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Analyze Log Co., Ltd. YouTuber Ranking Number of weekly video views ~ 1st place in Comdot and many other rankings / 2nd place in representative retirement live distribution ~ (December 28)

Analyze Log Co., Ltd.
[YouTuber Ranking] Weekly Video Views ~Comdot 1st place and many others ranked / Representation retirement live broadcast 2nd place~ (December 28)

This time, we will announce the top 10 monthly views of the videos released on the multi-YouTuber channel from December 19th to December 25th.
The first place (2.98 million views) is “comdot” and the “red team” project is ranked. In addition, 3rd place (2.63 million plays), 4th place (2.51 million plays), 8th place (1.9 million plays), 9th place (1.8 million plays), accounting for half of the top 10.
Yesterday’s live broadcast achieved the goal of 4 million
registrations, and shared the joy with many creators, friends, and viewers, and I’m looking forward to next year’s activities.
Second place (2.86 million views) is “Repezen Foxx”. He announced that he would retire as a YouTuber by the end of the year, and his “Representation Retirement Live”, which was held for 240 hours over 10 days, attracted a lot of attention.
In 5th place (2.17 million views), a collaboration video by the real brothers of “SeikinTV” and “HikakinTV” is ranked, showing an a cappella using the loop station posted 10 years ago. It’s a
heartwarming video for old fans.
The YouTube analysis tool “Digital Creators” operated by Analyzelog Co., Ltd. will announce the top 10 YouTube weekly video playback rankings independently researched. The target is the video uploaded from December 19th to December 25th. The rankings up to the 20th place are announced at Digital Creators below.
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YouTuber video playback number ranking TOP 10
[Image 1

YouTuber ranking
Comdot (1st, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 9th)
A large gathering of creators who fought as the “Red Team” at the “Channel Subscriber Athletic Meet” held last year. “Comdot” is the center and “Heisei Flamingo”, “Banbanzai”, “Kiritanpo” and “Toa” are participating. (“Gishi (Banbanzai)” was absent due to poor physical condition)
As the title suggests, this video presents a surprise coming-of-age ceremony to Toua, who has reached adulthood this year.
At the discretion of RIHO (Heisei Flamingo/commonly known as RinRin), pink and blue dresses were prepared, and when Toua, who chose pink, appeared, there was a big round of applause.
Other members also participated in fashionable dresses, making it a gorgeous video.
While enjoying a buffet-style meal, they talk about generation gaps, such as what was popular when they were young and what generation the iPhone was.
In particular, since the two members of “Heisei Flamingo” are the oldest, stories such as “mixi” and “Zenryaku Profile” seem fresh to other generations, which is interesting.
In addition, he looks back on the situation on the day of the Comdot member’s coming-of-age ceremony.
At the end of the project, a bingo tournament is held, and a lot of super luxurious prizes are prepared from “Comdot”.
The main character “Toa” has achieved bingo 4 times and has won many prizes like the main character.
In addition, at this bingo tournament, “Rinrin (Heisei Flamingo)” won a “JTB Travel Voucher” and declared “Let’s go on a trip with the Red Team members”, and “Hyuga (Comdot)” won a “hot spring trip”. , Declared that he will shoot a hot spring trip video with two Heisei flamingos, and I am looking forward to next year’s development. Finally, “Toa” has announced that she will “make a boyfriend” as her 20-year-old resolution, and it will be a year to look forward to in her private life.

Similarly, the video in which the red team gathered ranked in 3rd place. In the video released on December 24th, the annual Christmas party held by the red team was held again this year. (“Banbanzai” was absent because “Toa” was filmed after the coming-of-age ceremony)
In the video, men and women are divided into teams, prepare gifts for each other, and exchange gifts.
This year, there is no upper limit on the amount of money, and it is a project where each other’s tastes are tested a lot.
“Yuta”, who has a reputation for being fashionable with the release of “Hyakusta”, has chosen a hoodie and muffler from “RALPH LAUREN” and a cute plate and mug set, and the sense is shining.
“Toa”, who turned 20, has chosen a set of “CELINE” perfumes and set-up, which is a very expensive gift.
The gift chosen by “Miyu (Banbanzai)” is an extra-large diffuser that lasts for three years. I want you to go home properly and have fun,” says “Miyu”.
“Kiritanpo” is a gift that shows the character of the person who chose the extremely rare “Ace” card from the “ONE PIECE” card game and received it by “Yuta” who actually played the card game. .
In addition, because “Gishi” was absent, “Yamato” gave a stuffed toy of “LOUIS VUITTON” as a gift because he was worried that a girl who could not get it on the spot would appear, showing consideration and chivalry, and saying that he was a wonderful man. Understand. Finally, while eating the standard Christmas chicken, they proposed “things they want to do next year” such as “travel confrontation”, “snowboarding”, “explosive drink”, and “band”. ” is a video that will make you look forward to next year’s development.

Just before the number of channel subscribers reaches 4 million by the end of the year, the leader “Yamato” consulted “I personally want to challenge overseas as a model”. It will be a surprise for the first time in “Heisei Flamingo”, but viewers who saw the thumbnail may have high expectations because of the well-established project.
This time, “Yuta” is also participating as a gimmick, drawing out the true intentions of “Hyuga”, “Amugiri” and “Urata”.
“I don’t want to quit YouTube”, “I want to act as soon as I want to do it”, “I want to go abroad for about a year”, he says.
Surprisingly, in the middle of the game, “Hyuga” said, “I’ve been talking to Yamato recently, so I don’t feel like I’m talking about the truth.” However, surprise is a failure.
I thought that the video would end here, but in fact, it is a reverse surprise for “Yuta” and other members by “Yamato” and “Hyuga”. Assuming that the first prank was rejected, they hold a meeting about future plans, but Hyuga becomes displeased with this fake prank and shifts to a serious fight.
From here, you can enjoy the true value of “Comdot’s Dokkiri” with realistic acting.

The live distribution commemorating 3.9 million channel registrations ranked 8th. (Achieved 4 million viewers through live streaming on December 27)
At the beginning of the video, “Hyuga” is in charge alone, and “Amugiri” joins and asks for channel registration.
As the number of subscribers to “Urata” and “Yuta” increases, the members will also appear, but in the scene where “Yamato” can’t stand it and tries to be shown, the members seem to be messing around with each other. is seen, and it is cute to see the members trying to make a heart mark by trial and error.
The attitude of responding to negative comments leaves a good impression, which may be the reason why fans love him.
When “Yamato” participates at the end, “Hikakin” and “Kesuke (Espoir Tribe)” will receive spacha, and the momentum of channel registration will increase. In addition, the appearance of a “teacher” dressed as “Yamato” who claims to be a person of “channel registration Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology” is showing further acceleration.
The moment the group surpassed 3.9 million people, all the members smiled, and you could feel their commitment to this goal.
It was a live broadcast of about 3 hours on a weekday on December 20th, but it was a live broadcast that felt the momentum of “Comdot” with many fans, such as acquiring more than 90,000 simultaneous viewers. became.

“Comdot” ranks ninth for a project video to increase the number of channel subscribers by calling out to 4 million people by the end of the year.
At the beginning of the video, it was reported that “Yamato” and “Yuta” will appear in the TV program “Escape” to be held at the end of the year. It was revealed that the encounter with “Tomomi Itano”, who became a hot topic for appearing on the 24-hour live broadcast, was recorded in “Escape”. In addition, it was announced that the limited-time crown program “What is Comdot?” Will be broadcast on January 1st, showing their unstoppable activity.
In the main part of the video, I draw a lottery to decide where to call out and actually go there. “Yuta” visited Nara, “Hyuga” visited Okinawa, “Yamato” visited Niigata, “Yuma” visited Ehime, and “Amugiri” visited Fukui. “Yamato” has succeeded in talking to people while snowboarding at a ski resort. Other members are also working hard in various places. At the end, all 5 members are calling out to Harajuku Takeshita Street, which is their origin.

[Repezen Foxx] (2nd place)
“Repezen Foxx” announced that he will retire from YouTuber by the end of the year at the live “Live tour 2022 that will not end until 10 million channel subscribers” held the other day. Their retirement live ranked second.
Various guests such as “Hikaru” and “Daigo” appear in the video. I rushed to support the project that stretched my body for 240 hours in 10 days.
In addition, a gift project “Amagif Omikuji that will definitely win” will be held. By implementing a project to distribute Amazon gift certificates worth a total of 150 million yen, the thoughts of the members, including “DJ President”, will be conveyed.
If you apply, the first 600,000 people will “win”, and the application method is to register the channel of 10 YouTubers who invested in this project from the link in the overview column of “Representation YouTube Retirement Live”. About. Depending on the results of the omikuji, a lot of attention was paid to the plan where the lucky: 100 yen, the middle good: 500 yen, the great good luck: 1,000 yen, and the super good luck: 1 million yen.
HIKAKIN & SEIKIN – International Love 2022 (5th place)
The 2022 version of the beatbox cover of Pitbull’s “International Love ft. Chris Brown”, which was released on the Hikakin channel 10 years ago, has been released.
We will cover the songs of “Hikakin” and “Seikin” with chorus and beatbox. Two people wearing matching Adidas hoodies in different colors and wearing sunglasses like a video from ten years ago. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time!! Their clothes and movements follow the past, but their music skills are exploding… It’s really wonderful.
10 years ago, I saw the two of them so close to death that I felt nostalgic and almost cried lol.I was moved by the high quality. Seriously, my favorite guy in the series where these two voices overlap… There were comments such as voices of nostalgia for those days and comments praising the growth and trajectory of the brothers in the newly uploaded video.
The harmony of the two people is very comfortable, and it is a video that makes you feel the history of YouTube.
Mochimaru Diary (6th)
“Mochimaru” is a good girl who stays still on the usual cat tower while redecorating and cleaning the room.
In front of a large stuffed tiger that a friend gave me the other day, I mustered up the courage to go sniff it, stare at it, and be wary, but as time passed, I played with it, and in the end, I cuddled up and slept next to it. You can enjoy the scenery.
Hikaru (7th place)
A live broadcast video of the martial arts tournament “Battle Millionaire”, which was produced by YouTuber “Hikaru” and planned with “Soma Transistor”, which was broadcast on December 25th.
The tournament was held for 7 hours, with various challengers such as “Kamen Niki” and “Kaihatsu Yuu”, “Crazy Clown Yamaoka” and “Kuwata Ryusei”, “DJ Maru” and “Mickey”. Those who took the challenge appeared.
The rule is
1. Challengers nominate the opponent they want to fight
2. If you tell the competition method and the enthusiasm is conveyed to the successful person, you will be a candidate for opponent 3. It is OK even in serious martial arts matches and entertainment matches 4. Any rule is OK as long as there is mutual agreement
The winner will receive a prize of 200,000 yen. In the entrance video of each contestant, you can see their thoughts and enthusiasm, and how they came to participate. The venue is very lively as the contestants engage in fierce battles.
On the way, “DJ President (Repezen Foxx)” appeared in the live commentary seat, and talked about the gift project “Amagif Omikuji that will definitely win” that he is holding, and his enthusiasm for exceeding 4 million registrants.
Tokai On Air (10th place)
The 10th place was a video that simulated a world trip in Japan called “Tokai On Air Tours Gabagaba Around the World Travel”.
Gabbaba condition that “If you eat a hamburger, you will go to America.” In order to give a certain degree of reality, there are rules that must be found in each country in order, like moving between neighboring countries.
Called “Immigration Inspector”, “magnifying glass” judges whether it is like each country. They are divided into two teams: Toshimitsu and Ryo, the Toshiryo team, and Tetsuya and Shibayu, the Tetsushiba team. From the beginning, “Toshiryo” shows a smooth and refreshing fashion trip, such as drinking French bread and German beer. On the other hand, “Tetsushiba” is attacking the last minute of “Gabagaba line”, which pretends to be Oman’s desert and puts up a picture of themselves in the sandbox and takes a picture. As a result, “Tetsushiba” could not connect the start and finish countries, and the “Toshiryo” team, which had completed the round-the-world lap, was victorious.
Annual ranking
[Image 2

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