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Astute Analytica Astute Analytica Press Release We have conducted a survey to understand the state of the dermatology market in 2022.

Astute Analytica
[Astute Analytica Press Release] We have conducted a survey to understand the state of the dermatological drug market in 2022.
It is mostly observed that many cancer patients are major consumers of the dermatological drug market market.
Survey overview:
Survey period: September 1st to November 24th, 2022
Research agency :
Survey contractor: Astute Analytica Co., Ltd.
In-house survey
Survey target: The survey was conducted with 890 leaders from organizations of all sizes around the world.
Number of valid responses: (890 people)
Survey method: Telephone survey of 300 people, Internet survey of 590 people Survey Respondents: The survey was conducted across companies based on revenue. [Image 1d87115-143-b6cbee3fa520c90ff82c-0.jpg&s3=87115-143-7884394c2f273b1faec054c769637cb9-2700x1800.jpg
Survey results :
Q: What types of drugs are popular in dermatology?
Based on drug type, the dermatological drug market is segmented into branded prescription drugs, generic prescription drugs, and
over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. Among these, branded prescription drugs are expected to hold the largest market share and dominate the market in 2022.
[Image 2d87115-143-7cdd7aa547803fe6bb02-1.jpg&s3=87115-143-34d2011ca45cc39d0f2b4c5b72671136-2700x1800.jpg
Q: Which formulation has the highest share in the dermatological market? The ointment segment is projected to hold the highest market share in 2022 and maintain its dominance. and others are important factors driving the demand for ointments globally.
[Image 3d87115-143-84449ab0198c9089065c-2.jpg&s3=87115-143-9a8b43a09b4439c12d29d201dafdfaed-2700x1800.jpg
Q: What is the common route of administration?
In 2022, the topical medicine segment accounted for the major share of 53.3%. [Image 4d87115-143-0492ac2205f1d30e4db0-3.jpg&s3=87115-143-dcbc81e1e9b8caa35360a621ed0bbf4d-2700x1800.jpg
Q: Which therapeutic application has the highest share in the dermatological drug market?
In 2022, the psoriasis segment is expected to hold the largest market share at 39%. There are several new options for diagnosing and treating psoriasis in emerging countries.
[Image 5d87115-143-e4dd298cc4410112d014-4.jpg&s3=87115-143-4b97b26717dc1d12ee6b9ccb97487247-2700x1800.jpg
Q: How is the dermatology market segmented by distribution channel? Based on distribution channel, the market is classified into retail channel, non-retail channel, and online channel. Among these, the retail channel holds the highest segment share in 2022.
[Image 6d87115-143-ea28ba772849ab614ff0-5.jpg&s3=87115-143-ff3ab9e7ed03ef60f5cc91e58b4b7235-2700x1800.jpg
Q: What are the key factors driving the dermatology market?
People are in increasing demand for skin and hair related formulas: Increased demand for dermatological drugs is driven by increasing demand for skin and hair related formulations such as anti-acne agents, emollients, hair regrowth agents, anti-fungal agents and whitening agents.
Consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z, are more conscious and conscious about their skin and hair. Also, increased disposable income allows consumers to spend more money on skincare products for a better skincare regime.
Rising skin-related diseases in people: Skin diseases have been called the most common cause of human illness, affecting almost one-third of the world’s population. Some skin conditions are genetic, while others are caused by lifestyle factors. Treatment of skin-related disorders can be done using medications, creams or ointments, or lifestyle changes.
Survey conclusions:
Climate change has brought about serious changes to the global environment. Air pollution from halocarbon refrigerants, solvents, propellants, and blowing agents (chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), HCFCs, halons) contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer. This thinning of the ozone layer makes it easier for harmful ultraviolet rays to penetrate, and skin diseases such as skin cancer and eye diseases are increasing.
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