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Atrae The business version of the matching app “Yenta” has released a new function “RM function” that supports not only “new encounters” but also “reunions” with existing connections!

Atrae Co., Ltd.
Business version matching app “Yenta” has released a new function “RM function” that supports not only “new encounters” but also “reunions” with existing connections!
~ A new group match function that turns “connections” between individuals into “encounters” with multiple people ~

Business version matching app ” We are pleased to announce that Yenta has released a new function “RM * function” that can visualize not only new encounters but also existing connections and provide opportunities for reunions.
* RM: An abbreviation of Relationship Management function, which visualizes relationships with existing “connections” and proposes opportunities for reunions.
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■ Background
Since its launch, Yenta has continued to empower people, with a focus on people, to create a world where people around the world can seamlessly connect and foster rich human relationships.
Nowadays, it has become commonplace to be able to easily connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere, with “digital connections”. I think. At the same time, it seems that the importance of enhancing relationships with important “people” and “people” who want to meet again is increasing. By using the RM function released this time, we will promote the reconstruction of one of the assets of business people, “personal connections (connections and relationships)”, and the faint connections that tend to be buried will become clear and warm “connections.” I expect it to switch to .
In the future, the framework of companies will become thinner, and it is expected that people with the same purpose will resonate with each other and “connect” (consortiums and joint research) for each project will become commonplace. We hope that through one swipe of “Yenta”, we can realize and support them, and add new colors to the lives of “business people (humans)”.
■ What is “Yenta”?
A matching app for business people using artificial intelligence released in January 2016. At 12 o’clock every day, you will receive 10 profiles recommended by artificial intelligence, and just by swiping “interested” or “not interested”, business people who are interested in each other will be matched. After that, it is possible to interact such as information exchange after exchanging messages. The total number of matches has exceeded 5 million, and it is growing into one of the largest services in Japan.
Official site:
What is RM (Relationship Management) function?
A new function that allows you to visualize the relationships with friends and acquaintances who are already connected, and provides an “opportunity” to reunite with people you haven’t seen in a long time. We are connected on SNS, but I haven’t been able to create an opportunity to meet next time.
A “former colleague” who finds it difficult to meet up after changing jobs I’ve seen on social media that they work in a similar industry, but I can’t go out of my way to meet them.
It is a new function that will help you to “reunite” with “people who have connections but have not been able to meet easily” just a little bit, and sprinkle a spice of color on your daily life.
■ Details
With the RM (Relationship Management) function, the following cycle naturally runs, and the relationship with the people who are important to you and the people who are important to you will deepen more and more.
Group your friends and acquaintances by “degree of closeness” and “degree of wanting to meet”
You can see at a glance the “sense of distance” and “importance” of your relationships
Yenta analyzes people you want to meet and people you are close to, and proposes “reunions” in the form of “people you should meet again” or by combining you, that person, and another person.
If you can meet again after a long time, update the relationship (return to 2) [Image 2d21544-108-263678b56d02362a0982-0.png&s3=21544-108-3ca514399af7b2fd12547e2bed55d5f8-1200x630.png
RM function image
■ Group match function
After visualizing the existing “connection” with the RM function, a new group match function that proposes matching in a group (multiple people) can also be used. This is a new function that creates new encounters by connecting the “connections” that already exist within you. Please take advantage of this as well.
[Image 3d21544-108-fb92dbb0ecf6cbf4b71d-2.png&s3=21544-108-b8ece0c064594f4b60f8ca81f97f9087-1200x630.png
One of the fun things about registering with Yenta is that you can see at a glance which friends want to meet you and who are close to you. If you haven’t used it yet, why don’t you incorporate the spice experience of learning from the past into your daily life?
App download (free):
■Company Profile
Company name: Atrae Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market: 6194) Location: Jules A 8F, 1-10-10 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yoshihide Arai, Representative Director and CEO URL:
Business description: People Tech business (Green, Yenta, Wevox, Inow), Sports Tech business (Altiri)
*People Tech business: A coined word that redefines atre with the idea of ​​“creating businesses that expand the possibilities of people through technology.”
Atrae Design
■ Contact information
Recruitment information:

Details about this release:

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