Announcement of the establishment of General Incorporated Association Fisheries

General Incorporated Association Fisheries
Announcement of the establishment of General Incorporated Association Fisheries ~Save Japan’s fisheries through branding~

Fishery bu = fishery branding. Experts in various fields such as media, food, and marketing will gather to create a unique team that will increase the added value of fisheries and marine resources through branding support for fishery producers.
Fisheries Association (Representative Director: Keisuke Konishi, Location: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) was established in November 2022 with the aim of supporting sustainable fisheries through branding. General Incorporated Association Gyyobu connects producers, food producers and consumers, and aims to increase the value of marine resources through branding. We will form a home network and provide support.
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Founding member of General Incorporated Association Fisheries Representative Director: Keisuke Konishi (Representative of Newscape Inc.) Studied under David Aker, a global authority on brand strategy, at the US consulting firm Prophet. As a branding professional, he supports brand development and revitalization for many companies and
organizations, from large companies to startups. Author of “Brand Community Strategy” and others.
Founding Director: Katsuhiro Konishi (Editor-in-chief of Hitosara) After graduating from university, traveled to Europe, eating around 100 countries from the North Pole to the South Pole. After working for Kyodo News, participated in the launch of “GQ” at Chuokoronsha. After working as the founding editor-in-chief of two magazines and an IT company advisor, he is currently the editor-in-chief of gourmet media Hitosara where you can see the face of the chef.
Founding Director: Kaori Matsui (Representative of FOOD BUSINESS CONSULTING NETWORK mof)
After working for a major food manufacturer, he became independent. After accumulating experience at a food and restaurant-related consulting company, as a food coordinator, he produces food and beverage concept creation, product development, business format development, consulting, etc. We also carry out activities to introduce food and producers in Toyama Prefecture.
Founding Director: Miho Matsuda (Representative of Haretoke gastronomy) Engaged in planning and public relations for more than 100 restaurants in 20 years. From French cuisine “Quintessence” and Spanish restaurant “Saint Pau” with three Michelin stars, gastronomy restaurant “COOK JAPAN PROJECT” that has invited 30 world-class chefs, Neapolitan pizza “Isola” and standing bar “Sanbun”. The number of stores involved is wide ranging, including the casual store of “. Independent from 2021. Utilizing a wide range of networks in the restaurant industry and mass media, he is also active as a chef, providing public relations and business planning support for restaurants, hotels, vegetable, fishery, and meat related companies.
About the fishery blog logo mark
This is the logo mark of General Incorporated Association Fisheries. As a flag of the branding activity of the fishery, it represents our activity purpose. We are planning to use it in various scenes in the future.
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Fisheries representative message
Colleagues who have supported the branding of local food and producers by making use of their respective expertise have gathered as a team. In fact, Japan’s fisheries are facing an unprecedented crisis. Resource depletion due to overfishing, sharp decline in fish catches, and ecosystem changes due to ocean warming. Aging fishermen, shortage of human resources, and business succession issues. The need for industrialization and added value through the use of technology. This is exactly the epitome of social issues.
A yellow light is now on for sustainable fishing. There comes a time when you really can’t eat delicious fish.
However, there should be great potential for Japanese fisheries. A fish-eating culture that the world longs for, created by regional characteristics and diverse fish species. Unparalleled commitment to quality, freshness and deliciousness. A culture of symbiosis that protects and nurtures the local nature and ecosystem. And the splendor of the fishing experience facing nature and the sea. Its potential is endless.
It is the efforts of the fisheries industry to bring out that potential and support the creation of a new future.
About activities
Our main activities are as follows.
・Connecting producers, creators and consumers to create new food experience value.
・Support brand building through media and community communication, direct distribution development, etc.
・Support industrialization/high added value with knowledge of different industries (technology, design, marketing).
・Communicate the values ​​of “aquaculture”, “resource conservation”, “diversity of fish species”, and “freshness processing/distribution” for the sustainable fishery industry,
We will make efforts to change the awareness of consumers, consumers, and society.
General Incorporated Association Fishery Group has already started working with fishery producer partners in Toyama Prefecture, Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture, Kumamoto Prefecture, etc., but we will support branding and create fishing and food experiences in the following areas. I will continue.
We are looking for partners for initiatives with fishery producers, local governments, food-related parties, etc. in each region of the country, so if you are interested, please contact us.
1. Fishery branding support for fisheries/producers/regions
・ Brand development and marketing
・ Technology utilization support
・ Media transmission
・ Support for distribution/sales channel development, etc.
2. Creation of fisheries and seafood experiences for producers/consumers ・ Learning about the fisheries industry
・ Fishing and aquaculture experience tour
・Planning and implementation of food experience events
・ Menu development (support), etc.
Corporate profile
Name: General Incorporated Association Fisheries
Established: November 16, 2022
Location: 1-20-17 Higashi-Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Keisuke Konishi
Official website:
For inquiries: Mail:
Details about this release:

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