Annual plan! “Housework Easy Goods Award 2023” will be announced in the January issue of the home center magazine “Pacoma”

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Annual plan! “Housework Easy Goods Award 2023” will be announced in the January issue of the home center magazine “Pacoma”
1482 readers x buyers x Pacoma editorial department select 22
Home center magazine “Pacoma” published by Nissen Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuji Otsu, hereinafter “our company”), a general advertising company that handles community marketing, will be published on December 10, 2022. We will announce the annual project “Housework Easy Goods Award 2023” in the special feature at the beginning of the issue.
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Started in 2016, the 8th “Housework Easy Goods Award” will be held this year. This time, together with lifestyle professionals such as
editor-in-chief of the magazine “MonoMax” (Takarajimasha) Shinji Okue, lifestyle stylist Maki Kono, and writer Yasushi Kanayama, we conducted a trend analysis of consumer needs based on questionnaires.
Based on the voices and goods sent to the questionnaire of 1482 readers and home center buyers, 1 Grand Prix and 3 Semi-Grand Prix were selected. In addition, we have introduced 22 selections, including the trend category, evolutionary/hygiene category, efficiency/kitchen category, and solution/storage & laundry category. This year’s keyword is “comfort and sharing.”
Among the consumers who experienced the stay-at-home period, it became clear that the needs for hygiene and comfort in the house and the efficiency of housework have shifted to stronger ones.
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Also announced on Pacoma WEB!
*As of December 9th (Friday), you can only see the “Grand Prix” and “Secondary Grand Prix” pages. Other related pages will be released at noon on Saturday, December 10.
Housework Easy Goods Award 2023
-Grand Prix-
CCB Cordless Rotating Mop Cleaner Neo Plus
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[Reason for selection]
You can wipe clean easily without taking an unreasonable posture! Wiping is essential to maintain hygiene. However, there are also difficulties with posture and height, such as bending down or needing a step stool to wipe the floor, walls, and ceiling of the bathroom. The “Cordless Rotating Mop Cleaner Neo Plus” that solves such problems was selected as the Grand Prix. It rotates 150 times per minute, and is a reliable item that can wipe the whole house with one unit. -Semi-Brand Prix-
Doshisha foldable washing machine
[Image 4

[Reason for selection]
Easy to separate and wash by clothes, dirt, and detergent!
There were more requests than expected, such as “I want to wash children’s clothes and delicate clothes separately” and “I want to wash pet items separately” and “I want to wash separately”. As the long-awaited “second washing machine”, the “folding washing machine” was selected as the semi-grand prix because it can be easily introduced. When not in use, it can be folded and stored in a gap, which is a nice product.
Haier automatic waterless stirring cooker
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[Reason for selection]
You can automatically cook 90 kinds of menus!
“Daily meal preparation” was by far the most burdensome household chore. For example, we heard from a family of three generations that it was difficult to make side dishes because the tastes of elderly parents and children differed. The semi-grand prix was awarded to the “Automatic Anhydrous Stirring Cooker,” which allows you to cook a variety of dishes such as boiling, frying, boiling, and steaming simply by adding ingredients and turning on the switch.
Azuma Industry AZ294 entrance tile brushing sponge F
[Image 6

[Reason for selection]
Solve the problem of “How should I clean the entrance?”
There were many voices saying “I don’t really know how to clean”, the entrance. We have received many comments that detergent cannot be used depending on the material of the tataki, and that the surface is prone to darkening due to the many uneven surfaces. The semi-grand prix “AZ294 Entrance Tile Brushing Sponge F” is a product that specializes in cleaning entrances. The ease of just wetting it with water and rubbing it on was also a decisive factor.
You can see all the “Housework Easy Goods Award 2023” on Pacoma WEB!
-From the Pacoma editorial department-
The need to pursue “easy” housework without sacrificing quality From the responses to the questionnaire received from 1482 readers this time, it has become clear that the need for “hygiene”, “comfort” and “efficiency” has increased even more after the stay-at-home period.
Words such as “stop housework” and “sloppy housework” came up as “interesting keywords” from readers. I want to make housework more efficient by delegating labor and time to goods and home appliances. It can be said that this is the real voice of the people living today. At the same time, the number of goods that manufacturers are focusing on is increasing to meet such needs, and the sense of values ​​that “housework should be done with effort” is becoming more and more outdated.
In addition, it can be said that the level of demand for hygiene and comfort in the home has risen one step further after going through the stay home. I got the impression that there is a strong desire to “clean up more dirt” and “make the time spent at home more enjoyable and enriching.”
I want to be efficient. However, the degree of perfection is higher. It can be said that we are living in an era in which such
contradictory needs are emerging.
This time, many of the selected household goods are a result of exactly reflecting such a consumer’s mood.
Goods that you can rely on to reduce the quality of housework and “share the labor = share”.
That’s why I’m happy to have more “time to share = share” with my family. Outsourcing services for household chores are also becoming more popular. As consumers’ values ​​regarding housework change at an accelerated pace, we are entering an era in which the means for making housework easier are becoming increasingly sophisticated and diversified.
-What is Pacoma’s annual “Housework Easy Goods Award”? –

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2022 cover
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2021 cover
This is the 8th “Housework Easy Goods Award”. We have asked home center buyers and readers to answer a questionnaire about products that make housework easier, and have selected the Grand Prix and Semi-Grand Prix based on our own trend predictions. Adhering to the axis of “introducing goods that make housework easier”, rather than simply introducing trendy and popular goods, we read the world’s “changes in awareness of housework” and continue to announce trends. . At the same time as being a popular annual “Pacoma” project that many readers are looking forward to, it is also attracting attention from media companies, manufacturers, and distributors.
-About “Pacoma”, a media for enjoying life-
“Pacoma”, which celebrated its 300th issue in this issue, is a lifestyle media that has been in business for 28 years since its launch in December 1994. As a media that supports people who “create” a comfortable life that is perfect for them, they send out ideas in various genres such as DIY, gardening, and housework. Approximately 270,000 copies of each issue of the monthly free magazine are distributed at approximately 1,250 home centers nationwide. The web magazine is also popular. As a media for an advertising company, we are involved in many projects that lead to sales floors that link manufacturers and distribution.
-About Nissen Co., Ltd.-
A general advertising company with 75 years of history, headquartered in Kanda, Tokyo. We consistently support strategy, planning, production, execution, and operation for various clients’ marketing issues. Considering sei-katsu-sha as “communities = ‘small ties’ between people,” and based on that idea, we will connect companies, regions, and various players to create new collaborations and co-creations = ecosystems. company concept”. We also edit and publish our own media, including “Pacoma,” and develop and provide marketing solutions that take advantage of the reader community.
-Contact Us-
Pacoma Editorial Department
TEL: 03-5209-7230
*We are continuing remote work. It would be greatly appreciated if you could send us an e-mail to the address above for inquiries.
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