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Automate shift creation for facility operation to facilitate facility operation | LEO introduces automatic shift creation tool “HRBEST”

Try Etting Co., Ltd.
Automate facility operation shift creation to facilitate facility operation | LEO introduces automatic shift creation tool “HRBEST” Instantly solve complex shift creation with no-code AI

Nagoya University’s AI venture Try Etting Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Yuki Nagae, hereinafter TRYETING) is LEO Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, CEO Makoto Ao, We would like to inform you that LEO) has introduced “HRBEST”, which allows you to create complex shifts in an instant.
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LEO provides a place to embody a new work style
LEO is a company that supports the progress of people (products, services, things, businesses) who create new value in the future society, creating new value and moving forward, with the philosophy of “progress through creation”.
Based on the concept of “development of people, development of things, development of communities, and development of towns,” we make people and communities around us happy. We design the wellbeing and wellness of working people, promote open innovation, encourage co-creation, and support the innovation of workers and businesses.
Background of introduction of automatic shift creation tool
LEO operates “Nagono Campus” and “NAGONO WORKBAR & SAUNA,” which are training bases for entrepreneurs and ventures, as places to realize new work styles.
In the operation of the facility, the know-how of shift creation work is accumulated by individual employees, and in order to standardize the work as a company and to make it easier to take over the shift creation work when starting a new business, automatic shift creation Decided to use the tool.
In addition, with the start of the “NAGONO WORK BAR & SAUNA” business, the number of bases operated and managed by LEO has increased. In order to reduce the burden of creating shifts for each manager who operates and manages the facility, we considered introducing an automatic shift creation tool.
Reason for introducing “HRBEST”
■ Data can be visualized and the situation of employees can be visualized You can grasp the work status of employees at a glance, such as working hours and vacation acquisition status. It is also possible to delete some of the shift results that have already been created, or to perform calculations with the changed state as the initial state. ■ Shifts can be created automatically
It is possible to create shifts that consider the combination of pairs and the availability of leader work so that there is no bias in staffing. Create shifts optimized for workplace rules and situations. ■ Employees can input shift requests instead of managers doing everything Shift submissions can be sent from anywhere on your smartphone. Any number of people can receive it, and because it is cloud managed, it can be updated to the latest version at any time.
Automate shift creation and increase the density of communication ~Message from the person in charge~
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Leo Co., Ltd. COO Takafumi Amano
By introducing “HRBEST” and reducing the time spent creating shifts, managers can now spend more time communicating with staff and grasping the situation.
Until now, we have limited the number of staff in order to minimize the time it takes to create shifts, but from now on, we will increase the number of administrative staff so that more people, such as retired part-timers and part-time employees, will be able to work comfortably. We want to provide the environment.
Features of “HRBEST” that instantly solves complicated shift creation Algorithm “HRBEST” using “combinatorial optimization” that can create complex shifts in an instant. Automatically calculate and create shifts that reflect the detailed rules of any industry. Various forms of employment such as part-time jobs, as well as last-minute decisions such as absenteeism and study sessions are considered. You can submit shift requests from your smartphone and check them anytime, anywhere. 1. Always up-to-date because of the cloud
Shift submissions are done from a smartphone, so you can accept any number of people from anywhere. Because it is cloud-based, it is always up-to-date, and it also responds to legal revisions as needed. No need to update or replace.
2. Automatically correspond to the Labor Standards Act
We support various forms of employment such as part-time jobs. Shifts are automatically created in consideration of not only regular working hours, but also consecutive working hours, public holidays, various vacations, and company rules.
3. Recalculation of sudden absences
You can respond quickly by automatically calculating and outputting sudden absences of staff, such as bereavement and sick leave, and last-minute decisions such as study sessions and training.
4. Creating shifts according to ability
In order to ensure that there is no bias in the allocation of personnel, we consider the combination of pairs and whether or not they can perform leadership duties, and create shifts that are optimized for the rules and circumstances of each workplace. HRBEST provides convenient functions that are not found in other shift automatic creation tools. We support problem solving for business operators who are worried about labor shortages and productivity improvement.
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Corporate information
An AI venture from Nagoya University that automates “intelligent work” mainly for recognition, future prediction, and optimization. We have developed the UMWELT system, which solves the so-called AI technology introduction problem of “expansion of introduction cost and
development period”, and provides automation solutions for
prediction-related tasks to enterprise core systems. In addition, we developed and sold “HRBEST”, which AI creates complex shifts with one click.
We are good at optimizing people and things related to supply chains, mainly inventory management and work shift management, and are working on “intelligent business automation” in a wide range of fields such as manufacturers, retailers, logistics, and trading companies.
Company name: TRYETING Inc.
Representative: Yuki Nagae, President and CEO
Established: June 6, 2016
Business description: R&D and license sales business for
business-specific augmented intelligence (AI) technology in the supply chain area
Head office location: 4th floor, Central Nagoya Aoi Building, 1-20-22 Aoi, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Site URL:
Product URL:
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