baton Co., Ltd. Takuji Izawa, the king of the University of Tokyo quiz, succeeded in escaping with “on the run”! We will use the prize money of 2.52 million yen to create a commemorative quiz collection.

Baton Co., Ltd.
The University of Tokyo quiz king, Takuji Izawa, successfully escaped with “on the run”! We will use the prize money of 2.52 million yen to create a commemorative quiz collection.

Takuji Izawa of QuizKnock operated by baton Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO Yosuke Kinugawa) succeeded in escaping at “Escape ~ Omisoka SP Odaiba Great Battle! ~” (Fuji TV), prize money 2.52 million yen won. The prize money will be used to create a commemorative collection of quiz questions.
 Takuji Izawa succeeded in running away and won a prize of 2.52 million yen on “Tosochu~Omisoka SP Odaiba Great Battle!~” (Fuji TV) broadcast on December 31st (Sat). The prize money will be used to create a commemorative collection of quiz questions. Completion is scheduled for the summer of next year, and there will be a gift project that will be delivered to applicants by lottery, and QuizKnock’s Fukura P will use the prize money of 10 million yen from a quiz show to present a “47 prefectures early push button present”. We plan to distribute the electronic version to the winning groups of the project ( In addition, after the gift project is over, it will be sold at a price close to the cost price on the mail order site.
The video released today on QuizKnock’s YouTube channel “QuizKnock Kaigichu [sub-channel]” talks about this project in more detail. For future updates, please check QuizKnock’s official Twitter
( and portal site
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Message from Takuji Izawa
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“Thank you for your constant support.” I was lucky enough to receive a large amount of money for “On the Run”, so I would like to follow Mr. Fukura’s example and use it to repay the kindness for the quiz. I’m doing my best to make it a good initiative, so I’d appreciate it if you could wait patiently.
[Profile of Takuji Izawa]
Graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo. In 2016, he served as editor-in-chief of QuizKnock, a web media that launched the concept of “learning starts with fun”, and currently mainly appears in YouTube videos. In addition to regular appearances on programs such as “Todaioh” and “Boken Shonen”, he is active in a wide range of activities, such as conducting a project “QK GO” that visits schools nationwide for free.
What is QuizKnock
QuizKnock is a media that combines entertainment and knowledge, mainly operated by the University of Tokyo Quiz King Takuji Izawa. Based on the concept of “learning that starts with fun”, we are sending out articles and videos every day that will help you “know” something. YouTube ( channel subscribers exceeded 1.97 million. (As of December 2022)
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About Baton Co., Ltd.
Baton Co., Ltd. operates various services that connect play and learning in order to realize the vision of “a world where you learn by playing”. The current main service is QuizKnock, which is based on the concept of “learning that starts with fun.”
・Web media where you can enjoy quizzes about the universe
・YouTube channel that provides video content that fuses entertainment and knowledge
・A game app that trains your intelligence through intuitive fun We are engaged in content production and management for the three businesses. In addition, as part of creating opportunities for a more enjoyable and intelligent life than yesterday, we are actively working on publishing books, holding events, and giving lectures at schools. [Image 3d12901-88-0be01b507ec35e619070-3.jpg&s3=12901-88-b7ddecd03673508244b9aa2619e93c04-450x450.jpg
【Company Profile】
Company name: baton Co., Ltd.
Established: October 2013
Representative Director: Yosuke Kinugawa
Corporate site:
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