Amazon Japan G.K. Amazon Music, “Amazon Music Live: ACIDMAN presents “SAI” 2022” will be distributed l ive on Twitch from 20:00 on Monday, December 19th

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Amazon Music, “Amazon Music Live: ACIDMAN presents “SAI” 2022” will be distributed live on Twitch from 20:00 on Monday, December 19th
A live distribution program where you can watch recorded videos from ACIDMAN presents “SAITAMA ROCK FESTIVAL ‘SAI’ 2022”, a large-scale rock festival hosted by ACIDMAN, while enjoying talks with performing artists.
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Amazon Music will deliver “Amazon Music Live: ACIDMAN presents “SAI” 2022” on the Amazon Music Japan channel on Twitch from 20:00 on Monday, December 19th.
Amazon Music Japan Channel URL: At “Amazon Music Live: ACIDMAN presents ‘SAI’ 2022”, the music festival ACIDMAN presents was held at Saitama Super Arena on Saturday, November 26th and Sunday, November 27th, attracting 40,000 people. Of the 19 groups that appeared in “SAITAMA ROCK FESTIVAL ‘SAI’ 2022”, 16 groups of live recorded videos (partial) will be distributed. In addition, ACIDMAN, who hosted the festival, will perform Jan-Ken Johnny (MAN WITH A MISSION), TOSHI-LOW (BRAHMAN), Yutaka Furukawa (DOPING PANDA), Atsushi Horie (Straightener), Shinji Matsuda (THE BACK HORN). ) (*in alphabetical order).
In addition to footage of the day, including high-quality stage performances by each of the rock bands that gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ACIDMAN, the enthusiasm of the fans who gathered at the venue, and above all, ACIDMAN’s spectacular stage performance, a little bit of the performing artists Please enjoy the inside story and more!
Program distribution on Twitch can be viewed through the Amazon Music app through an account tie-up between Amazon Music and Twitch. To participate in the comments, please access directly from the Amazon Music Japan channel on Twitch and listen. You will need to register a Twitch account in advance.
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In addition, the playlist “SAITAMA ROCK FESTIVAL ‘SAI’ 2022” featuring the songs of the artists performing at the event is now available on Amazon Music. Please note that you need to subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited to listen to the playlist.
(Playlist URL: ACIDMAN presents “SAITAMA ROCK FESTIVAL ‘SAI’ 2022” artists
Nobuo Ohki (Vo & G), Masatoshi Sato (B), Ichigo Urayama (Dr) form a magnificent poetry world with the theme of “life”, incorporating various genres of music, going back and forth between “stillness” and “movement” A rock band that continues to expand the possibilities of 3 pieces with a wide range of sounds. He made his major debut with the album “So” in 2002, and since then he has performed at numerous rock festivals. In 2017, as a culmination of their 20th anniversary, they held their first rock festival “SAITAMA ROCK FESTIVAL ‘SAI'” at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama Prefecture, their hometown, and tickets were sold out on the same day. To date, they have released 12 original albums and held 6 Nippon Budokan concerts with great success. On November 26th (Sat) and 27th (Sun), 2022, “SAITAMA ROCK FESTIVAL ‘SAI’ 2022” will be held for the first time in five years as the culmination of the 25th anniversary year.
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