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The Aomori version of the Metaverse is finally complete! ?

In 2022, when the Metaverse is drawing attention, Aomori Prefecture will also challenge the Metaverse.
A commercial that introduces a beautiful and realistic experience like a virtual space will be distributed on December 5th!
Aomori Prefecture is disseminating various information, including online, in order to improve awareness of tourism in the prefecture and attract tourists.
While the Metaverse has been attracting attention in recent years, it is also true that the hurdles to experiencing it are still high, such as “I don’t know how to start” or “I don’t have a device.” Therefore, we have created and released a video that introduces the prefecture’s tourism resources as if they were in another world, as a space where you can enjoy an unreal world view without a head-mounted device. Record
1 Release date: From December 5, 2020 (Monday)
2 Public media Official SNS of Aomori Prefecture Tourism Planning Division (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube)
             ※Twitter, Instagram, Facebook account name is @marugotoaomori 3 Contents
(2) Concept
Aomori Prefecture’s unique tourism resources can be expressed as a “fascination that makes you feel like you’ve come to another world” by changing your perspective and angle, and this is also connected to the virtual space of the Metaverse. Utilizing these, the information of this prefecture will be conveyed as if it were a metaverse space. (3) Introductory content
Oirase Stream, Yagen Stream Forest Railway Ruins, Hirosaki Apple Park, Juniko, Hotokegaura, etc.
4 Others
Even after the release, we will continue to shoot the prefecture’s tourism resources from a different world perspective and angle, post them on our section’s SNS, and link them as “#Aomo Reverse” to improve recognition and attract customers.
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Story of this commercial
When the main character puts on a scallop headset… into the world of “Aomori River”!
[Image 1d49733-12-4fd129da6da67bd2b932-0.png&s3=49733-12-9d0a6405aaffcd4b04af473f1c2e1fba-595x335.png
[Image 2d49733-12-441b540f5b0d24f38241-1.png&s3=49733-12-0720b5741a1301cc4238005137cb4dc5-601x340.png
Here, a true-to-life open world awaits with a beautiful 4D experience. [Image 3d49733-12-51f06317819683616685-8.png&s3=49733-12-10420223241d7b2d89c62217360a0823-595x335.png
[Image 4d49733-12-a7642c9cbdb663a61fc4-11.png&s3=49733-12-374a4ff0874451942e38a2720503f387-595x336.png
*Yagen Ohata Forest Railway (Mutsu City) / Lake Towada (Towada City) Awaiting you are a large number of apples and a mysterious giant chair… [Image 5d49733-12-c101698bb9ad78ff11f0-13.png&s3=49733-12-a72f6e88a4d950d09eb7a01113e1cbac-595x335.png
[Image 6d49733-12-adab7c3147fea13591f6-12.png&s3=49733-12-890fd40e648c680c37fd75964822abbe-592x333.png
* Itayanagi Furusato Center (Itayanagi Town) / Asamushi Beach (Aomori City) … and unfamiliar words.
[Image 7d49733-12-37c6a1664b8e9019e882-15.png&s3=49733-12-e73572cd0c3d35470f9add51cc8e55fc-592x333.png
Beyond that is a beautiful blue pond!
[Image 8d49733-12-6e2f93dc4534eb5b8cd1-9.png&s3=49733-12-b1da4b345b794956c53cea2f3719129f-596x335.png
* Wakitsubo Pond/Twelve Lakes
Even if you get tired, it’s okay because there are excellent recovery items. [Image 9d49733-12-abe22cc0074d60b6d259-16.png&s3=49733-12-59e592fb47b7cfff2fd0341fe6ac11b9-597x335.png
Yes, in Aomori you can fully enjoy a different world without going to the Metaverse.
[Image 10d49733-12-ffd82f6a415ff0246642-6.png&s3=49733-12-a0a9aff9744314a04751c0632f5457de-597x335.png
[Image 11d49733-12-f33243449e2c165e6d14-7.png&s3=49733-12-751ff8b5adf48f706b00c9ab9762f48e-596x336.png
*Asamushi Umizuri Park (Aomori City)/Hotokegaura (Sai ​​Village, Shimokita District)
“THIS REAL IS UNREAL.” The reality of Aomori is completely different world as it is.
[Image 12d49733-12-2054f01aa167963aa818-3.png&s3=49733-12-96d7416cd502a9b6d6216dac5ef5ea6e-597x336.png
So, even if the Metaverse is a little early… it’s okay.
There are many real experiences in Aomori that make you think, “It’s not a trip, it’s an adventure.”
[Image 13d49733-12-ad897d70b23528161206-4.png&s3=49733-12-8a3b94c9568b7d00b08b47228a5a7cb6-596x335.png
[Image 14d49733-12-9a30f17d54de0fb14320-5.png&s3=49733-12-2c65b34bf66f8525251c2e22222532c1-596x335.png
Of course, you don’t need a cumbersome headset
[Image 15d49733-12-f047e5e40391ff362798-2.png&s3=49733-12-05fea4cfec46bcde7326051965fd16c9-597x337.png

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