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bayfm78 Ryota Mitsunaga’s Chūka Wandering in Xmas!!/December 25th (Sun) “Beautiful Day!”

Ryota Mitsunaga’s Town Chinese Wandering in Xmas!!/December 25th (Sun) “Beautiful Day!”
Every Sunday from 16:00 to 18:56 “Beautiful Day!” DJ: Ryota Mitsunaga
“At the end of a beautiful day. To make tomorrow a more beautiful day.” And make tomorrow a starting point for a better day. “Beautiful Day!” is such a program.
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“Town Chinese food” has been redesigned as a new entertainment for the common people. Children don’t understand (!?) There is joy and joy in town Chinese! And adults who know how to enjoy it want to show off their favorite shops.
Therefore, on Sunday, December 25th, we will deliver the 2nd installment of “It’s a Wonderful World Special Edition”, “Ryota Mitsunaga’s Chūka Wandering in Xmas”.
Since the OA of the first series in October, we have received a lot of feedback from listeners, and the second series will be held soon! This time, based on the information received from the program, we will visit several Chinese restaurants in town and show them to you! Chinese for Christmas, what kind of chemical reaction will it be! ? Also, it may be a reference for your year-end and new year town Chinese tour. Don’t miss it!
Program name: “Beautiful Day!”
Broadcasting station: bayfm78
Broadcast date and time: Every Sunday from 16:00 to 18:56
Performer: Ryota Mitsunaga
Program homepage:
Official Twitter:

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