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Baccarat Co., Ltd. “Fighting chef! Komeo” has come to the kitchen of “Hot Pot Maya Noodles” White Wate r x Maya Kanda Store!

Baccarat Inc.
“Fighting chef! Comeo” has come to the kitchen of “Hot Pot Maya Noodles” White Water x Maya (Piler) Kanda Store!
Grand opening at 12:00 on Monday, December 12 Produced by Nanae Mama, a luxury club in Ginza “Nanae”

Ginza “Club Nanae” Nanae Mama’s “Hot Pot Maya Noodles” Shirayu x Maya (Piler) Kanda Store Grand Opening The popular YouTuber “Fighting Chef! Komeo” came to the kitchen and sifted his skills. increase.
In addition to the “Hot pot hemp noodles”, “Medicinal hot water noodles” and “Shibikara soupless dandan noodles” made by Nanae Mama with a first-class chef, Komeo will cook and serve “Plum and salmon porridge” in collaboration with Komeo. increase.
◆ A fighting chef! Comeo ◆
The name “Komeo” is derived from the fact that he obtained a qualification as a rice sommelier, and he is a chef who shows his skills at “Okome Kappo Komeo” in Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, but he is also a popular YouTuber.
In the popular martial arts “Breaking Down”, which now boasts 7 million views, Komeo gained No.1 popularity from the first time, and the number of subscribers of his YouTube channel [Komeo Channel] quickly reached 200,000. Beyond people, I became a famous influencer. Utilizing her rice sommelier qualification, she grows rice in her hometown of Fukushima Prefecture, and plans to sell it to Nanae Mama’s white hot water x piler business as soon as it is harvested. The Komeo collaboration project, “Plum and Salmon Porridge” was devised live on Nanae Mama’s YouTube channel [Ginza Nanae Channel], and was officially adopted as a menu with the acclaim of all the staff.
[Komeo Channel] @user-xl1xl3sr7s [Ginza Nanae Channel] @user-px1xg1wz3t [Image 1

◆ Ginza mom and YouTuber! ? Nanae Mama ◆
[Image 2

Ginza moms eat the most delicious food in Japan every day, don’t they? It seems that it is often said.
Nanae Mama acquired a sommelier qualification in 2012 and often discusses cooking and wine with top chefs.
On the way home from the recording of “Reiwa no Tora” on YouTube, I stopped by a restaurant in Marayu. I started making hot water and started a white hot water x piler business.
We have created a new medicinal soup noodle business format that incorporates regionally limited menus that make use of the needs and characteristics of each region.
The first store will be the grand opening this time, “Hot Pot Maya Noodles”, which will be the Shirayu x Maya Kanda store.
◆ Hot pot spicy noodles with a choice of spiciness and noodles ◆ Paitan x Mala (abbreviation: Piler) is a common national food in China and South Korea, which is based on a thick chicken and pork paitan soup and adds medicinal ingredients and sibikara hemp sauce. Authentic Chinese ramen shops are commonplace everywhere in the style of Japanese ramen shops.
It has become very popular in South Korea, and while there are many restaurants that add Korean style to Chinese maladan, the number of restaurants where you can eat maladang in Japan has started to increase in recent years, and it is said that there is a boom. You can choose from 5 levels of spicy soup, from non-spicy plain soup. A lot of vegetables are harvested and healthy, and vermicelli noodles are healthy.
As a result of researching popular noodles and toppings in Kanda, we were able to change to Chinese noodles, and it became possible to add meat and char siu as toppings. And in the Komeo collaboration, Shibikara rice porridge was completed by changing the noodles to rice. [Image 3

“Hinabe Maya Noodles” Plum and Salmon Porridge Made in collaboration with Komeo ◆ Special plain soup and authentic medicinal dishes ◆
The white soup, which is the basis of all flavors, is made by slowly boiling chicken and pork bones to extract the umami, creating a deep flavor.
In addition, the spicy soy sauce is a blend of about 30 types of authentic Chinese medicinal herbs, resulting in a strong numbness and spiciness that can only be tasted here.
Please enjoy the authentic taste that you can understand only because you are a mom in Ginza.
[Image 4

◆ Only in Kanda! Sibikara Soupless Dandan Noodles ◆
While satisfying the strength and volume of those who work in Kanda, it is a medicinal dish that is good for your health and has a higher degree of perspiration. “Sibikara soupless Dandan noodles” has been completed.
Taking advantage of the greatest feature of “Hinabe Maya Men” where you can choose the level of spiciness, Piler’s soupless dandan noodles, which were able to make the sibilance of sansho pepper work far beyond the sibikara dandan noodles of famous stores, are a new sensation in Kanda’s ramen battlefield. spark up.
[Image 5

A new product limited to the Kanda store “Sibikara! Soupless dandan noodles” ■ 12/6 (Tuesday) Exhibited at “Influencer Expo” (invitation only, venue not open to the public)
We will exhibit at the 2nd Influencer Expo, an exhibition of companies and influencers.
“Influencer Expo” Official Website: 【store information】
Store name: “Hot Pot Maya Noodles” White Water x Maya (Piler) Kanda Branch Location: 3-20-6 Kanda ex 1F, Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Opening date: Grand opening from 12:00 on Monday, December 12, 2022 Business hours: Monday-Saturday/holidays 11:00-23:00 (LO.22:45) Number of seats: 8 counter seats
Transportation: 1 minute walk from JR Kanda Station North Exit / 1 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Kanda Station
Official URL:
[Operating company]
Corporate name: Baccarat Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-6-15 Shinonome, Koto-ku
Representative: Representative Director Naoyumi Utoku (Nanae Karasawa) [Mama Karasawa Nanae]
While running the Ginza luxury club “Nanae”, he is also active as an entrepreneur.
Appeared in “Reiwa no Tora”, “Matsuko’s Unknown World”, “24 Hour TV ~Love Saves the Earth~”, etc., and was featured in “The Nonfiction”. In addition, he has many interactions with celebrities and famous influencers, and is active in a wide range of fields.
■ Inquiries from the press
Baccarat Inc.
Public Relations: Nanami Kon
Phone: 03-6274-6786
Details about this release:

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