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Ask Co., Ltd. ASK launches “Kiloview BIG SALE” campaign where you can get free software when you buy 4 Kil oview NDI series products

Ask Co., Ltd.
Ask launches “Kiloview BIG SALE” campaign where you can get free software when you buy 4 Kiloview NDI series products
Get Kiloview Multiview Pro / NDI Recorder Software for FREE!
Ask Media & Enterprise Division (Ask ME) is running a “Kiloview BIG SALE” campaign where you can get a free software license for Kiloview Multiview Pro or NDI Recorder when you buy 4 NDI compatible products from the manufacturer Kiloview. will be carried out. The target period is from November 24, 2022 to December 28, 2022, and you can apply for the campaign once for every four eligible products.
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ASK Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) is offering Kiloview’s Multiview Pro or NDI Recorder software to customers who have purchased four units of Kiloview’s NDI series products handled by Media & Enterprise Division (Ask-ME). We will carry out the “Kiloview BIG SALE” campaign to present a license.
NDI is a high-performance IP video transmission method for using real-time video over existing IP networks.
Kiloview’s NDI series products, which can convert between SDI / HDMI and NDI, can be used for various purposes such as live distribution, internal meetings, various seminars, online classes and lectures. It can also be used as a video input source for popular video
communication apps such as Google Meet, Skype, WebEx, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.
– Campaign overview –
[Table 2: ]

– Campaign target products –
Kiloview N60, N50, N40, N4, N30, N3, U40, N1, N2, E1, E2, D300, D350, DC230, D260, MG300, Rackmount Codec
* Limited to purchases of 4 units during the campaign period from our authorized dealers.
-Multiview Pro-
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Multiview Pro is an advanced version of Kiloview Multiview Player, a system that provides centralized management, monitoring and real-time switching of NDI streams. Add an unlimited number of NDI sources for monitoring through your on-premises NDI Server or Discovery Server, supporting full NDI / NDI|HX2 / NDI|HX3 decoding at resolutions up to 4K60p.
Up to 20 channels (per window) of NDI sources can be displayed on the display, and NDI output can also be performed directly using the HDMI or Ethernet port of the PC.
Product detail page : -NDI Recorder-
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The Kiloview NDI Recorder is a recording system that can record multiple NDI sources in sync and independently. Easily record full NDI/NDI|HX sources in 4K or HD resolution. The maximum number of sources that can be recorded is determined by your computer’s CPU, bandwidth, disk capacity and write speed.
Product detail page: -About Kiloview-
Kiloview is a solutions provider that develops and manufactures IP-based video transmission devices, headquartered in Changsha, Hunan, China. Founded in 2010, Kiloview offers a wide range of products including video encoding/decoding, conversion, IP-based video switching and streaming.
・Website [Japanese]:
– Overview of Ask Co., Ltd. –
Ask Co., Ltd. is a general trading company that provides solutions and services according to the purpose. We introduce and provide
cutting-edge and unique products mainly from the United States, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, etc. We handle a wide variety of products such as computer peripherals, mobile phone peripherals, server/storage related equipment, and professional video equipment. CORSAIR, Cooler Master, Crucial, ELSA JAPAN, HTC VIVE, Micro-Star International (MSI), Micron, NVIDIA, NewTek, Synology, SAPPHIRE TECHNOLOGY, Supermicro, Tripp Lite (formerly Keyspan), Thermaltake, ZOTAC Technology Limited, etc. I am an agent of the manufacturer.
– Inquiries regarding this news release –
Authorized agent: Ask Co., Ltd.
Department in charge : Media & Enterprise Division
Product Manager: Misao Yamamoto
E-mail address:
TEL: 03-5215-5676 / FAX: 03-6672-6858
Location: Yamawaki Building 11F, 4-8-21 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0076 Ask Co., Ltd. WEB URL:
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