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Amazon Limited Sale “Teclast P40HD” Android 12 Tablet New! Cheap from 15,900 yen!

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Amazon Limited Sale “Teclast P40HD” Android 12 Tablet [New]! Cheap from 15,900 yen!
Limited time sale: Ends from December 6th to December 11th.

AMAZON Coupon 3,000 yen discount, now get the “UJSSMDWV” coupon code, plus 2,000 yen discount!!
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We have prepared a large discount coupon for the new product recommended this time, “P40HD”. Enjoy smooth entertainment with A75 8-core high performance, smart parental control and Android 12 system! Up to 24% OFF!
Teclast P40HD Product Specifications

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Powered by the new Android 12 OS, it offers a more personalized, safer and more user-friendly system experience. The system UI color scheme can be automatically adapted according to the wallpaper, and the APP widget can use some functions directly from the desktop. Designed with information security in mind, Android 12 offers new privacy features that are powerful and easy to use. Peace of mind knowing you can control who can see your data and when
Equipped with a 10.1-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 and an ultra-wide viewing angle. Coupled with the 16:10 gold scale, watching dramas, movies, and playing games is very comfortable. Effectively reduce blue light emission and make eye protection more effective. Bring more fun when reading, watching videos and chatting.

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The P40HD has a completely new look design, incorporating a signal overflow bit into the metal body. The new generation of Interstella Gray has achieved a unique and fashionable design.
Child Protection gives parents more control over their children’s screen time and app choices. We will also develop a new childguard app to help children balance learning and entertainment.
The P40HD is equipped with the next-generation Pure Sound Audio System, which brings you an immersive sound experience with a digital amplifier chip. Equipped with a 3.5mm headset interface to meet different user preferences.
Enjoy ultra-smooth streaming on your tablet with 4GB LPDDR4X RAM, and have room for all your precious photos, videos and apps with 64GB storage and Micro SD expansion. The 6000mAh high-capacity battery and low-power processor allow you to watch videos for up to 7 hours. The Type-C interface can be inserted in either direction, making charging more convenient.
Regular selling price: 20,900 yen
amazon coupon: 3,000 yen
Sale period: 12/06-12/11
Stackable coupon code (2,000 yen): “UJSSMDWV”
Sale price: 15,900 yen
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