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AWA Co., Ltd. Survey report What do you value when choosing hair care products? The first place was “prevent dryness”!

AWA Co., Ltd.
[Survey report] What do you value when choosing hair care products? The first place was “prevent dryness”!

The hair care information media “Hair Care Talk”
( operated by AWA Co., Ltd.
( is targeted at people in their teens and older all over Japan. We conducted a questionnaire survey on “What do you value when choosing hair care products?”
We will publish the results.
Survey outline
Survey target: Men and women in their teens and older
Survey date: October 2022
Survey body: AWA Co., Ltd.
Survey method: Voluntary responses via the Internet
Number of people surveyed: 347 (311 women and 36 men)
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey report:
* When citing the results of this survey, please use the URL of “Hair Care Talk” (
Summary of survey results
As a result of a questionnaire survey, “What do you emphasize when choosing hair care products?”, the first place was “prevent dryness”. [Imaged107159-89-ddc56da878384590114f-0.png&s3=107159-89-a4701b689c40b536d589e71e93a08d0f-1024x768.png

1st: Prevent dryness
・Because the hair is bleached, it quickly becomes dry and spreads out. I would be most happy if the spread was suppressed and the finish was moist and shiny, but if the price is too high, I can’t buy something that I use every day, so I’m also concerned about the price. (Female in her 40s)
・My hair is dry and flaky, so I focus on buying products that are sold to prevent dryness or that contain such ingredients. (Female in her 30s)
・My hair tends to dry out (especially at the ends), so I buy hair care products to prevent dryness. Especially in winter, the dryness is severe, so if you don’t use anything, your appearance will be ugly. (Female in her 40s)
The first place was “prevent dryness”.
There were many opinions that it is easy to dry and spread because it is easy to dry because it is colored.
2nd place: High moisturizing power
・My hair tends to spread out easily and looks dry, so I try to buy products that have a moisturizing effect and make my hair look put together. (Woman in her 20s)
・I feel that my hair is getting less moist due to perm and aging, so I often choose products with moisturizing effect. (Female in her 30s) ・Because I think that moisturizing is important for hair and skin. Moisturizing will make your hair smooth and easy to put together, so I’m focusing on it. (Female in her 30s)
The second place was “high moisturizing power”.
Many people commented that it makes the hair dry and spread out, and that it feels like the moisture in the hair has decreased with age. 3rd place Good for the skin
・In addition to the scalp, the places where the tips of my hair touched my face and neck after applying it became red and itchy, so I try starting with a small amount. (Female in her 50s)
・Sometimes I have sensitive skin, so I always check the ingredients. Hair care products spread around the face and head, so choose products that are gentle on the skin. (Female in her 50s)
・I’m worried about the itchiness and odor of my skin, so I choose hair care with top priority on skin care. I believe that keeping my skin healthy is good for my hair. (Female in her 40s)
The 3rd place was “good for the skin”.
There was an opinion that because the skin is weak, they want to care for itchy skin.
4th place Appropriate purchase method
・Because even cheap products can feel moist and wash well, I am satisfied. I’m trying various products without sticking to one type. (Female in her 30s)
・There is no end to finding expensive items, and I want to use cheap items frequently because I use them every day. And because I want to finish shopping in the neighborhood. (Female in her 30s)
・No matter how effective a product is, if it is expensive, people hesitate to buy it. I want to choose something with good cost performance because I use it every day. (Female in her 30s)
4th place was “appropriate purchase method”.
There was an opinion that there are products that can be satisfied even if they are cheap, and that cheap products are easy to continue using.
5th: Ease of use
・Because it is an item that is used every day, ease of use is considered first. I also have children and sometimes I don’t have time for myself, so I choose products that can be easily cared for. (Woman in her 20s)
・Because I want to use oil and spray type properly depending on the purpose and timing of use. Even if the ingredients are good, if you don’t like the feeling of stickiness, you won’t want to use it. (Female in her 30s)
・I remember how dry and spread my hair was when I used it in the past, and there was clearly a type that suited my hair type and a type that didn’t (woman in her 30s).
5th place was “ease of use”.
There was an opinion that something that is easy to use is good because it is used every day, and that there are types that do not suit your hair type.
6th place brand name
・In many cases, you may not feel the effects you expected from different brands, so it is safer to have a uniform brand from shampoo to treatment. (Female in her 40s)
・After trying many things, I finally found a brand that suits me, and I don’t think I can get the desired effect with other products. (Female in her 40s)
・I think that it will be easier to get the effect if the shampoo, treatment, etc. are all the same brand, so I have the same series. (Female in her 50s)
6th place was “brand name”.
There was an opinion that it would be easier to get the effect if the brand was unified.
When we conducted a questionnaire to 347 people, 24.8% of the total answered that it “prevents dryness.”
As for the reasons for answering, there were many opinions such as that it is easy to get dry due to color etc., and that it is easy for hair to dry and spread.
If you have the opportunity to buy hair care products, please refer to it. ■ About AWA Co., Ltd.
AWA Co., Ltd. operates the community-based beauty salon Henna Salon Somali and the hair care information site “Hair Care Talk
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