Antway Co., Ltd. Home-cooked meal delivery service “” Starts trial provision of welfare servi ce for corporations

Antway Co., Ltd.
Home-cooked meal delivery service “” Starts trial provision of welfare service for corporations
I want to support working women and their families after giving birth
Antway Co., Ltd. (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Megumi Maeshima) has been providing home-cooked food delivery service “” since February 2020. It was introduced as part of the welfare service. This is the first attempt to provide “” as a welfare service for corporations, and it has started from delivery from December 19th.
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The employment rate of Japanese women after childbirth is on the rise year by year, and approximately 70% of women continue to work at any stage of child-rearing (*1). Under these circumstances, although the frequency of men participating in housework and childcare is increasing, women are still in charge of most of the housework related to cooking (*2).
Through “”, Antway Co., Ltd. hopes to reduce the time and effort involved in cooking and create more time for as many customers as possible to spend time with their families, careers, and
self-fulfillment. This time, we received an inquiry from SMN Co., Ltd. and a group company that they would like to provide the
“” service as a welfare program for their employees, and decided to provide a trial as a welfare program service for
For corporate inquiries regarding the introduction of “” corporate welfare services, please contact us here.
Comment from Mr. Hasegawa, Human Resources Department, SMN Corporation We started this initiative with the desire to reduce the burden of household chores on employees’ busy days and create more leisure time. “” has helped me physically and mentally after I gave birth. I was impressed by the convenience of having the side dishes delivered to my house, “just serving as much as I want to eat”, so I contacted them this time. Through this initiative, we hope to promote the mental and physical health of our employees and support employees who are taking childcare leave.
Comment from an SMN employee who used “” for welfare services this time
In addition to one main dish, we received four side dishes little by little. It’s nice to be able to choose what you like and as much as you like! The chicken was moist and delicious inside, and the radish was soaked in soup stock and was very delicious. Overall, the salt content was kept low and the seasoning was mild.
[Image 2d39424-24-0768faba47e1bef4f7f9-4.png&s3=39424-24-0b2b3e9874f57f949a1650070ba96279-1376x498.png
Photo provided by customer (12/20 delivery dish)
What is “”?
Supervised by a chef with extensive cooking experience and a registered dietician, this home-cooked meal service delivers home-cooked side dishes prepared in a dedicated kitchen and
refrigerated every week. For 700 yen per meal (749 yen for a 5-meal plan), you can leave the housework related to cooking to us. We currently offer more than 1,000 recipes on a weekly basis.
■ Website
■ Service introduction video (YouTube)
■ Amount (including tax and shipping)
3 meals a week plan: 9,580 yen/week
5 meals a week plan: 14,980 yen/week
■ Service area
Tokyo: 23 wards/Mitaka City/Musashino City
Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Saitama Prefecture: Kawaguchi City/Soka City/Toda City/Warabi City Chiba Prefecture: Ichikawa City/Urayasu City
About Antway Inc.
Antway Co., Ltd.’s mission is to “eliminate obligations from every household”. Modern people who struggle every day with work and housework are busy with all kinds of household obligations and have limited time to face themselves. According to Cabinet Office statistics, the size of the unpaid domestic labor market is said to be over 100 trillion yen (*3). It is a huge market that is not realized by doing household chores that can be outsourced at home.
We will challenge the “domestic unpaid labor market”. We will realize a world where everyone can positively engage in various opportunities such as spending time with family, active careers, hobbies and socializing leisure, by “eliminating obligations from every
[Image 3d39424-24-6d11d3d516c59ccb0b4c-1.jpg&s3=39424-24-d05890554586aeb0620dbcb18ce847ae-2280x1520.jpg
5 meals plan (4 servings x 5 meals) about 4.5 kg delivered
*1 National Institute of Population and Social Security Research 2021 Basic Survey on Social Security and Population Problems-National Survey on Marriage and Childbirth-16th Basic Survey on Birth Trends P.65 (see 2022-12-14) *2 INTAGE “Shiru Gallery” article published on November 4, 2022 (See 2022-12-14) *3 Monetary evaluation of unpaid work, Economic and Social Research Institute, Cabinet Office, December 2018, revised on June 17, 2019
roudou/contents/pdf/190617_kajikatsudoutou1.pdf (see 2022-12-16)

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