Announcement of the opening of “Biosebon Hatanodai store”

Aeon Co., Ltd.
Announcement of the opening of “Biosebon Hatanodai store”
~Eco-friendly store~

Biosebon Japon Co., Ltd. will open a new store in Aeon Town Hatanodai in front of the east exit ticket gate of Hatanodai Station on Saturday, December 17th.
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“Hatanodai Station” is located near many university hospitals and schools, and is also known as a hidden gastronomic town in Shinagawa. As an organic supermarket from France, we have been proposing colorful fresh organic vegetables, sweets, cheeses and pasta directly imported from European countries to people of all ages. We will help you add color to your daily life by preparing healthy and affordable ingredients and directly imported products that you cannot find anywhere else.
In addition, we have been working on various sustainability since the opening of the store. Even at this new store
We are making efforts to evolve and provide a comfortable shopping experience. We will deliver organic lifestyle for “everyday use” to customers near Hatanodai, so please look forward to it.
Sustainable efforts
1. Store interiors and fixtures using environmentally friendly materials Compared to each store that has been opened so far, we are promoting sustainability with more technology and fixtures. See table for details.
[Table 2: ]
[Image 2

*GWP: Global Warming Potential. A numerical value that indicates how many times the greenhouse effect of the gas is that of carbon dioxide. The smaller the value, the lower the greenhouse effect and the smaller the environmental load.
* Please refer to the following release for the efforts so far. ▶Reference: Biocébon evolves into a sustainable store
2. Bulk food (sold by weight) compatible with carry-on containers Our system to reduce food loss, which allows you to purchase only the amount you use in small quantities (starting from 20g), has been supported since our founding. Following the Jiyugaoka store (opened in June 2010), it will be possible to bring in containers and work to further reduce waste.
*For details, please see the store poster and SNS.
・Introduced stores: Jiyugaoka store, Hatanodai store *Scheduled to be expanded gradually
《Opening Commemorative Bulk Sale》
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We will offer 10 popular items at a special price only at the Hatanodai store. □ Sale items: cashew nuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios, dried white figs, degrette dates, dried mangoes, dried inca berries, dark chocolate figs, dark chocolate almonds (10 items in total)
□ Sale target period: Until Friday, December 23
Recommended new products
◎Organic strawberries
[Image 4

You will receive “Koi Minori” or “Yuubeni” from “Ito Farm” in Kumamoto Prefecture, which produces strawberries that have acquired organic JAS certification, which is rare in Japan. At Ito Farm, we create an environment that is as close to a natural forest as possible inside the greenhouse, and we have microbes and other creatures help us make our strawberries delicious. Please take advantage of the Christmas feast.
※It will be handled seasonally.
*The release date may change or the product may be out of stock depending on the growth situation.
◎For year-end and New Year snacks! Scandinavian and Norwegian brand “Stabla” fish putty
[Image 5

“Smoked Salmon Lemon & Pepper”, which has landed in Japan for the first time, and the ever-popular “Mackerel Tomato Sauce” are available in single-use portions. The putty type is easy to arrange, further expanding the range of snacks and dishes. You can easily try various recipes because of the affordable price that is unique to direct imports. It’s a convenient item to stock up on every day and the New Year’s party scene.
□ Scheduled release date: Friday, December 16th
▶ Reference: ◎ Introducing the popular Isorabio “Almond Milk Barista”!
[Image 6

Organic almond milk developed to match coffee. A slightly sweet taste based on organic almond paste. Perfect for almond latte as well as straight.
□ Scheduled release date: Friday, January 27
▶ Reference: 《Organic plant-based milk “Isolabio” sale》
From December 1st (Thursday) to January 31st (Tuesday), we will offer the popular “Isolabio” at a special price to express our gratitude to our customers who regularly drink it. The price makes it easy for first-time users to try it, so please take this opportunity to experience the deliciousness of organic plant-based milk.
□ Sale items: 1. Almond milk (sugar-free) 1 L, 2. Oats milk 1 L, 3. Oats milk barista 1 L, 4. ON THE GO almond milk (sugar-free) 250 ml, 5. ON THE GO oats milk 250 ml
□Price: 1.-3. main unit 298 yen (322 yen including tax), 4.5.98 yen (106 yen including tax)
□ Sale period: December 1st (Thursday) to January 31st (Tuesday) event
● “Kurukurupon” game
– Fun Contribution to Recycling with a Game Using a PET Bottle Collection Machine –
We will introduce “donation participation type PET bottle collection machines” installed at the Azabu Juban store, Musashi Kosugi store, Ebisu store, and Jiyugaoka store. We will hold a game event for local customers to experience recycling in conjunction with Global Warming Prevention Month.
Biosebon’s PET bottle collection machine has a universal design with an inlet height of about 90 cm, making it easy for children and people in wheelchairs to use. The collected PET bottles are recycled into some side dishes and vegetable trays sold in the store. You can experience the process of resource recycling, in which the PET bottles you bring in go through several processes and are returned to you again.
●Holding schedule: December 16th (Friday) and 17th (Saturday) 9: 00-16: 00 ●Venue: Biocébon Hatanodai store
▶Reference: First in Japan! PET bottle collection machine with a choice of donation destinations Installed at Bio Sebon 2 stores (Azabu Juban store, Musashi Kosugi store) ~Promote recycling and contribute to CO2 reduction~
Store overview
[30th store]
Name: “Biosebon Hatanodai”
Location: 1st floor, Aeon Town Hatanodai, 2-7-2 Hatanodai, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Opening date: Saturday, December 17, 2022
Business hours: 9:00-21:00
Sales area: 43.36 tsubo
Coffee machine: yes
Parking lot: None
Bicycle parking lot: Yes
Eat-in space: None
After the opening of the Bio Sebon Hatanodai store, there will be 27 stores nationwide and an online store.
《Open Memorial! 》Limited quantity HAPPY BAG released
[Image 7d7505-3572-c9adbbfd6197f5ade4a3-8.png&s3=7505-3572-deb1a8beda59e4d72661fba38133ace6-1500x1500.png
To commemorate the opening, we will sell a limited number of HAPPY BAGs packed with popular directly imported products. There are 13 items that can only be found at Biosebon, such as the organic vegetable milk “Isolabio”, the gluten-free handmade sweets kit “Organic Ladder”, and the GOTS-certified 100% organic cotton Marche bag.
□ Body price: 2,000 yen (2,160 yen including tax)
* It will end as soon as it runs out.
what we aim for
Delicious things, safe things, and things that are comfortable for the mind and body.
Bringing smiles to people’s faces, being kind to the earth,
What we want to cherish in this era is condensed in “organic”. “Biosebon” proposes organic products for “everyday use”.
It is a lifestyle that can be easily incorporated into “ordinary” meals. LE BIO AU QUOTIDIEN Organic for everyday life.
Details about this release:


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