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bayfm78 Let’s sing with Showa songs! Just before Christmas “All Gachapon Request!”

Let’s sing in Showa songs! Just before Christmas “All Gachapon Request!” Every Thursday from 1:00 to 4:53 “Song of Japan”

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Many “hit songs” that made Japan excited. I used to hum along with that melody and lyrics that I heard on the radio. “Song of Japan” is a comprehensive Showa popular entertainment program that delivers such thoughts and popular songs to future generations. Lively with Showa’s famous songs and “Shimamiwa (Yukio Shimamura & Miwako Tanaka)” duo talk! But be kind and close to everyone.
On December 22nd (Thursday), let’s sing Showa Kayo during the long autumn nights! The annual “All Gachapon Request!” will be held!! Program name: “Song of Japan”
Broadcasting station: bayfm78
Broadcast date and time: Every Thursday from 1:00 a.m. to 4:53 a.m. Program homepage:
Official Twitter:

December 19th (Monday) 25:00 ~ Grab the sticker! Gomeman year-end jumbo! [Image 2d78831-362-2fa01b6e14dc35bf9772-1.jpg&s3=78831-362-24306e063494e827f11ff36e338633e0-960x670.jpg
2022 years to go! Would you like to “Catch The Dream!” at bayfm at the end of the year?
A lottery will be held from all those who participate in the target program by e-mail or fax during the period, and you will have a chance to win 1 billion yen including the first prize and the first and second prizes!!
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