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Announcer Takahiko Fujii puts into practice the custom of words that he continues for 28 years! Released “Five line diary to turn thoughts into words”

Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd.
Announcer Takahiko Fujii puts into practice the custom of words that he continues for 28 years! Released “5-line diary to turn thoughts into words – date writing type -”

Discover Twenty One Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Naomi Taniguchi) announced on December 23, 2022, “5-line diary to turn thoughts into words-date writing-” (written by Takahiko Fujii). was published.
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Released a diary produced by announcer Takahiko Fujii!
Nippon Television announcer Takahiko Fujii, who is the main caster of “news every.”, wrote his first book, “Preparation to Tell”, where he focused on how to create words that convey Anna Fujii’s thoughts. Many readers picked it up and received many impressions, but the “five line diary” introduced in the book attracted a lot of attention. “Five line diary” is a word habit that Anna Fujii has continued for 28 years. He says that by making it a daily habit to “write only five lines in a small space,” he is building a foundation for choosing words.
We have received many comments from readers who read “Preparation to Convey” and felt the importance of choosing and storing words, and the need to prepare to convey, saying, “I started a 5-line diary.” . ***
Readers’ voices in “Preparation to tell” (partial excerpt)
◆I originally picked up this book because I didn’t like it when I couldn’t say what I wanted to say. After reading this book, I realized the weight of words, and started to think about doing what I can do now, so I continue to keep a five-line diary. (Woman in her 20s) ◆After reading, I thought it was important to choose words to avoid misinterpretation, and I thought it was necessary to always store colorful words, so I followed Mr. Fujii’s example and started a 5-line diary yesterday. I’ve only practiced it for one day, but I was able to write a fulfilling diary by using words that I don’t usually use and incorporating only one difficult expression. (Male in his 20s) ◆As announcer Fujii said, I wanted to keep in mind that “the words you say make you”, and to focus on choosing words. First of all, I will practice the 5-line diary recommended by announcer Fujii from today! (Female in her 40s)
In response to these requests, we have released a diary that allows you to practice the “5-line diary” so that readers of “Prepare to Tell” can easily incorporate the habit of “5-line diary” into their daily lives.
5 line diary recommendation
“Five line diary” that Anna Fujii has been continuing for 28 years. At first, it seems that she started it for the simple reason that “the frame of the diary I am using is small,” but as she continued, she realized that there were several merits, says Anna Fujii. -Benefits of a 5-line diary-
1. Finish writing quickly
You can finish writing any day in 3 minutes. Keeping things simple is key to success.
2. Words boil down
Since the number of characters is limited in only 5 lines, it is tempting to express as much content as possible in condensed words. Due to the limited writing space, I learned the technique of changing the two-dimensional plane of the diary into a three-dimensional space with depth.
3. Words become colorful
If you write down your thoughts in a small space, you will naturally start looking for boiled down words.
And sometimes those words can lift your spirits.
Expressing negative words in a positive form is the real pleasure of paraphrasing.
Replacing “lonely” with “unlimited freedom” or “hungry” with “everything is fine” can make a big difference in how it sounds. The process of paraphrasing is often difficult, but the words that are born in this way are very dear.
Once you experience this pleasure, you will begin to search for better expressions, and your stock of words will increase before you know it. How to write a 5-line diary
There is a space to write a “5-line diary” for one week on one page. You can write freely or write in a recommended way.
Let’s leave the moment you want to remember now yourself.
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In addition to the diary space for 12 months, monthly columns are also included. Every month, you can enjoy a column written by Mr. Fujii. Read it slowly, like a letter that you receive once in a while. In 2023, let’s practice the “5-line diary” and accumulate words. book outline
[Author information]
Takahiko Fujii
Born in 1971. Born in Kanagawa prefecture. Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Environment and Information Studies.
Joined Nippon TV in 1994. As a sports announcer, he commented on many games such as the Japan national soccer team, the final of the high school soccer championship, and the final of the Club World Cup. In February 2010, he was dispatched to Vancouver as a commentator for the Olympic Games.
Since April 2010, he has been the main caster of the evening news program “news every.” In the news of the new coronavirus, he continued to draw attention to his calls that were close to the viewers. Wine expert, SAKE DIPLOMA, real estate broker.
His publications include “Preparation to Convey” (Discover), “Mechanism to Convey” (Shinchosha), and “This Feeling I Want to Convey: Locker Room for Announcers” (Tokyo News Service).
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Title: “5-line diary that turns thoughts into words
Rakuten Books
About “preparation to convey” exceeding 40,000 copies
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The power of Anna Fujii’s “words” that healed many people in the corona disaster In February 2020, a state of emergency was declared due to the spread of the new coronavirus. Daily news programs reported on the increase and decrease in the number of infected people and calls for thorough self-restraint.
Among them, the message that announcer Takahiko Fujii spoke in “news every.” Resonated with many viewers, and many people posted on SNS that “I was saved by Anna Fujii’s words.” Even in the comments received in the “Favorite Male Announcer Ranking” (according to Oricon research), “The comments during the corona disaster were very warm and wonderful” (Tokyo / 20s, female), “I am suffering from the corona disaster. I was always encouraged by the comments that encouraged the viewers who were in the middle of the day.”
Why did Anna Fujii’s “words” encourage so many people and resonate with us? The secret lies in the “language habits” practiced by Ana Fujii. In this book, announcer Takahiko Fujii introduces how to create words that convey thoughts, which he usually does, along with a wealth of episodes.
As an announcer, Anna Fujii’s “language habits” are revealed for the first time, as she is calm and sincere, but also creates warm and heartfelt words.

book outline
[Book information]
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Title: “Preparing to tell”
Release date: July 16, 2021
Publisher: Discover Twenty One
Specifications: 46 size / 204 pages
ISBN: 978-4-7993-2738-8
List price: 1650 yen (tax included)
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Rakuten Books

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