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As a next-generation platform, a commentary book for beginners about Ethereum, which is now a hot topic, is finally on sale!

Shuwa System Co., Ltd.
As a next-generation platform, a commentary book for beginners about Ethereum, which is now a hot topic, is finally on sale!
It is a commentary that you can understand from the basics to practice about Ethereum. A lot of business use cases are also included! “Full of necessary knowledge for those who want to earn money through business and investment!”

Shuwa System Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Chairman and President Tomokazu Ueda) will publish a new book, “Illustrated Pocket, Next-Generation Platform, Ethereum,” on December 17, 2022.
You can acquire basic knowledge about Ethereum, which is currently attracting attention as a next-generation platform!
What is Ethereum? From complete beginners to those who want to use it in business and those who want to make money by investing, we have covered the knowledge you need.
We will explain the basic mechanism of Ethereum, Web3, NFT, Metaverse, relationship with DAO, specific methods of purchasing, trading, operating Ethereum, theft and fraud risks, etc. in an
easy-to-understand illustration.
■ Book overview
Book Title Illustrated Pocket Next-generation platform Ethereum is a well-understood book
Author Akira Hirota (author) Yuta Matsumura (supervisor)
Regular price 1,100 yen (tax included)
Release date December 17, 2022
Rakuten Books
From the basics to practice, you can understand it well! A manual for beginners! Get the latest trends in Ethereum!
I understand how to buy, trade, and operate!
You can understand various use cases around the world!
Know your risks of theft and fraud!
table of contents
CHAPTER 1 What is Ethereum?
CHAPTER 2 History of Ethereum
CHAPTER 3 Technologies related to Ethereum
CHAPTER 4 Ethereum’s Unique Possibilities and Attractiveness CHAPTER 5 Ethereum and NFT
CHAPTER 6 Ethereum x Metaverse, DAO
CHAPTER 7 Ethereum and DeFi, GameFi
CHAPTER 8 Global Ethereum Use Cases
CHAPTER 9 Potential of Ethereum
CHAPTER 10 Issues and risks of Ethereum
CHAPTER 11 Featured Ethereum Information
CHAPTER 12 Summary of Ethereum Features
Author Akira Hirota
Runs two companies: a marketing company and an asset investment company. Employees are not recruited, and the company runs a full remote work with about 30 subcontractors. The main investment targets are crypto assets, NFT-related, DeFi and GemeFi business companies, and participate in strategy as a startup support and advisor. Owned virtual currency before the NEM leak incident. He also owns
contemporary art and NFT art as a hobby.
Supervision: Yuta Matsumura
After working at a foreign-affiliated consulting firm, he was in charge of research on domestic and international startups and technology trends for major Japanese companies at a media-related venture company. Currently, while managing a community where people who want to learn about Web3, NFT, Metaverse, etc. gather, he is focusing on activities such as writing books, supervising, and giving lectures. His publications include “Illustrated Pocket: A Book for Understanding Digital Asset Investment NFTs”, “Illustrated Pocket: A Book for Understanding the Metaverse”, and “Illustrated Pocket: A Book for Understanding the Next Generation Distributed Autonomous Organization DAO” (Shuwa System).
Operation site: “Web3 Research Institute”: Newsletter “Blockchain communication that can be read in 1 minute”:

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