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Avex Communication Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Naoya Inoue wins! The first Japanese unified champion of four groups is born! The historic “Fight of the Century” archive distribution has started on dTV In addition, a documentary p rogram that looks back

Avex Communications Broadcasting Corporation
Naoya Inoue wins! The first Japanese unified champion of four groups is born! The historic “Fight of the Century” archive distribution has started on dTV In addition, a documentary program that looks back on Naoya Inoue’s boxing life will also be distributed!

This time, the video distribution service “dTV (R)” will start broadcasting “NTT DOCOMO Presents PXB WORLD SPIRITS WBA/WBC/IBF/WBO World”, which was exclusively live-streamed on dTV yesterday from December 14, 2022 (Wednesday). Bantamweight throne unification match Naoya Inoue vs Paul Butler ” archive (missed) delivery of the historic match has already started.
[Image 1

In the match of the century between Naoya Inoue and Paul Butler held last night, Naoya Inoue won by TKO in the 11th round! Brilliantly, he became the first Japanese to win the unified champion of all four groups in the world.
As a result, on SNS,
“I was moved! I cried! Congratulations to the 4-team unified champion, and the first unified champion in all KO history”
“This is the pressure of the unified champion of the four teams! No guards and this is too strong!”
“Congratulations on unifying the four teams!
“You did it! The first Asian team to win with four teams!! ️ Truly a monster in the world!
There were so many voices praising Naoya Inoue, and once again we can see the high level of attention for this match.
[Image 2

You can watch Naoya Inoue’s majestic figure in this historic match as many times as you like on dTV, so please take this opportunity to enjoy it.
Click here to watch ⇒
In addition, the second documentary program will be distributed at the end of January 2023.
Naoya Inoue, who is called “the greatest masterpiece in Japanese boxing history” due to his unrivaled strength and achievements, from his childhood to his amateur days, his professional debut, his first world fight, 3 weight classes, WBSS champion, a hot battle with Donaire. It is a valuable behind-the-scenes video that covers everything from daily practice to overseas training camps.
In addition, interview footage of former champions such as Higashi Yaegashi, Shinsuke Yamanaka, and Takanori Hatayama, and a program depicting the journey to reach the four-group unification match, so please be sure to include the match footage of “Naoya Inoue World Unification Match”. Please watch.

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