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bayfm78 A live broadcast that makes the late night of the bay area noisy! /December 19th (Mon)-21st (Wed) “MOZAIKU NIGHT”

A live broadcast that makes the late night of the bay area rustling! /December 19th (Mon)-21st (Wed) “MOZAIKU NIGHT”
Every Monday to Wednesday 1:00-3:00 “MOZAIKU NIGHT”

“MOZAIKU NIGHT” is lively broadcast every Monday to Wednesday from 1:00 am on bayfm!
[Image 1

Each day of the week, a unique DJ gives off a different color, keeping the nights in the bay area awake!
December 19th (Monday) 25:00 ~ Grab the sticker! Gomeman year-end jumbo! [Image 2

DJ: Takuya Gomyo (Grunge)
[Listen to the program:]
We will deliver various projects such as finding mistakes, luck, and Ogiri Riki during the live broadcast!
We present stickers to 5 people!
December 20th (Tuesday) 25:00 ~ What is the hidden masterpiece you see on the holy night? ? Movie commentator “Alicon” Arimura Kon appears! [Image 3

DJ: Masaru Ikeda (Zigzag Ziggy) & Megane
[Listen to the program:]
Large release of program stickers to 10 people!
December 21st (Wednesday) 25:00~ Two uncles make a big fuss at midnight! [Image 4

DJ: Imayasu & Nara Yoshitaka
[Listen to the program:]
Introducing theme mails! Be the first to post! If you want to appear on the phone, please don’t miss it! !
Mozasui goods set will be presented to 3 people!
Program name: “MOZAIKU NIGHT”
Broadcast date and time: Every Monday to Wednesday midnight 1:00-3:00 Monday: Takuya Gomyo (Grunge) / Tuesday: Masaru Ikeda (Zigzag Ziggy) & Glasses / Wednesday: Imayasu & Yoshitaka Nara
Program HP:
Program email:
Hashtag: mozaiku

From December 19th (Monday) to December 25th (Sunday), win the lottery!? “bayfm Catch The Dream WEEK!”
[Image 5d78831-360-e4abd34ace98e4c84474-3.jpg&s3=78831-360-da7f0c7d18d3d6eb7cc1aa168a2073ac-960x670.jpg
2022 years to go! Would you like to “Catch The Dream!” at bayfm at the end of the year?
A lottery will be held from all those who participate in the target program by e-mail or fax during the period, and you will have a chance to win 1 billion yen including the first prize and the first and second prizes!!
Click here for details:
Details about this release:

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