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And Creator Co., Ltd. Japan’s first official release of “aucetic”, a factory-direct sales platform that delivers products directly from manufacturers around the world that handle famous brands.

And Creator Co., Ltd.
Japan’s first official release of “aucetic”, a factory-direct sales platform that delivers products directly from manufacturers around the world that work with famous brands.

And Creator Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kiki Nakamura)
) has released the EC site “aucentic” on December 1, 2022, based on the concept of “luxury in everyday life”. Currently, in commemoration of the opening, we are distributing special coupons only for new members.
[Image 1d110987-1-c915e89eb5e3bbca8791-0.jpg&s3=110987-1-e85d1570e6b62916140980a4044b3852-3900x1986.jpg
I want to stick to good things in my daily life.
But you spend money on other things.
I want to buy high-quality luxury brand products, but when I think about my lifestyle, I endure low-priced brands and fast fashion. Why is it so expensive just because the brand logo is included? When you buy an expensive branded product, the majority of what you actually pay is for the product’s PR and advertising, not the design, materials and craftsmanship.
Color your life at a reasonable price without compromising on quality. This alternative is “aucentic”.
About Aucentic
At aucentic, we deliver high-quality items at a “brandless” + “fair price” from factories that handle high-end brands. We stick to the highest quality materials for each one.
Main product lineup
■ Travel
[Image 2d110987-1-83ed1b07a5dc6ec1e972-2.jpg&s3=110987-1-8e914442b6540690d2e29baae2f92dd9-2689x2689.jpg
Stripe Aluminum Suitcase
■ Cutlery
[Image 3d110987-1-cc172e0bb7b9d07c1d46-3.jpg&s3=110987-1-9ce4db217796b9384605829dad9403d9-3900x3900.jpg
Western Cutlery Set
■ Jewelry
[Image 4d110987-1-b21b93c06765942939c4-4.jpg&s3=110987-1-8b7ed7d993665a77353e7208d37b2bb6-2403x2403.jpg
18K 0.1ct 1Point Diamond Necklace

■ Cashmere
[Image 5d110987-1-bf86931189506bd0abbe-5.jpg&s3=110987-1-d4e8eb30dad233bc93e5c7d0f57373d3-3900x3900.jpg
Oversized Cashmere Muffler

■ Simplification of the supply chain
By partnering directly with factories around the world that produce products from the finest manufacturers and operating online, By eliminating traditional middlemen, we have achieved a shorter supply chain and more transparent pricing.
This streamlined flow allows us to offer superior goods at lower costs. [Image 6d110987-1-b3ba0e51a13a40744b1f-6.png&s3=110987-1-3ba4d5b65ace8a269694e3e3febd473a-1434x562.png

■ Price transparency
Customers have the right to know the actual cost of quality. That’s why we’re transparent about all our products and openly disclose the cost of selling them.
[Image 7d110987-1-c1fbbf50d6f7b59e82cd-7.png&s3=110987-1-856a8eb32c7d4be0579e601e0170bc8e-1482x678.png

opening campaign
To celebrate the opening of aucentic’s official online store, new members who have registered will receive a coupon that can be used when purchasing products on the site!
Period: From December 1, 2022
Participation method: 5% off coupon gift for new member registration – online store
– Instagram
【Company Profile】
Trade name: And Creator Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kiteru Nakamura, President and Representative Director Location: 2-18-32 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Established: December 2021

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