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Bakan Co., Ltd. Japan’s No. 1 toilet signage media that can be delivered by gender. Change media name to “Unveil” to accelerate deployment

Bakan Co., Ltd.
Japan’s No. 1 toilet signage media that can be delivered by gender. Change media name to “Unveil” to accelerate deployment
-The number of distribution sites has exceeded 6,000, making it a media that can reach 6 million people per month-

Bakan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Goshin Kono, hereinafter “Bakan”), a startup that provides services that eliminate “waiting” using AI and IoT, will start from December 1, 2022. The name of the toilet signage media “AirKnock Ads” will be renewed to “Unveil”.
*There are no changes to the advertising plans currently being offered/proposed. [Image 1d18933-282-3582cea7fca360dc8ba6-1.png&s3=18933-282-c8ec59b485715ad3d224a38f698adf23-3900x2196.png
■ Old and new service names and logos
[Image 2d18933-282-6e3145f39769111d701c-4.png&s3=18933-282-9a0629a734c6fd13cb01811366f0387b-960x540.png
■ Background of renewal
At the end of 2020, we started providing “AirKnock Ads,” a signage media service that prevents congestion in restrooms. In terms of media, it has been measured to have a visibility rate of about 95% for distributed videos, an improvement in understanding of content by about 70%, and a cognitive lift rate of 613%.
This time, we have renewed the service name so that more people can simply understand the value and characteristics of media.
*1 Figures as of the end of November 2022
■ Background of media name change
The toilet room is a private space and a place where you can face your personal troubles. That’s why we want to be a media that can deal with all kinds of troubles, remove information barriers, and give power to those who see it. I was.
Based on the above concept, we decided to name the media “Unveil” with the aim of removing/clarifying the veil (covering) of users’ concerns and information barriers.
[Image 3d18933-282-9019d5b84575e8a82ba5-2.png&s3=18933-282-ae059914bc600e7b7e16d7d8bfc50b8b-3173x1787.png
■ Unveil, a signage media service that prevents congestion in restrooms Full-scale commercial deployment will start from the end of 2020, and it is currently the No. 1*2 installation number in this market. This is a new signage media aimed at recognition in private toilet rooms, deployed in approximately 6,250 locations in offices and commercial facilities, mainly in central Tokyo. Since the toilet space is a one-on-one private space with a small amount of information, it is possible to clearly convey the message you want to deliver to the user. The video content is played on the signage only when using the toilet, and the number of views and distribution results can be quantified.
In addition, by using patented technology (including pending) that changes the screen display according to the length of stay to reduce the length of stay and automatically adjusts the length of
advertisements according to the degree of congestion, congestion in the toilet can be reduced. Suppression is also achieved at the same time.
Click here for service details: *2 Survey by Bakan Co., Ltd. (as of October 2022)
(media features)
・Gender delivery is possible
By taking advantage of the characteristics of the toilet, it is possible to clearly distinguish between men and women.
・Private space with little information, so reach
The toilet has little other content, and it is characterized by the fact that it is easy for users to concentrate and see the content. In the demonstration experiment, the recognition rate of the
advertisement was about 95%, and the understanding rate of the delivered content was over 70%. In addition, significant effects have been confirmed, with a 613% increase in the cognitive lift rate and a 560% increase in the comprehension lift rate.
・ Reach business people with purchasing power
You can deliver content to men and women with an average annual income of 7 million yen or more who work in office buildings mainly in Tokyo. *4 From the company data that publishes annual income among the tenant companies of our signage installation facility (as of May 2022) [Image 4d18933-282-73881664c856604687f3-3.png&s3=18933-282-4593e60423109f86602776104a71393c-1899x1279.png
■ Advertising media that also solves social issues
Unveil is not only an advertising media, but also solves social issues through the spread of services.
・Providing a comfortable user experience by eliminating congestion A sensor installed on the door detects the usage status of the toilet, and the congestion status and usage time are displayed on the signage. Eliminate congestion in toilets by preventing the use of toilets for longer than necessary. More than 90% of users support this mechanism, creating a comfortable user experience.
[Image 5d18933-282-c9eb84ff0f5685a2c8ab-0.png&s3=18933-282-bf8189b425f35cbe8079042a04cc2636-960x540.png
・Distribution of original content that solves the problems of toilet users We produce and distribute original content for the purpose of resolving user concerns and enlightenment.
1. Jointly developed with “Woman’s”. Awareness of health problems peculiar to women by utilizing women’s private toilet
2. For the first time in the industry, the voices of toilet users are turned into a drama! Started distributing the “How to Cope with a Certain Boss” series
[Image 6d18933-282-323e57d64e192f1a16bd-5.png&s3=18933-282-26dc00afc31f48ff81f284e50e280473-1700x1299.png
Image) Delivery image of video content
・Promoting SDGs by donating advertising revenue
We support 6 non-profit organizations. The more the toilets are used, the more donations are made to affiliated organizations.
(Overview of partner organizations)
“Water Aid”
An international NGO that specializes in improving water and sanitation conditions for people living in poverty, aiming for a world where everyone can use safe water and toilets by 2030. As of 2022, we have offices in 34 countries and are providing water and sanitation assistance in 26 countries. In 2013, we established a Japanese subsidiary.
Florence is an NPO that aims to realize a society where everyone embraces their children, where they can take on any challenge while raising their children, and where all kinds of families are filled with smiles. We are working to solve social problems such as support for balancing childcare and work and child poverty and child abuse through “visiting sick child daycare”, “disabled child daycare”, and “approved childcare business”.
“Your Ibasho”
With the mission of “eradicating unwanted loneliness”, Your Ibasho is Japan’s first 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, free and anonymous regardless of age or gender, based on a network of counselors around the world. It is an NPO that provides a chat consultation window that can be used.
“On the Road”
On the Road operates World Dream School, an online school that supports the dreams of children and young people around the world. In poor areas, refugee camps, and conflict areas around the world, we cooperate with local coordinators and first-class instructors to open various classes such as English, IT, and dance.
[Image 7d18933-282-2e4c385dff6e793037cf-6.png&s3=18933-282-a37b95e23d84a939b7ed145adc6cfb96-960x540.png
■ About Bakan Co., Ltd.
Company name: Bakan Co., Ltd.
Representative: Goshin Kohno
Location: 2nd floor, Sumitomo Fudosan Nagatacho Building, 2-17-3 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established: June 2016
Bakan is a company selected for J-Startup 2019, a public-private support program selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. IoT and AI are used to detect the vacancy status of restaurants, cafes, restrooms, sightseeing spots, evacuation centers, polling stations, etc., and deliver it to digital signage and smartphones. In addition to visualizing vacancy status, we also control and manage congestion, and provide a wide range of DX services that “eliminate waiting” based on vacancy/congestion information. Details about this release:

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