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Analyze Log Co., Ltd. YouTube Ranking Annual High Ratings Ranking ~ Stray Kids 1st / Many Anime Theme Songs ~ (December 8)

Analyze Log Co., Ltd.
[YouTube Ranking] Annual High Rating Ranking-Music-~ Stray Kids 1st / Many Anime Theme Songs ~ (December 8)

This time, we will announce the top 10 rankings of the annual video high ratings of music videos released from January 1 to December 7, 2022.
The 1st place (1.915 million) was the new song music video of the Korean 8-member group “Stray Kids Japan Official Youtube”. As the title suggests, the image of the performance with “Circus” in the background is impressive.
Second place (1,218,000) was “Habit” by “SEKAI NO OWARI”, which won first place in the “Japan Top Trend Music Videos” announced by YouTube, and the unique choreography of the chorus has attracted many viewers. .
In addition to 3rd (1,160,000) and 5th (945,000), “Ado” also ranked 11th (758,000), 15th (582,000), and 20th (504,000).
“SiM Official YouTube Channel (7th place: 819,000)” “Higuchi Ai Ai Higuchi Official YouTube Channel (8th place: 817,000)” “Kenshi Yonezu Kenshi Yonezu (10th place: 771,000)” has been appointed as an anime theme song. Many songs are ranked in.
The YouTube analysis tool “Digital Creators” operated by Analyzelog Co., Ltd. will announce the top 10 YouTube weekly video playback rankings independently researched. The target is the video uploaded from January 1st to December 7th. The rankings up to the 20th place are announced at Digital Creators below.
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Music video high rating ranking TOP 10
[Image 1

YouTube High Ratings Ranking [Music]
Stray Kids Japan Official Youtube (1st place)
The popular boy group “Stray Kids” of “JYP Entertainment” to which “TWICE” and “NiziU” belong. The MV of the lead song “CIRCUS” of their 2nd Japanese mini-album “CIRCUS” is ranked in.
Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han of the unit “3RACHA” in “Stray Kids” are in charge of writing, composing and producing.
As the title suggests, the song is a groovy dance number with the theme of “circus”, and it is an impressive song with addictive phrases and beats. In the MV, the set is like an actual circus, and the members are performing with make-up like clowns, making it a playful image.
SEKAI NO OWARI (2nd place)
“Habit” MV of “SEKAI NO OWARI”, which won first place in “Domestic Top Music Video Ranking”, ranked second.
This song is the theme song for the movie “Holic xxxHOLiC”, and its addictive rhythm, intense lyrics, and comical dance in the MV have attracted attention. It gained great popularity mainly on SNS such as TikTok.
As the song title “Habit” suggests, against the “habits” of humans that want to be categorized, the young people’s backs are prickly, saying, “Don’t classify yourself. It has lyrics to push.
In the MV, the vocal “Fukase” showing a sharp dance in the classroom is impressive. It is said that he worked hard at dance lessons for this shoot. The highly addictive melody and comical dance attracted a lot of attention.
On YouTube, “HikakinTV” released a complete copy of this music video, and a gorgeous video in which vocalist “Fukase” also participated in the complete copy video, which became a hot topic.
Ado (3rd and 5th place)
The movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED” was released in August this year and attracted a lot of attention both in Japan and overseas. The MV for “New Era” of the theme song “Ado” was released in June prior to the release of the movie and became a hot topic.
This song was composed by Yasutaka Nakata, who is known for works such as “perfume” and “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu”. The MV is an animation video drawn differently from the movie, and was created by the animator “hmng”, so it is also attractive that you can enjoy it in a different way from the movie.
“Ado” performed all the singing scenes of “Uta,” who is portrayed as a diva in the play. A powerful and soulful singing voice and a catchy and fast-paced song are reminiscent of the magnificent world view of “ONE PIECE”, making it one of the songs that represent this year. It has been announced that Uta will participate in this year’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen, and a lot of attention has been focused on the appearance of an anime character for the first time.
The 5th place “Tot Musica” is also a song in the movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED” and plays in the climactic battle scene.
This song has an ominous and heavy sound, and you can enjoy the power of “Ado”‘s singing voice and shouts.
The lyrics are written by “cAnON.”, but the “runes” used by the ancient Germanic people are incorporated from the beginning of the song. is teaching
In the first verse, the tension is suppressed a little and the atmosphere progresses in a suspicious atmosphere, but in the chorus, the melody and sound that release the power as if it explodes all at once, making it a song that feels like it is linked to the movie. there is
TWICE JAPAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel (4th place)
The music video of “Celebrate”, the title song of the 4th Japanese original album released to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Japan’s debut, ranked in.
“TWICE” is a girl group formed by 9 people who passed the audition in the music program broadcasted in Korea, and consists of 5 Koreans, 3 Japanese, and 1 Taiwanese.
The songs ranked in this time are each member’s ideas for the world view of the lyrics, and the lyrics are written by JYP Entertainment’s main producer, J.Y. Park.
It’s a music video that you’ll want to watch over and over with cute costumes and dance, and the chorus is a song that makes you want to sing along.
In April 2022, the tour in Japan, which began in the fall of last year, will be held for the first time in two years.
Fujii Kaze (6th)
The live video of “I want to die” held at Nippon Budokan on October 29, 2020 (Thursday) is ranked in.
It starts with a powerful piano melody, followed by a beautiful melody intro. In addition to the sensational title “It’s Good to Die” that became a hot topic, the atmosphere of the song changes all the time, coupled with the rhythm of the lyrics, it’s a song with a mysterious world view. It can be seen that there are many fans around the world who are impressed by the musicality of “Fujii Kaze”.
Sim Official YouTube Channel (7th place)
The band “SiM” consists of four members “MAH”, “SHOW-HATE”, “SIN” and “GODRi”. “The Rumbling”, which was used as the opening theme song for the anime “Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2”, ranked 7th.
“The Rumbling” was read and written by vocalist “MAH”, and it topped the US Billboard Hot Hard Rock Song Chart, attracting attention all over the world.
On the official anime website (, “MAH” left the following comment.
“Attack on Titan”, which I was in charge of the opening theme song this time, is a work that has already completed the world view along with many famous songs that have been created so far. With the utmost love and respect, I believe that we were able to present a new world with an approach unique to SiM, while inheriting a certain kind of tradition and genealogy. I hope that all the fans of the work will enjoy it, including the lyrics.
Higuchi Ai Ai Higuchi Official YouTube Channel (8th place)
Like the video ranked 7th, “Akuma no Ko” by “Higuchi Ai” was released as the ending theme for the anime “Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2”. The MV for “Anime Special Ver.”, which was a collaboration with “Attack on Titan”, ranked in 8th place.
The orchestral backing performance and the relaxed singing voice of “Higuchi Ai” make this song reminiscent of the magnificent world of anime.
The impressive phrase in the chorus, “The world is cruel, but I still love you,” leaves a strong impact on your mind once you hear it. In the comments section, “It’s wonderful that the song is full of the real Ellen’s painful and sad feelings that are hard to understand in anime. Coupled with the video, I cried.”
“If this word is translated, the true meaning will not be understood.” As the lyrics say, this song, this manga, this anime in your native language, and you can directly see and listen to it with the sensibility of your home country. I have nothing but gratitude.”
ITZY JAPAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel (9th place)
“ITZY”‘s first Japanese original song “Voltage” MV ranked ninth. It is an energetic song that incorporates a rock sound.
In the MV, the girls’ dance is made even more dynamic with camera work that makes you feel various particulars, with a place where sparks are lit and a neon glowing futuristic set in the background.
Their symbolic “crown” dance is also incorporated into this song, making it an unbearable MV for fans who have been waiting for their debut in Japan.
Kenshi Yonezu (10th place)
The MV of the opening theme “KICK BACK” of the popular anime “Chainsaw Man” is ranked in.
In this video, “Tsuneda Daiki (King Gnu/millennium parade)” who jointly arranged the music with “Kenshi Yonezu” appears. The impact of two people working hard on muscle training is just like a comical work that awaits shocking developments one after another.
The director was Yoshiyuki Okuyama, who worked on Kenshi Yonezu’s artist photo and the music video for the popular song “Kanden”. The song “Morning Musume.” was written and composed by Tsunku♂. In the interview video, he revealed that he got the idea from the passage “Effort Mirai A BEAUTIFUL STAR” written in “That’s right! We’re ALIVE”.
Annual ranking
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