Announcement of establishment of “Kamakura Fish Cooperative Sales Office”

Kamakura Fish Cooperative Sales Office
Announcement of establishment of “Kamakura Fish Cooperative Sales Office” Residents of Kamakura, Kanagawa and fisheries companies of Akune, Kagoshima collaborate to build a fishmonger

On November 7th = “Good Fish Day”, we established the “General Incorporated Association Kamakura Fish Cooperative Sales Office” (Headquarters: Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative: Sachiko Tajima).
Mr. Katsuhiko Ueda, representative of Uekatsu Fisheries Co., Ltd., who is known as a fish evangelist, has been appointed as an
Residents of Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture and fisheries companies of Akune City, Kagoshima Prefecture brought together their respective needs and local issues, and through the operation of fishmongers, the suburban residential area of ​​Kamakura, which has problems with shopping refugees, and Akune, which has problems with the fishery industry. We aim to solve problems in both regions. [Image 1

A new style of fresh fish store, “Sakanaya Marukama,” based on the concept of a “community-connected fish cooperative store,” will open in a residential area on the outskirts of Kamakura in the spring of 2023, and will sell fresh fish and side dishes throughout the city. The operating body is the Kamakura Sakana Cooperative Sales Office, which is made up of local residents such as the town chairman of Kamakura City and the fishery industry of Akune City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
Based in Imaizumidai, a residential area on the outskirts of Kamakura that was developed all at once during the period of high economic growth and has problems such as shopping refugees and isolation due to the aging population, we collaborate with other neighborhood associations that have similar issues to provide fresh fish. Mobile sales. The major theme of this fish shop is inter-regional exchange, and it sells seasonal fresh fish procured directly from fishermen in Akune City and Kamakura City, as well as side dishes and specialty products using them. We will regularly hold exchange events with local fisheries companies and accept students for hands-on learning to create opportunities for human resource development and learning centered on fish.
In the suburban residential area of ​​Kamakura, where the population is aging, we will create a rich food environment where you can enjoy delicious seasonal fresh fish and create a new place for interaction through eating fish. It is a challenge to create a new fish store that is good for the three sides through inter-regional collaboration. [Image 2

About Kamakura Fish Cooperative Sales Office
It is an organization made up of multi-generational and multi-industry members from two regions, including old and new town councilors in Kamakura, fishermen in Akune, and representatives of community development companies. Mr. Katsuhiko Ueda, the representative of Uekatsu Suisan Co., Ltd., known as the “Fish Evangelist,” has been appointed as an adviser and advisor, and will be responsible for human resource development.
In the summer of 2022, we challenged crowdfunding for the purpose of raising funds for opening, and received support of 7.67 million yen, which greatly exceeded the target amount of 5 million yen.
[Image 3

About Sakanaya Marukama
Sakanayama Marukama is a local fishmonger with the concept of a “cooperative sales office that connects the region”. Consumers (local residents) in Kanagawa and Kamakura, who want to eat delicious fish on a daily basis, and fisheries companies in Kagoshima and Akune, who have many problems such as lack of successors and poor catches, bring together their respective regional issues and contribute to the mutual environment. We will continue to improve Imaizumidai, a suburban residential area with an aging rate of 45%, is said to be the most inconvenient in Kamakura, and Akune, which wanted to provide fish directly to urban areas due to limitations in local sales of marine products. As the first initiative, we aim to solve the problems of the two regions where we had a connection.
[Image 4

The logo was inspired by the inter-regional exchange project “〇〇 and Kamakura”, which was the starting point of the business, and the 〇 mark, which is familiar to the fishery industry. Design: Yuki Okajima In the consuming area “Imaizumidai”, shopping districts are closing down one after another, and people are becoming isolated as shoppers. In response to this, a multi-functional fresh fish store that combines fresh fish processing, sales, and event space was opened on the site of a former fresh fish store in Imaizumidai Shopping Street. We will disseminate information that connects the region and the consumption region. In addition, we aim to create a model case based on
collaboration between the two regions and expand connections with multiple production areas using Kamakura as a base.
Origin and background
The impetus for this project was the “Akune and Kamakura” project that started in 2017. Hidekazu Ishikawa (currently representative of Machi no Todai Akune Co., Ltd.), who was a member of the Akune City Community Revitalization Team in Kagoshima Prefecture at the time, aimed at cultivating fish-based human resources and promoting fish-eating, which has become a nationwide issue. is the founder, and in collaboration with the inter-regional exchange project “XX and Kamakura” from Kamakura, which is presided over by Conversations Co., Ltd., an exchange event with the theme of Akune fish is held every year in Kamakura. [image]
Fliers of the event held in 2018 Private cooperation members from Akune City and high school students in the food processing department stayed in Kamakura for a short period of time to sell fresh fish and operate a cafeteria. In 2018, the mobile sales of fresh fish in suburban residential areas were well received every day. I decided to launch a fish shop project mainly.
In June and July 2022, test sales of mobile sales will be conducted at five locations in Kamakura City, and the needs of the region will be reconfirmed, and stores are scheduled to open in the spring of 2023. Although it is a bottom-up project centered on two neighborhood associations in Kamakura, it has become an
industry-university-government collaboration system in about a year after its launch. We will continue to actively accept universities and companies for the purpose of research and demonstration experiments. [Image 5d111382-1-55f012eccca4f4d5a96f-4.png&s3=111382-1-9ab3db302f88a2b99941542c73498742-1155x721.png
◎ If you like fish, inexperienced seniors are also welcome! Recruiting opening staff
For the opening of the store, we are looking for new members (part-time jobs) who will be responsible for processing and cooking fresh fish and mobile sales. Regardless of age, gender, or career, if you can work at least one day a week so that we can make it a new challenge for those who love fish, you can apply, and experience in fresh fish processing is not required. We are planning training by advisors, professional fresh fish specialists, and Akune fisheries workers.
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