Avex Communication Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Popular K-POP artists gather in Hong Kong! “Music Bank in Hong Kong” is now available on dTV

Avex Communications Broadcasting Corporation
Popular K-POP artists gather in Hong Kong! “Music Bank in Hong Kong” is now available on dTV

This year, for the first time in three years, overseas performances were held, and the music bank was the birthplace of Korean music programs. Starting with the performance in Japan in 2011, “Music Bank in Hong Kong” held in 2019 from the world tour that has traveled around the world has started distribution on the video distribution service dTV.

This is the second time the event has been held in Hong Kong. Many K-POP fans gathered at the AsiaWorld-Expo Arena, which was the venue for the first time. Park Bogum, who is active as an actor and artist, and Dahyun of TWICE served as the main MCs, and the artists who appeared were SEVENTEEN, TWICE, MONSTA X, FTILAND, NU’EST W, and Ailee.
This is a special live event where you can experience the excitement of K-POP all over the world.
At the opening, MONSTA X’s Hyungwon stood on stage as DJ H.ONE and played a song that sampled Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon” theme song “Enter the Dragon” after Hong Kong. Another member of MONSTA X, Joohoney put on a sharp rap, and the venue was immediately excited. The main performance of MONSTA X appeared in the second half of Part 1. With images of flames in the background, they performed a hard “Shoot Out” that included rap, showing off their energetic presence. On the other hand, it is also worth checking out the gap between cute expressions such as the members flying finger hearts during the MC! In the second part, FTILAND, the only band to appear, performed “PRAY” and “Take Me Now” with heavy sounds. The power of a live performance and the sense of unity that draws the audience in is a masterpiece! Furthermore, after TWICE, who dyed the venue pop with their big hit song “TT”, SEVENTEEN will decorate the finale.
The light dance tune “Oh My!”
They have been holding their first dome tour since November, but at the time of 2019, it was not long after their debut in Japan. Live in the midst of evolution is a must-see.
Also, in the second part, there is also a comment movie from BTS. While looking back on the music bank appearance videos from 2014, we will send a passionate message to Hong Kong fans.
2018’s “Music Bank in Chile” and 2017’s “Music Bank in Jakarta” are also available on dTV! Please enjoy the “Music Bank” series full of special performances on dTV.

■ “Music Bank in Hong Kong”
The 14th world tour sponsored by Korea’s popular music program “Music Bank”! Held in Hong Kong, the city of beautiful night views! Six super popular K-POP artists have appeared! Don’t miss the special stage that can only be seen here!
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