luck by knowing your lucky direction and visiting power spots in an effective way? A power spot is a place where the life flowing in the earth erupts to the ground. Let’s visit a sacred place called “dragon cave” and pray for good luck in the new year!
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The 15 power spots introduced in this book are sacred places with the luck of “trees” and “winds” that govern the year 2023. With plenty of photos and columns, Mr. Rie gives detailed instructions on what kind of luck you can get at each place, such as “fortune with money” and “fortune in encounters,” and how to make an effective tour of the approach. By reading the explanations and advice in this book before visiting, you can increase the luck effect of the power spot.
[Table 2: ]

Good luck travel cheat sheet that you can understand the lucky direction of 2023 and the recommended travel style by Kyusei [Image 5d9728-1403-d2ada612b6baec67e7ca-1.jpg&s3=9728-1403-e95441311e6f2e6d2835454b1fb275b0-2910x1800.jpg
We will also explain in detail the lucky directions for 2023 and the recommended travel styles by Kyusei! The basics of feng shui are introduced in a gentle and careful manner, so even those who are trying travel feng shui for the first time can rest assured. From “How to make a travel plan” to “How to take a hot spring”, plenty of feng shui advice is included to maximize the luck of your travel
In addition, it covers the travel fortunes of Kyushu in 2023 every 12 months, so it will be useful for planning your trip for the year. There is also a full column of Mr. Lee’s answers to questions to enjoy a good luck trip, such as what to do when the lucky direction is different from that of family members, friends, etc. It is exactly a cheat sheet for enjoying the “good luck trip” in 2023.
Author profile
[Image 6d9728-1403-bc739c38c52c90a926c8-5.jpg&s3=9728-1403-027fa5877b93e16c75e14a76d26756a9-356x450.jpg
Rinoie Yuuchiku
Chairman of the Kukan Feng Shui Society. The only feng shui master who follows the flow of the Lee Dynasty in Korea. Based on the idea that “feng shui is an environmental science that brings luck by arranging the environment”, he is active in a wide range of fields such as television, magazines, and seminars while giving various advice. The Kukan Feng Shui Society, which hosts the event, is working hard to train feng shui advisors. It also operates a membership-based online salon “Happy Feng Shui Salon”. “Happiness Feng Shui 2023 Edition” “Yutake Li Family Flower Feng Shui Calendar 2023” “Yutake Li Family Feng Shui Notebook 2023 Happy Motifs” “Yutake Li Family Feng Shui Notebook 2023 Lucky Flower” “Yutake Li Family Octagonal Mirror BOOK That Always Attracts Desired Luck” Also on sale now.
Publication summary “Go get the luck you want! Riya Yuchiku’s Power Spot Guidebook 2023 Edition”
[Image 7d9728-1403-2b582016a6f2f649d14a-6.png&s3=9728-1403-a14731203031284c0efcf2351c40764d-368x450.png
■ Author: Yuchiku Liya
■ Release date: October 24, 2022 (Monday)
■Price: 1,540 yen (tax included)
■ Publication: Sekai Bunka Books Co., Ltd.
■Issuance/Sales: Sekai Bunkasha Co., Ltd.

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