Art Co., Ltd. Nationwide sales of a centralized management system that uses new facial recognition “Canon’s proprietary AI face recognition technology” for art “entry and exit management” will start in December 2022

Art Co., Ltd.
Nationwide sales of a centralized management system that uses the new face recognition “Canon’s proprietary AI face recognition technology” for art “entry and exit management” will start in December 2022 – Face recognition technology equipped with Canon’s proprietary engine that verifies the identity of an individual using an AI-based authentication method –

ART Co., Ltd. (head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshifumi Sekimoto; hereinafter referred to as ART), a manufacturer of entry/exit management systems, has developed ART’s entry/exit management system X- LINE (X-line)” will be sold nationwide. [Image 1

[Image 2

■ Cooperation with a network camera system that uses Canon’s proprietary AI face recognition technology
Conventionally, “X-LINE” and “network camera system” were introduced as separate systems, but with this collaboration, centralized management of the network camera system using Canon’s proprietary AI face recognition technology has become possible. Now possible. In recent years, network camera systems have been demanding
countermeasures against a number of issues, such as being overly dependent on management by high-spec servers. We will provide it as one of the new face authentication terminals that can use personal computers. In addition, by linking with “Suica Smart Lock”, you can use your Suica as a key to enter and exit the room.
■ System configuration: Entrance/exit management “X-LINE”
+ “Network camera system using Canon’s proprietary AI face recognition technology”
[Image 3

■ Overall image of the system
[Image 4

■ Adoption results of the above Canon AI face recognition technology (1) Completion of Nishi-Tokyo Data Center Building No. 2, which provides world-class operational quality
Building an entry/exit authentication system using Canon’s facial recognition technology
( [Image 5

(2) Launch of new version of cloud-based telework support service “Telework Supporter”
-Face recognition is possible even when wearing a mask-
( [Image 6

[Related system]
[About Canon’s “Facial Recognition Application (System Name)”] (1) Equipped with Canon’s proprietary facial recognition engine Over 99% recognition rate for bare faces in Canon’s internal evaluation* Authentication is possible even when part of the face is hidden by a mask, etc. *We do not guarantee that authentication can be performed correctly in all usage environments and conditions.
(2) A configuration that achieves both low cost and accuracy/long-time operation is possible
No need for high-spec servers, can run on ordinary PCs
24/7/365 operation with peace of mind by using an industrial PC (3) Combination with Canon network cameras
Compact and environmentally friendly design (Canon network camera S series) Uses Canon’s network cameras that are strong even in dark places and environments with differences in brightness
[Image 7

[About X-LINE]
The entry/exit management system X-LINE uses readers installed at the entrances of facilities such as offices, factories, universities, and hospitals to identify individuals, permit and limit entry, and manage and record when and who entered the room. system. The latest entry/exit room with basic functions such as entry/exit restrictions and history management, as well as advanced security system
construction such as anti-passback, time schedule, flow line management, and access level settings. management system. In addition, we have prepared new authentication readers such as “Transportation IC cards such as Suica”, “Face authentication”, and “Vehicle number authentication”.
[Image 8

[About Suica smart lock]
By linking “ID-PORT” of JR East Mechatronics and JR East’s “Suica Authentication Information Service”, you can use your “Suica” or “Mobile Suica” as a key to enter and exit the room. Since “Suica” can be registered online, it is possible for visitors to register online in advance, and it is possible to manage entry and exit for each user and cancel security settings, etc., improving user convenience. *Authentication with transportation IC cards such as Suica is realized in cooperation with “Suica Smart Lock” operated jointly with JR East Mechatronics Co., Ltd.
*1 “Suica Smart Lock” is a product of East Japan Railway Company, JR East Mechatronics Co., Ltd.
Art Co., Ltd. is jointly applying for a patent.
*2 “Suica” and “Suica Smart Lock” are registered trademarks of East Japan Railway Company.
*3 JR East Approved No. 2
*4 “ID-PORT” is a registered trademark of JR East Mechatronics Co., Ltd. 【Company Profile】
Company name: Art Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yoshifumi Sekimoto, President and CEO
Tokyo head office: Gotanda 1-chome East Building, 1-25-11
Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Representative TEL: 03-3447-1401
Founded: January 14, 1976
Established: August 1, 2003
Capital: 42,360,000 yen
Number of employees: 150 (April 2022)
Business description: Development of entry/exit management systems and integrated management systems for various buildings
Design, manufacture and sale of various devices associated with the above system Manufacture and sale of nursing care system equipment, installation and service work related to the above
Sales and construction of building hardware and building equipment materials Website:
Details about this release:

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