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Analyze Log Co., Ltd. YouTube Ranking Annual ranking TOP 20 ~ Creative videos / Kiyo. Original animation announcement ~ (2022)

Analyze Log Co., Ltd.
[YouTube Ranking] Annual ranking TOP 20 – Genre-specific YouTuber – ~ Creative videos / Kiyo. Original animation announcement ~ (2022)
This time, we will announce the top 10 annual rankings of videos released on genre-specific YouTuber channels from January 1 to December 7, 2022.
Ranked in first place (361,000) was “Poseidon Taro”, who produced the video of the ending theme of the anime “Kill Me Baby” with cutout animation.
In 6th place (262,000) was “Challenge Clay Craft,” which makes life-sized figures out of stone powder clay. I am producing. In addition, the popular game commentator “Kiyo. ”, and “Shamio”, who played the ending theme song of the anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba Yukaku Hen” with shamisen, ranked in at 14th place. There are many videos. 5 videos (KOTSUMET, Onsho, Tine Kitten, Benio manager) that were ranked in the annual playback number ranking have entered the TOP15. The YouTube analysis tool “Digital Creators” operated by Analyzelog Co., Ltd. will announce the top 10 YouTube weekly video playback rankings independently researched. The target is the video uploaded from January 1st to December 7th. The rankings up to the 15th place are announced at Digital Creators below. * Articles published on this PRtimes are licensed only when the above ranking link is set without nofollow.
Genre-specific YouTuber high rating ranking TOP 10
[Image 1

Genre-specific YouTuber high rating ranking
Taro Poseidon (1st place)
The “Poseidon Taro” channel, which produces various animation videos with cutouts, ranked first.
The number of high evaluations acquired is 361,000, and the number of views has exceeded 4.38 million.
The video that won first place this time was posted to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the four-panel manga “Kill Me Baby” serialized in the monthly magazine “Manga Time Kirara Carat”, and is a character in the ending of the anime. The image of “Yasuna” and “Sonya” dancing is expressed in cutouts.
Many comments have been received from all over the world for the high-quality images that you wouldn’t believe are paper cutouts. In the summary column, he commented, “When I was making this, the year-end and New Year holidays all melted.”

KOTSUMET (2nd and 4th place)
On the channel where the otters “HANA” and “KOTARO” appear, the video that ranked first was a trick art carpet in front of the stairs where the two otters descended, and the reaction was observed.
The video with the highest number of views per year on a
genre-specific YouTuber ranked 2nd in the highly rated category. The number of high evaluations acquired is 324,000, and the number of views has exceeded 30.06 million.
“HANA” doesn’t show any hesitation and walks down the stairs lightly, but “KOTARO” notices something strange and stops on the stairs and looks bewildered.
The contrasting reactions of the two animals are cute, and it’s interesting to see them trying to peel off the carpet after getting off.

From the same channel as the video that ranked 2nd, you can enjoy a cute otter. The number of high evaluations acquired is 289,000, and the number of views has exceeded 15.56 million.
It’s cute to see them chasing the water coming out of the hose in the garden, sliding down the slide, and spinning around in the pool. Like the “Otter handshake event” that was all the rage at one point, the video is soothing, showing how he puts his hand out of the drain of the pool and tries to catch the ball in a pose that is also used as a thumbnail.

Musician (3rd place)
“Iwaguchi Watan”, who has appeared on “Music Station”, “Monomane Kouhaku Uta Gassen”, “Karaoke Battle”, and performs live activities as a singer, performed a song in front of his classmates just before graduating from junior high school. videos.
This video is ranked second in the genre-specific YouTuber annual number of views ranking.
The number of high evaluations acquired is 304,000, and the number of views has exceeded 19.12 million.
The song selection is “Aino Katachi” from “MISIA”, and she sings confidently without worrying about the melody with many ups and downs and high notes.
When the song started, the classmates who were the audience seemed to be naturally overflowing with “wow”, and when the first verse ended, they applauded and cheered.
It is explained in the summary column that she decided to sing in front of her classmates with strong persuasion from her teacher, and in the comment column, there are also comments praising the teacher who pushed the back of the students.
Comments from Iwaguchi himself have also been posted, and you can see how happy he is that his song has reached many people.

Tiny Kitten (5th place)
A video watching the growth process of “Kitten Kiki” for 30 days after it was born.
The number of high evaluations acquired is 270,000, and the number of views has exceeded 12.26 million.
A soothing video that shows a parent cat sleeping while holding a kitten and a scene of licking and grooming. The body gradually grows larger, and at the end of the video, it is able to eat food. The photo of the two parent cats in the thumbnail looking at the kitten is adorable.

Challenge Clay Craft (6th place)
“Challenge Clay Craft”, which produces life-size figures using 100 uniform stone powder clay and sandpaper, has produced a life-size figure of “Jotaro Kujo” that appears in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”. A video that has been ranked 6th.
The number of high evaluations acquired is 262,000, and the number of views has exceeded 6.84 million.
I start with a sketch of the figure I want to make, but I start by making the parts of the face. While layering each part of the clay, use a spatula to shape it. What is surprising is that even the teeth and tongue are divided into parts.
The body is roughly shaped with wire, but it’s a lot of work just pasting clay on it. It is said that five and a half sticks of bond were used just to attach the head and upper body. By dividing the muscles into blocks and layering them, beautiful abs are created. The wrinkles of the palms, the wrinkles of the fingers, the streaks of the muscles, the feeling of flowing each hair, and so on.
In addition to the body, in anticipation of painting, belts and school uniforms are produced in separate parts so that they can be removed, and difficult work that requires precise work continues.
The appearance of the creator who is very excited about the completed figure is adorable.
Over the course of two months, 159 bags of clay were used to create “Jojo,” and the degree of perfection is terrifyingly high.

Kevin’s English Room / Keishiro Kakeyama (7th place)
A YouTube channel consisting of three people: “Kevin”, a returnee, “Kake”, who is studying English with an IQ of 140, and “Yama”, who has learned nine languages. He makes videos about English and other cultures, and TikTok created by Kevin and Kake is also very popular. Ranked 6th in the “Creator with the highest number of registrants in Japan” announced at YTFF held on December 6th.
The number of high evaluations acquired is 228,000, and the number of views has exceeded 7.79 million.
This video is a singing video that was posted in commemoration of surpassing 1 million registrants, and the song is “Horizontal Line” by “bucknumber”.
This video is not just a singing video, Kevin sings in English, Kake-chan sings in Japanese, and Yama-chan sings in French.
All three of them have beautiful voices and are demonstrating outstanding singing ability.

Japanese food craftsman (8th place)
In order to protect the culture and good old atmosphere, we are closely related to “Yatai Mami-chan”, which is open in Fukuoka Prefecture, from the channel “Food Emon” that disseminates local restaurants not only in Japan but also to countries around the world. A video that is in the ranking.
The number of high evaluations acquired is 216,000, and the number of views has exceeded 23.86 million.
When you pull the float into place, you silently begin to assemble the float. It’s a strange feeling to see the floats that have been put together and unraveled into a “shop”, and despite the hard work, they are assembled quickly and skillfully.
Even if the stall is finally assembled, it does not mean that the business can be done with this, and the preparation starts from there. Even after opening the store, customers keep coming and the orders never stop. It is a video that makes you want to visit once if you go to Fukuoka.
Kiyo. (9th place)
Popular game commentary channel “Kiyo. started distribution of the original anime “Kiyoneko”, and the first episode ranked 9th. Distribution started on December 4th, but the number of high evaluations acquired has exceeded 203,000, and the number of views has exceeded 2.58 million.
“Kiyoneko” is a gag anime featuring a pink-haired “Kiyo” and a black cat in the title.
It is an anime full of highlights, such as the fact that Kiyo himself is the voice actor for both characters, the unique bokeh and tsukkomi, and the appearance of gorgeous voice actors even though they only say one word as a mob character.
In addition, the song that plays at the end of the anime is provided by Eve, who is in charge of the opening theme song for the popular anime Jujutsu Kaisen, and is sung by Kiyo himself. I have received many comments.

Manager benio / ASMR shop (10th place)
The popular ASMR channel “Benio manager / ASMR shop” “For bored people! 150 kinds of sounds in 10 minutes” ranked 10th.
The number of high evaluations acquired is 201,000, and the number of views has exceeded 9.5 million.
A fantastic blue is impressive thumbnail, and you can hear 150 kinds of sounds in 10 minutes.
Not only is there a large number of recorded sounds, but the charm of this channel is that it has many fans because of its “good sound”.
Annual ranking
[Image 2

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*A separate press release for DigitalCreators is planned.
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