Announcing Jibun update for 2023!

Wakuwaku Land Co., Ltd.
Announcing Jibun update for 2023!
An original thought organizing technique that makes thoughts and emotions clear just by answering questions

Metria Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Hitoshi Suga) announced on Friday, December 2, 2022, “Left Brain Map Coaching 0th Graduation Festival 2022!! ~ Hey You! Are you updating your life? ? ~” was held online.
Wakuwaku Land Co., Ltd. (Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture / Representative Director: So Matsui), which operates an online shopping mall community that values ​​each person’s sense of heroism, is cooperating as a management cooperation organization.
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● Site link — Background of the project
“What does retirement feel like?”
“Is there any meaning in retiring in this era of 100-year lifespans?” Hitoshi Kan, also known as “Sugajin”, the organizer of this time, semi-retired in February 2020 after such a question arose.
As a result, what I experienced was that “I don’t feel like I’m alive unless I’m doing something useful.”
Decided to use his strengths to help the world, he gave management advice on any management issue or emotional turmoil.
We will start a service called “Left Brain Rental” that will visualize and organize in just one hour.
Furthermore, I systematize the methods that I have practiced so far so that anyone can use them. An original thought-organizing technique that Sugajin invested 11.5 million yen in 4,500 hours. That’s the left brain map.
This time, what will happen if we combine professionals from various fields with the left brain map?
I thought, and held a course for professionals.
・Increased ability to make proposals
・The organization has changed.
– A new job was created
– Changed relationship with family
I wanted to create an opportunity for students to talk about such changes, so I launched a graduation announcement project.
Outline of the project
1. Left brain map coach Presentation by 6 graduates of the 0th class “Left Brain Map Coach Professional x Me Business Update Plan” 2. Fun work ♪
A work where you can find your own update in 2023 by answering 6 questions given between presentations
3. 1-minute video introduction by planning and management members of left brain map coaching
“Left Brain Map Coach x Me/Business I’ve updated this much in one year! ! 』 4. Premium mini seminar by left brain map coaching founder Sugajin “Three articles essential for self-update and how to do it”
What is Left Brain Map Coaching?
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Organize the messy state in your head using logical thinking and left brain map. It is a service that visualizes “the best answer for you now” using a left brain map that is neither counseling nor coaching.
Just by answering the questions, you can reach the “true answer of yourself” that has been sleeping in the back of your heart.
● Site link —
About the organizer
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Representative name: Hitoshi Suga
After working as an engineer, consultant, and new business manager, FIRE semi-retired. Pursue lifelong happiness through househusband, social contribution, and investment activities, and live a lifestyle without barriers between work and play.
As a part of social contribution, I live to support managers, entrepreneurs, and parents to update. Promote support through [left brain rental] and [left brain map coaching]. Father of 3 children. [Organizing ability x Listening ability x Ability to change] cultivated in the following “career” is a weapon.
・Graduated from Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo in 2003, Completed Graduate School of Engineering in 2005
・System engineer for semiconductor inspection equipment at Hitachi Optics, machinery, electricity, software in general
・Business consultant for R&D and design development at iTiD
(10 managers)
The client is a manufacturing company listed on the First Section. Automobiles, auto parts, heavy machinery, ships, copiers, cosmetics, etc. As a domestic business consultant, a project group of 200 million yen a year Management, personal sales of 45 million yen per year.
・New business manager at IT mega venture SHIFT
(50 management people)
Clients are venture companies to major companies.
Transportation, department store, travel, manufacturing, SI, etc. Launched a new B2B business, grew it into a 500 million yen business in two years,
After that, it is passed on to the next generation.
・After semi-retirement and FIRE (Financial Independent, Retire Early), In parallel with the househusband business and investment business For managers and candidates in a wide range of business categories Support for organizing thoughts and continuous updates. (left brain rental) Clients are from pre-startup to listed companies. Including public institutions. Company name: Metria Co., Ltd.
Representative name: Hitoshi Suga
Address: Shibuya Dogenzaka Tokyu Building 2F-C, 1-10-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
About Wakuwaku Land Co., Ltd.
[Image 4d86967-7-68605d6728cef2b40859-3.jpg&s3=86967-7-3a06b63c019645e7144f64a0f0f33ea3-900x900.jpg
Established in April 2021. I want to create a place where everyone can work in their own way and create a circulation of support by cherishing the sense of being the hero of each entrepreneur, and launched the online shopping street community “National Wakuwaku Shopping Street”.
We provide a support platform for entrepreneurs and community leaders based on four pillars: “Laboratory for maximizing the effect of SNS advertising”, “Kurafan’s secret study group”, “Speech skill
improvement committee” and “Electronic publishing project”.
Company name: Wakuwaku Land Co., Ltd.
Location: 1896-2 Sanbonmatsu, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture Representative: Hajime Matsui, President and Representative Director URL: Business description: Online community management / crowdfunding support / SNS operation support

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