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Ask Co., Ltd. Announced the world’s first full NDI-based OB van equipped with Kiloview’s NDI solution

Ask Co., Ltd.
World’s First Full NDI-Based OB Van Equipped with Kiloview’s NDI Solution Innovative OB van built around native NDI workflow, co-developed with Alibaba Group affiliate YouKu

Kiloview, a leader in IP-based video transmission solutions, has announced the completion of the world’s first outside broadcast vehicle (OBV) based on the NDI workflow. Called the NDI OBV, the EV truck can connect 20 channels of 4K video or 70 channels of HD video over a single Ethernet cable, and IP connectivity allows for cable optimization inside the truck, saving significant space and weight. You can save.
CUBE R1: A Turnkey Solution for Reliable NDI Recording LinkDeck: A set of products that connect and control the entire KILOVIEW ecosystem
KILOLINK: A central management platform for KILOVIEW products

-Main functions of NDI OBV-
High Performance Production Capabilities: Fully IP-based solution with 20 channels of 4K video or 70 channels of HD video over a single Ethernet cable
Low cost: NDI greatly reduces cables, minimizing various costs of equipment deployment
Flexibility: IP-based connectivity and interaction facilitates deployment and operation of the entire solution
Interactivity: Connect multiple OBVs with a single cable to maximize production capacity, IP-based configuration for remote operation Stability: Dual independent Ethernet connections ensure a stable production environment
Space-saving: Reduced cables and minimized devices for space-saving operation Long operation time: Uses an EV equipped with a large-capacity battery, enabling long-time operation with battery drive
Zeng Wei, Senior A/V Technician at YouKu, said:
“Until now, there has been no OB truck that can handle the entire workflow with NDI technology alone. Now we have been able to integrate all NDI and IP-based technologies into one OB van, which could be the first of its kind in the world.”
Kiloview CEO and co-founder Jacob Zuo said:
“In 2016, we built an IP-based studio prototype, presenting the industry with the option of IP-based video transmission and
production. We are very happy and proud to bring to the market the revolutionary NDI OBV that handles all aspects and processes of transmission.”
-About Kiloview-
Kiloview is a solution provider that develops and manufactures the highest quality IP-based video transmission devices and software for customers in the professional A/V field. Founded in 2011, Kiloview’s products are sold in over 100 countries and continue to evolve while remaining connected to its customer base. We offer a wide range of products, including encoders, decoders, NDI converters, and NDI software that enable infrastructure construction for video
transmission over WAN/LAN/Internet, flexible video encoding/decoding, and live streaming at affordable prices. doing.
・Website [English]:
・Website [Japanese]:
-About YouKu-
YouKu Tudou Inc. (formerly YouKu Inc.), known as YouKu, is a video hosting service based in Beijing, China. A subsidiary of Alibaba Group, it is one of China’s top online video and streaming service platforms.
This document is an abridged version of the press release announced by the manufacturer on December 7, 2022 local time.
Original manufacturer release: -Overview of Ask Co., Ltd.-
Ask Co., Ltd. is a general trading company that provides solutions and services according to the purpose. We introduce and provide
cutting-edge and unique products mainly from the United States, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, etc. We handle a wide variety of products such as computer peripherals, mobile phone peripherals, server/storage related equipment, and professional video equipment. CORSAIR, Cooler Master, Crucial, ELSA JAPAN, HTC VIVE, Micro-Star International (MSI), Micron, NVIDIA, NewTek, Synology, SAPPHIRE TECHNOLOGY, Supermicro, Tripp Lite (formerly Keyspan), Thermaltake, ZOTAC Technology Limited, etc. I am an agent of the manufacturer.
-Inquiries regarding this news release-
Ask Co., Ltd. Product Manager: Yoshihiro Maeda
TEL: 03-5215-5676, FAX: 03-6672-6858
11F Yamawaki Building, 4-8-21 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0076 Ask Co., Ltd. WEB URL:
Details about this release:

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