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Baccarat Co., Ltd. December 12 (Monday) 12:00-“Hinabe Maya Noodles” White Water x Maya (Piler) Kanda Store Grand Opening

Baccarat Inc.
December 12th (Monday) 12:00-“Hot Pot Maya Noodles” White Water x Maya (Piler) Kanda Store Grand Opening
◆ Produced by Nanae Mama, a luxury club in Ginza “Nanae” ◆

“Hinabe Maya Noodles” white hot water x Maya (Piler) Kanda store (hereinafter referred to as “our store”), which operates a medicinal soup specialty store in Kanda, Tokyo, will be pre-opened in summer 2022. Research and create menus.
The store name will be “Sibikara” and “Hinabe Maya Noodles” that meet the needs of the region, and will finally open at 12:00 on Monday, December 12, 2022! Considering the regional characteristics obtained during the pre-opening period, we will provide “Sibikara” and “Hot Pot Maya Noodles” that meet the needs of each region.
[Image 1

“Hot Pot Maya Noodles” Hot Pot x Maya (Pyler) Kanda Store’s “Hot Pot Maya Noodles”
[Image 2

A new product limited to the Kanda store “Sibikara! Soupless dandan noodles” “Hot Pot Maya Noodles” White Water x Maya (Piler) Kanda Branch Official website:
Paiyu x Maya (abbreviated as Piler) is a popular national dish in China and South Korea, which is based on a thick chicken and pork broth with medicinal ingredients and sibikara hemp sauce added. We have created a store that offers the ultimate paitan and malatan soup in a business format that you can easily enjoy like a store. In addition, we aim to create a new business format that creates special regional menus that match the noodles and soups to the characteristics of each region. I created it.
A new whirlwind in the ramen battlefield with “Kanda limited! According to a pre-opening survey, the area around Kanda Station is a town with many working salaried workers = men, and there were many needs for lunch, especially “I want to eat a lot for less than 1,000 yen”.
The area is a hotly contested area with many famous ramen shops competing with each other.
Therefore, while satisfying the working people with volume, we have increased the degree of “sibikara” that increases perspiration, which is said to be good for health. I made a dandan noodle.
In addition, while the famous karashibi restaurants in the Kanda area are lined up from morning until night, we have also taken advantage of the numbingness of the sansho pepper and chosen the level of spiciness for our [Hinabe Maya Noodles]. Create a new whirlwind in the ramen battlefield.
Ginza’s luxury club “Nanae” produced by Nanae Mama
Our shop is a medicinal soup specialty store produced by “Nanae Mama”, the owner of the ultra-luxury members-only club “Nanae” in Ginza. Nanae Mama started thinking about a business to open a new store while interacting with many managers at the popular YouTube “Reiwa no Tora” and club work. In addition, I will introduce each town on my own YouTube “Ginza Nanae Channel”, and I will be interested in the characteristics of each town. I became interested in.
On the other hand, while there are many customers and hostesses looking for a ramen shop to end the night on the town, there are many customers and hostesses who feel the dilemma of not being healthy and gaining weight. As a result of examining what satisfies the
requirements of being healthy in a low dining table, consuming plenty of vegetables, and increasing metabolism with sibikara, we arrived at authentic white soup and medicinal hot water.
For this reason, we started a business to create a soup noodle business format that makes use of the characteristics of each town, and led to the grand opening of the “Hinabe Maya Men” white hot water x Maya (Piler) Kanda store.
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* Produced by Nanae Mama, a luxury club in Ginza “Nanae”
-Nanae Mama Career-
Born in Tokyo, raised in Chiba and Saitama. The water business started in Kasukabe. Although he was called a genius in elementary school, he started working at a young age due to his parents’ divorce, and transferred from a prestigious high school to a part-time high school. By working day and night and going to school, he gains confidence in his physical strength. After that, after marriage and childbirth, he returned to the night world due to debt. 30 years in the bar business, 25 years in Ginza. Along the way, she acquired a sommelier and worked as a mother while running two wine bars, and opened a large club “Nanae” five years ago. While implementing the SNS strategy, he manages a number of business categories such as the beauty industry, consulting industry, and restaurant business as the “Nanae Group”. ■ 12/6 (Tuesday) Exhibited at “Influencer Expo” (invitation only, venue not open to the public)
We will exhibit at the 2nd Influencer Expo, an exhibition of companies and influencers.
“Influencer Expo” official website: 【store information】
Store name: “Hot Pot Maya Noodles” White Water x Maya (Piler) Kanda Branch Location: 3-20-6 Kanda ex 1F, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Opening date: Grand opening from 12:00 on Monday, December 12, 2022 Business hours: Monday-Saturday/holidays 11:00-23:00 (LO.22:45) Number of seats: 8 counter seats
Transportation: 1 minute walk from JR Kanda Station North Exit / 1 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Kanda Station
Official URL:
[Operating company]
Corporate name: Baccarat Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-6-15 Shinonome, Koto-ku
Representative: Representative Director Naoyumi Utoku (Nanae Karasawa) [Menu example]
[Image 4

Developed several types of medicinal dishes with a unique blend for “Hinabe Maya Noodles” plain water x Maya (piler)
[Value for money mini rice set and drink]
[Image 5d105143-2-dc4a86b49a0bb38d3021-4.png&s3=105143-2-7c41cf2a7d12a0073d960c68806fbc9c-2008x1053.png
■ Inquiries from the press
Baccarat Inc.
Public Relations: Nanami Kon
Phone: 03-6274-6786

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