Architect Co., Ltd. “Talent Power Ranking” announces pin entertainer ranking! The 179th ranking project of the website “Talent Power Ranking” started by Architect Co., Ltd.! !

Architect Co., Ltd.
“Talent Power Ranking” announces pin entertainer ranking! The 179th ranking project of the website “Talent Power Ranking” started by Architect Co., Ltd.! !
Talent Power Ranking is an entertainment media that delivers information on celebrities! !

Talent Power Ranking delivers the power of each talent in real time based on the results of the industry’s largest survey of talents (celebrities such as entertainers) conducted by Architect Co., Ltd. [Image 1

As the 179th ranking this time, we announced the pin entertainer ranking.
In “Talent Power Ranking”, among the entertainers registered in the talent power ranking, we investigated the power score of pin entertainers.
Who do you think of when you say pin comedians?
Many of the pin entertainers who work alone without belonging to a combination or group are unique comedians, and the “R-1 Grand Prix”, a comedy award race for pin comedians held every year, is attracting attention.
This time, we verified the power score of such a pin entertainer in the talent power ranking.

■Survey overview
The talent survey conducted by Architect Co., Ltd. is called the Talent Power Ranking, which lists 1280 talents active in Japan and calculates the “power score” by multiplying the recognition rate and the attraction rate. I’m here.
This ranking uses the talent survey data (partially past data) conducted in August 2022 and is compiled in a ranking format according to the title.
■ Survey period
Held four times a year in February, May, August and November. ■ Survey target
50 men and women in their teens to 50s, 50 men and women in their 60s, and 1,100 samples in total, living in the three prefectures of Tokyo. ■ Survey method
Conducted by WEB survey and FAX survey.
■ Ranking details
Pin entertainer popularity ranking [Men]
[Image 2

Pin entertainer popularity ranking [Women]
[Image 3d62573-204-ec1aa1530bd18f95d1bc-0.png&s3=62573-204-5f0be63c24f8893148a7f37ff2ca2532-596x319.png
The top 4 rankings are as shown in the table above.
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Among male comedians, a celebrity who gained popularity as a host of the long-running program “Waratte Iitomo!”
Among female comedians, a talent who suddenly joined the ranks of popular comedians by mimicking Beyoncé and has since expanded into the world and is gaining popularity all over the world ranked first. In addition, one of the big 3 comedians who has been active as a variety show host for many years, and a female comedian who delivers laughter with her body all over the world are ranked.
Let’s pay attention to the activities of pin entertainers in the future.

Popularity ranking of young comedians! Introducing the difference between modern and old comedy
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Once every three months, the “Talent Power Ranking” conducts a talent survey that can be widely used for casting TV programs and
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