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Atamu Co., Ltd. Online illustration class Atam Academy releases a new course “Let’s become an illustrator!”

Atam Co., Ltd.
Atam Academy, an online illustration class, releases a new course “Let’s become an illustrator!”
Starting in December, an online course for children where you can experience being an illustrator.

Atam Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO Atsushi Miyazawa), which operates an online illustration class for children, is pleased to announce that it has released a new course “Let’s become an illustrator!”
In this class, under the guidance of instructors who are mainly active illustrators and picture book authors, children become illustrators and create illustrations based on orders received from clients. In the production process, we not only improve our illustration skills, but also nurture the power to live in society.
Overview of “Let’s become an illustrator!”
[Image 1d38075-7-244664c6537c4504e3cc-4.png&s3=38075-7-7cde3d1dc32fcda15687b1fd4295c151-1826x1272.png
The “Let’s become an illustrator!” class is a curriculum that allows you to experience the work of an illustrator. An actual illustrator draws an illustration according to the client’s order. An illustrator without personality will have less work.
In this class, like an actual illustrator, we will explore
illustrations that express the individuality of the children while following the instructions of the client. While paying attention to the balance between the orderer’s instructions and the children’s individuality, we will think about “personality”. See here for details of the class (
[Image 2d38075-7-f4131aef79963f818d22-7.jpg&s3=38075-7-15665b359a13d5494f655b392e49c2a6-1200x794.jpg
《Lesson overview》
 Period: December 2022-February 2023
Number of times: 8 times in total (once a week)
 Number of people: Up to 4 people in each class
 Location: Online
Instructor: Atam Academy instructor ( Points of the new course “Let’s become an illustrator!”
In the real world, we receive rules, orders, and instructions from companies and customers as a matter of course. It may be obvious for adults, but for children, they have never experienced illustration production with many restrictions.
In this class, themes such as the subject matter, image, size, and margins of the illustration are specified in advance, and the design is designed to make the expression in the illustration feel very cramped. However, at Atam Academy, we believe that it is the constraints of expression that create creativity. Instructors will also give advice that can draw out the creativity of children, and support them so that they can create the most creative works within the constraints of expression.
[Image 3d38075-7-ff503ff81bd62c88221b-1.png&s3=38075-7-51ad3406934a9d508a060e2a208b4ee5-1848x1274.png
Natsumi Kawasaki, Development Manager, Marketing Department, Comment [Image 4d38075-7-cb27274303a044ce5378-6.png&s3=38075-7-13b7e76e7d3ba33762b90ed71450a22c-358x358.png
I myself often receive requests for illustration production, but the customer’s requests are very detailed, and I always have a hard time. However, customers are always happy when I can express my
“personality” in their detailed requests. These experiences have helped me grow as an illustrator. In creating this curriculum, we put particular emphasis on having children experience this joy as well. It is designed so that the instructor does not give easy orders, but gives slightly difficult orders. I would be happy if the children grow up as creators so that they can respond to the orders from the instructors. (Natsumi Kawasaki)
the next deployment
Until now, Atamu Academy has designed classes based on the concept of acquiring “the power to live in society” in addition to the fun of illustration classes.
《Examples of classes conducted so far》
Decide on a theme and imagine a conversation! Let’s make a LINE stamp Tell the world you feel! Add illustrations to your favorite stories Build your ideal island! Challenge concept art
Observe your surroundings! Let’s express spring, summer, autumn and winter with illustrations
See yourself objectively! Let’s make an original avatar
[Image 5d38075-7-4f690277657202d120db-5.jpg&s3=38075-7-f8f0f39bee435b06c4dbd6d91cca2475-899x1200.jpg
At Atam Academy, we believe that the key to “living in society” lies in interacting with others, and from the planning stage of the class, we make it possible for children to communicate with each other. For example, in a class where spring, summer, autumn, and winter are represented by illustrations, children introduce each other’s spring, summer, autumn, and winter to each other. Atam Academy students come from all over the world, so in conversations with children, you may notice that the winter in Tokyo and Singapore is different.
Through these experiences, Atam Academy believes that it is important for children to experience different values ​​and ways of thinking while interacting with society and others, and to expand the world of children.
Therefore, from the perspective of increasing the points of contact between children’s works and society, in March 2023, we are planning an exhibition of the works created in the class “Determine a theme and imagine a conversation! Let’s make LINE stamps.”
《Exhibition Overview》
Date: March 21 (Tue)-March 26 (Sun), 2023 11:00-19:00 (until 17:00 on the final day)
Venue: Art Complex Center
Address: 12-9, 2F, Daikyomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0015
Price: Admission free
Works: 500 (tentative)
Details of the exhibition will be announced as soon as they are finalized. Please feel free to come and see the possibilities of your child.
About Atam Co., Ltd.
We are developing an online illustration class business with the vision of “maximizing children’s potential through art education”. Originally it was an illustration school with a store in Minami-Azabu, but due to the influence of Corona, the store was closed. From April 2020, we have been operating Atam Academy as an online illustration class.
【Company Profile】
[Image 6d38075-7-383404e2daffb79c5942-8.png&s3=38075-7-96f68687f3f6cb779f7cbf479fc74fac-1000x400.png
Company name: Atam Co., Ltd.
Location: Minami Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Representative: Atsushi Miyazawa
Business: Operation of online illustration classes
Established: September 2018

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