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Avex Communications Broadcasting Co., Ltd. World bantamweight 4-team unification match Naoya Inoue vs Paul Butler December 13 (Tuesday) Exclusive live distribution on dTV Illustrations of Inoue players drawn by 4 popular manga artists “extra style”

Avex Communications Broadcasting Corporation
World bantamweight 4-team unification match Naoya Inoue vs. Paul Butler December 13 (Tuesday) Exclusive live streaming on dTV; Illustrations of Inoue drawn by 4 popular manga artists will be distributed as a special “extra edition”

This time, the video distribution service “dTV (R)” will be held at Ariake Arena on December 13, 2022 (Tuesday). Naoya vs Paul Butler” will be exclusively streamed live (scheduled to start at 14:30*). Special site URL
*The distribution start time is subject to change.
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Today, the day of the event, in commemoration of the exclusive live distribution on dTV, in order to deliver a message of support to Naoya Inoue, the “Nikkan Sports Newspaper Special Edition (issued on December 13)” will be distributed at four locations in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Free distribution at one location in Osaka. This special edition features a special illustration of Inoue drawn by four popular manga artists from Shueisha, adding excitement to today’s historic match, which aims to become the first Japanese team to unify the four teams. In addition, if you send a message on Twitter, we will also carry out a gift campaign where you can win a poster of this special illustration, and support Inoue with boxing fans.
■ “NTT DoCoMo Presents PXB WORLD SPIRITS WBA/WBC/IBF/WBO World Bantamweight Championship Unification Match” Match Summary
In this match, Naoya Inoue (belonging to Ohashi Boxing Gym), who is currently the unified champion of the three world bantamweight groups (WBA, WBC, and IBF), will be the first Japanese to unify the four world bantamweight groups, and will compete in the WBO world. It is a notable match to challenge the bantamweight champion Paul Butler. If you are a monthly member of “dTV”, you can watch this game on TV, smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. within the monthly fee. -Reference-
Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2022
Delivery start time: 14:30 (planned) *The delivery start time is subject to change.
Special site URL:
■ Outline of special illustration advertisement campaign
In the exclusive live distribution of this historic match, “dTV” will support Inoue and liven up the match by Tetsuya Saruwatari, Toshio Sako, and Kenichi Tachibana, who are popular in boxing manga and martial arts manga. , Toshimitsu Matsubara created four patterns of newspaper advertisements “Nikkan Sports Newspaper Special Edition (issued on December 13)” using special illustrations drawn by Mr. Toshimitsu Matsubara.
If you put together a special edition of 4 patterns depicting Inoue’s past appearance of winning the throne with 3 groups so far and the current appearance of facing the 4 group unification match this time, it will be “Unification of the world’s 4 teams, to the unparalleled champion. It is designed so that the message “” emerges. This special edition will be distributed free of charge today at a total of five locations: Shimbashi, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Yokohama, and Umeda. published)”.
In addition, a Twitter campaign to present this special illustration as a poster to those who have posted their feelings of support for Inoue and the excitement of watching the match with “#Naoya Inoue dTV full support festival”. will also be implemented.
-Manga Artist Profile-
Mr. Tetsuya Saruwatari: In 1981, he won the 21st Tezuka Prize as a runner-up and made his debut with Umi no Senshi (Weekly Shonen Jump). The fighting manga “TOUGH” has been developed into a series and is gaining popularity. His latest work “TOUGH Dragon wo Tsugu Otoko” (Weekly Playboy) is being serialized. In this illustration, I drew Inoue, who won the IBF title in the WBSS bantamweight semifinals in May 2019.
Mr. Toshio Sako: Currently serializing “Batouki” (My Neighbor Young Jump, Yanjan!), which depicts mixed martial arts battles centered on capoeira. Uso Kui won an honorable mention at the 48th Young Jump Monthly MANGA Grand Prix, and gained many fans through its
serialization in the same magazine. In this illustration, I drew Inoue at the time when he won the WBC title in the WBA, IBF, and WBC world bantamweight unification match in June 2022.
Kenichi Tachibana: A manga artist whose representative work is the sci-fi work “Terra Formars” (illustration), in which battles unfold on the earth of the future. “GIGANTIS-Gigantis-“, which depicts a fierce battle with a monster, is being serialized in Grand Jump. In addition, we are engaged in various activities such as working on illustrations for CD jackets. In this illustration, I drew Inoue, who won the throne in the WBA world bantamweight title match in May 2018.
Mr. Toshimitsu Matsubara: Representative works include “Rikudou” and “Black Iron Valhallian” (both published by Weekly Young Jump). In addition to using boxing as a theme in Rikudou, he is also a martial arts fan who has experience in interviews with Inoue. In this illustration, I drew the current Inoue in the uniform of the world bantamweight 4-group unification match that will be held today. -advertisement-
Placement: “Nikkan Sports Newspaper Special Edition (issued December 13th)” (Distribution locations: Shimbashi, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Yokohama, Umeda) “Nikkan Sports Newspaper (issued December 13th)” “Yanjan!” App (all day December 13)
Contents: Tetsuya Saruwatari, Toshio Sako, Kenichi Tachibana, and Toshimitsu Matsubara will use a special illustration of Inoue to convey a message of support.
[Image 5

-Twitter Campaign-
Period: December 13 (Tuesday) 10:15 to December 13 (Tuesday) 23:59 Participation method: Follow the dTV official Twitter account (@dTV_PR), add “# Naoya Inoue dTV full support festival”, and post a support message on Twitter.
Present contents: A special illustration poster will be given to 100 people Winner Announcement: Scheduled for mid-January 2023. The application form will be sent to the winners via DM.
〇 Those who follow the dTV official Twitter account (@dTV_PR) and post with the hashtag “# Naoya Inoue dTV Full Support Festival” are eligible.
〇 We will send the application form to the customers who have been selected by direct message on Twitter.
○ Please note that we cannot answer inquiries regarding the results of the lottery.
○ We do not take any responsibility for reasons that are not due to our company, such as shipping delays and accidents due to natural disasters.
○ Transferring/selling gifts to third parties is strictly prohibited. ○ You can apply for this campaign from a computer, smartphone, or tablet device. 〇 A Twitter account is required to apply for the campaign. If you do not have an account, please obtain one from the Twitter official website. In addition, private accounts are not eligible for the lottery.
〇If you delete your Twitter account or unfollow “@dTV_PR”, you will not be able to send DMs from the secretariat and your winning will be invalidated.
〇 If you change your account name or @user name during the period, you will not be eligible for the lottery because it will be difficult to confirm that you are using the same account.
〇 This campaign is a campaign that utilizes “Twitter”. We are not responsible for any damage caused by suspension or cancellation of campaign management caused by the operating environment of
applications related to Twitter. This campaign has nothing to do with Twitter.
〇 We do not guarantee any damages suffered by the customer due to the use of the contents written by the customer by a third party. dTV service overview
If you want to watch live, dTV
In addition to popular movies and dramas, K-POP and other hot music live performances are being added!
Unlimited viewing for 550 yen (tax included) per month. *1 *2 In addition, the latest online live is also delivered every month! In addition to blockbuster movies and popular dramas, there is a wide variety of music content such as live footage and music videos of popular artists.
You can watch a variety of works, including exclusive works that can only be seen on dTV and original dramas, for a monthly fee of 550 yen (tax included). *1 *2
You can also watch the latest online live performances and new movies by paying an additional fee.
It supports not only smartphones, but also TVs and projectors, so you can enjoy live music and movies on a large screen full of presence. Anyone can easily register and cancel from the WEB or application, and those who register for the first time can try it for free for the first month. *3
*1 Purchases on the App Store and Google Play are 650 yen per month (tax included). Regardless of the contract date or cancellation date, you will be charged for one month from the 1st to the last day of each month. Please note that we do not do pro-rata calculations.
*2 There is some individually charged content.
*3 Only when applying for the first time during the campaign period (from November 1, 2014), the initial free period of 7 days will be extended to 31 days. Other applicable conditions are the same as the first 7 days free. However, during the 31-day initial free period, some content may not be viewable due to the rights holder’s
Customers who have received the 7-day first-time free trial in the past, but who have not yet applied for this campaign, are eligible. Purchases on the App Store, Google Play, and use of dTV prepaid cards are excluded.
When this campaign ends, we will inform you on the DOCOMO website. The contents of this campaign are subject to change without notice. Information summary site about dTV
◆ How to use
Register as a member from the dTV website ( ◆ Viewing device
Viewable on TV, PC, tablet and smartphone
* Separate packet communication charges apply.
*Some content may not be viewable on some devices.
*Customers who do not have a DoCoMo line contract will need a “d account (R)” to use this service. The service content and payment method may differ from those of the “sp-mode (R)” contract. In addition, payment of the usage fee is only possible by credit card. * “dTV”, “d account” and “sp mode” are registered trademarks of NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
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