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Automate demand forecasting to minimize lost orders and greatly improve operating rates! ASNOVA introduces no-code prediction AI platform “UMWELT”

Try Etting Co., Ltd.
Automate demand forecasting to minimize lost orders and greatly improve operating rates! ASNOVA introduces no-code prediction AI platform “UMWELT”
Anyone can easily predict demand with no-code AI

Nagoya University’s AI venture Try Etting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Yuki Nagae, hereinafter TRYETING) is ASNOVA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, President Keiji Ueda, hereinafter TRYETING). , ASNOVA) has introduced the no-code prediction AI platform “UMWELT”.
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ASNOVA supporting construction sites nationwide
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ASNOVA will create tomorrow’s place in society with the power of “Kasetsu”. ] is our purpose, and we provide rental and sales of wedge-type scaffolding and scaffolding construction.
We would like to popularize the “wedge binding type scaffolding” that is highly safe and can be assembled by a small number of people. With such thoughts in mind, we commercialized “scaffolding rental”. Currently, it is used by approximately 2,400 customers.
Background of the introduction of demand forecasting and inventory management tools
As of June 2022, ASNOVA owns approximately 9.2 billion yen in rental assets, and the equipment management department conducts appropriate inventory management and orders.
The task of managing the rental equipment needed at construction sites nationwide at 19 equipment centers nationwide is a heavy burden, and the issue of personalization and appropriate inventory management has been raised.
When we were considering measures to prevent the unbalanced work burden on specific personnel and to prevent important work from becoming dependent on individual skills, we learned about the no-code prediction AI platform “UMWELT” and decided to introduce it. Reason for choosing “UMWELT”
■ Demand forecasting by AI is possible from past incoming/outgoing data Until now, the person in charge of the equipment management department calculated the forecast value based on the past performance data. “UMWELT” can calculate demand forecasts even one to two years in advance if there is actual data for the past two years. We calculate the necessary inventory and use it as a basis for making decisions about equipment purchases.
■ It is possible to forecast demand for approximately 300 types of products in a few minutes.
“UMWELT” can calculate demand forecast in a few seconds to a few minutes. It is also possible to use the output data by reflecting it in your company’s format.
■ Low installation cost
The number of items to be forecasted and the number of times of forecasting are unlimited. Since we only offer flat-rate plans, not pay-as-you-go, you can use them without worrying about the number of products or frequency.
■ Complete follow-up system during the trial period
After the decision to introduce it, we will explain how to use the tool as an “AI study session”. After that, we set up opportunities for communication as necessary and support demand forecasting and inventory management while checking the data. Rather than “calculating the demand forecast and that’s the end”, we will support the practical use of the introduced company.
Effect of introducing “UMWELT” ~ Suppressing lost orders and achieving a significant improvement in utilization rate ~
About nine months after the start of the test operation, we were able to predict the appropriate amount of equipment at the equipment centers nationwide, which enabled us to minimize lost orders, and the equipment utilization rate increased significantly compared to the previous year. Did.
In the current method of placing and receiving orders, information about lost orders is not properly managed, making it difficult to make accurate demand forecasts. By introducing “UMWELT”, we will provide scaffolding “when needed, where needed” throughout Japan.
Aiming to reduce management costs and optimize inventory through appropriate inventory management
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ASNOVA Co., Ltd. Management Planning Office Manager Makoto Ono We are engaged in rental business of scaffolding equipment at construction sites all over the country. It was a heavy burden for specific staff members to perform proper inventory management in cooperation with equipment centers at 19 bases nationwide so as not to run out of inventory and not to have surplus inventory.
By automating this work, we would like to use the time to further strengthen quality control and safety management. We aim to reduce management costs by repeating budget and actual management, improving the accuracy of demand forecasts, and reducing unnecessary inventory. In addition, we will be able to prepare “the necessary equipment in the necessary area at the necessary time” based on the demand forecast, so we will respond more appropriately to the customer’s demand.
Features of UMWELT, a no-code AI prediction platform that anyone can easily use UMWELT can predict demand with a high degree of accuracy when, what, and how much will be sold by predicting demand from an amount of learning data that cannot be considered by humans. It is a no-code AI prediction platform that can be demanded by day, week, month / by store / base / all product numbers.
The advantages of highly accurate demand forecasting and inventory management are as follows.
・Proposal of optimal production plan
・Reduction of loss
・Improve profit margin by reducing inventory
・Reduce labor costs through optimal staffing
・Reduction of joint costs (transportation costs, etc.)
“UMWELT” is a no-code AI tool that does not require programming, so anyone can easily use AI.
Tri-Etting Co., Ltd. Corporate Information
An AI venture from Nagoya University that automates “intelligent work” mainly with the no-code AI cloud “UMWELT”. He has a track record in automatic shift creation using AI, demand forecasting, inventory production management, materials informatics, etc.
Company name: TRYETING Inc.
Representative: Yuki Nagae, President and CEO
Established: June 6, 2016
Business description: R&D and license sales business for
business-specific augmented intelligence (AI) technology in the supply chain area
Head office location: 4th floor, Central Nagoya Aoi Building, 1-20-22 Aoi, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Site URL:
ASNOVA Co., Ltd. Company Information
Company name: ASNOVA Co., Ltd. (ASNOVA Co., Ltd.)
Representative: Representative Director and President: Keiji Ueda Established: December 24, 2013
Business description: Scaffolding rental business
Head office location: 26th floor of Global Gate, 4-60-12 Hiraike-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Site URL:
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