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Another works Co., Ltd. In a demonstration experiment on the utilization of multi-business human resources with Ama Town, Shimane Prefecture, multi-business human resources to be appointed have been decided. Considering share house management for i

Another works Co., Ltd.
In a demonstration experiment on the utilization of multi-business human resources with Ama Town, Shimane Prefecture, multi-business human resources to be appointed were decided. Considering share house management for immigrants with town development planners

Another works Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Naotomo Obayashi), which develops a multi-business matching platform “multi-business cloud for Public” that promotes regional revitalization, was announced on December 19, 2022 in Shimane Prefecture. We are pleased to inform you that we have decided to participate in a demonstration experiment to appoint multi-business human resources to Ama-cho, where we have decided to participate in one multi-business advisor who is ready to work. ・Town development planner / Kosei Uchida
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Background and purpose of cooperation
As the social and economic situation changes dramatically due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, prompt responses are required in rural areas to develop regional brands, promote immigration and settlement, urban development, welfare for the elderly, and promotion of local government DX. The challenges are getting more complicated. In order to realize a society in which no one is left behind, as stated in the SDGs, local governments are required to take various measures to address these issues according to the needs of residents. Therefore, we thought that we could contribute to regional
revitalization by utilizing the multi-business cloud to support the matching of multi-business human resources with the skills to solve various problems faced by local governments nationwide. We promote cooperation with Ama-cho and Another works signed a partnership agreement in October 2022, and started a demonstration experiment to recruit multi-business human resources to the government.
Another works will continue to promote the recruitment of
multi-business human resources in the government as a leading company in multi-business, aiming for further growth while contributing to regional revitalization and SDGs.
Overview of the demonstration experiment
In Ama Town, we used multi-business cloud for public and publicly recruited multi-business human resources for one occupation of town development planner.
We are pleased to inform you that we have been able to create a match between Ama Town and human resources with specialized knowledge and achievements, and have decided on the appointed advisors.
The period is about 6 months from December 2022 to the end of May of the following year, and we plan to support Ama Town’s problem solving mainly through online advice.
Profile of recruited personnel
[Image 2d47859-223-263e02648de136e66e58-1.jpg&s3=47859-223-a3f2baa8e2fd91fcc06d1f97c5eca445-2025x2700.jpg
・Town development planner
Mr. Kosei Uchida
Currently, as a visiting researcher at Shinshu University, he is conducting research on the theme of share houses. Investigate share house as a possibility of efforts to help solve various problems in the region. Previously, he was in charge of planning and development at a major general entertainment company, then moved to the United States, and then became independent. Established a licensing business in the United States, mainly dealing with Japanese characters. In the entertainment industry such as toys, video games, manga, and animation, he is involved in various fields from planning and development to marketing and sales.
I learned about the existence of Ama Town during my current research. I couldn’t be happier and more fortunate to be able to participate in a project with a share house as my theme, together with everyone in Ama Town, Shimane Prefecture, who is at the forefront of tackling regional issues. Through teamwork with everyone in Ama, I would like to make the share house a place where many people come back. Ama Town, Shimane Overview
[Image 3d47859-223-a99042e4bcd35f00884b-2.jpg&s3=47859-223-da73eff6f3bb0c7f848e6f7272f951ce-1200x800.jpg
Ama-cho is a remote island with a population of about 2,300 that became a town on Nakanoshima, one of the four inhabited islands of the Oki Islands, about 60km off the Shimane Peninsula. It is also the island where the Retired Emperor Gotoba was exiled. Since ancient times, people have been living a half-farming, half-fishing lifestyle, and even now they are blessed with an abundance of agricultural and marine products. In addition, we are working to create a sustainable island with the town’s values ​​of “nothing is missing”.
Address: 1490 Ama, Ama-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture 684-0403 Local government website: What is “multi-business cloud for public”?
This is a service that allows local governments with a shortage of specialized personnel to promote regional revitalization by recruiting multi-business personnel. We will solve administrative and regional issues through collaborative projects involving multi-skilled professionals in the private sector and local government officials. You can check the initiatives with local governments that are collaborating with Another works from here.
If there is a person in charge of a local government who would like to cooperate, please feel free to contact us.
Another works Co., Ltd.
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We are a start-up company with a vision of “maximizing opportunities for all who take on challenges”. Since the service was released in September 2019, we have supported the recruitment of multi-skilled human resources in all industries, such as listed companies, local governments, sports teams, and educational institutions. Please contact us if you are considering introducing the service.
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Company name: Another works Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Naotomo Obayashi
Location: 3rd floor, Toranomon 40MT Building, 5-13-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001

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