Arklands Co., Ltd. Opened fitness gym FIT365 (Fit Sanrokugo) Tokamachi store

Arklands Co., Ltd.
Opened fitness gym FIT365 (FIT SANROKUGO) Tokamachi branch

Arklands Co., Ltd. (President: Haruhiko Sakamoto, Headquarters: Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture) will open “Fitness Gym FIT 365 (Fit Sun Rokugo) Tokamachi Store” open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on Thursday, December 1st. .
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About our fitness business
In 2019, we succeeded Vertex Co., Ltd.’s fitness business through a company split, and operate FIT365 (4 stores including this store) and JOYFIT (5 stores) in Niigata Prefecture as a fitness business. We aim to create a club rooted in the community with the concept of “energizing everyone in the community” through the management of fitness clubs, with cheerful greetings and smiling customer service. You can enjoy fitness that suits your style from two brands: the gym-type club “Fitness Gym FIT365” that specializes in training, and the comprehensive club “Sports Club JOYFIT” that is equipped with baths and saunas.
FIT365 Tokamachi store information
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access map
Store name: Fitness gym FIT365 Tokamachi store
Address: 6-900-2 Takadacho, Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture Home Center Musashi Tokamachi
Opening date: Thursday, December 1, 2022
Area: about 620 square meters
Open flyer URL: ■ Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
■ Overwhelmingly low price of 2,980 yen (excluding tax) for monthly membership fee (3,278 yen including tax)
■ Even if you use it for up to 4 family members, the membership fee can be used at a fixed monthly membership fee of 2,980 yen (tax included) of 2,980 yen (3,278 yen including tax).
■ You can use FIT365 nationwide as an option (extra charge)
Facility introduction
[Image 3d82655-54-261a1fe1dbfc8162a98b-11.png&s3=82655-54-381a5fdf8033d28b4f138dae9c723328-1000x750.png
1. Hiroshi oxygen machine
[Image 4d82655-54-bcabc0e078583a0d456b-12.png&s3=82655-54-315c1bfb74d64f78f8b509377bdceb3a-1000x750.png
2. Muscle training machine

[Image 5d82655-54-3ce58130569da0acf3fc-13.png&s3=82655-54-8aca9762852604f08ff0426908caaec6-1000x750.png
3. Free weights
1. Equipped with 26 aerobic machines such as running and biking. 2. 15 muscle training machines.
3. Free weight machine equipped with dumbbells and barbells

Full service (optional)
There is a “hydrogen water server” that is popular for rehydration during training, a “personal locker with a key” that is necessary for managing luggage, and a “safety security” that allows women to train without worrying about other people’s eyes. Ladies area” is available as an option.
[Image 6d82655-54-8552905ceb24c80abd95-14.png&s3=82655-54-3ae1075917fd0900082b600f12af24aa-1000x750.png
hydrogen water server
[Image 7d82655-54-e765f0be326f52ead0cf-15.png&s3=82655-54-593f67744e574d74ac72a16676db49cc-1000x750.png
Personal locker with key

[Image 8d82655-54-133cd963b0fc9f42a1ff-16.png&s3=82655-54-7247e2a1a4e2c9904fd0535bb8f51fc6-1000x750.png
ladies area
New VR (virtual) studio
[Image 9d82655-54-7694d6dd89177690f512-17.png&s3=82655-54-acccc866c5a61140cf9132ab4e4a02d0-1000x670.png
An instructor appears on a big screen and gives a lesson. You can enjoy 5 free lessons from morning to night, such as “Body Balance” that incorporates movements such as yoga and Pilates, and “Shibam”, a simple dance exercise that anyone can do.
Even if you are not good at muscle training or running machines, let’s enjoy exercising in the VR studio and get healthy.

About FIT365
FIT365 aims to bring the fitness participation rate in Japan closer to 10% in Europe and the United States, and to make all of Japan healthy. It has 89 stores nationwide, and Tokamachi is the fourth store in Niigata Prefecture, following Niigata City, Sanjo City, and Nagaoka City.
Company Profile
Arklands Co., Ltd. aims to be an industry-leading lifestyle value providing group with the slogan “Living, satisfying. Heart,
satisfying.” increase.
By continuing to evolve and change in our own way, we will pursue our expertise and respond to our customers’ desire to enrich their lives. Trade name: Arklands Co., Ltd.
Representative: Haruhiko Sakamoto, Representative Director
Location: 445 Kamisukoro, Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture (〒955-8501) Founded: April 1, 1977
Business: Retail business, restaurant business, wholesale business, renovation business, fitness business, EC business, real estate business
Capital: 6,462 million yen

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