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bayfm78 “Salad Anniversary” Machi Tawara Appears! 2nd “MOTIVE!! Utakai” held/December 23 (Fri) “MOTIVE!! ”

“Salad Anniversary” Machi Tawara Appears! 2nd “MOTIVE!! Utakai” held/December 23 (Fri) “MOTIVE!!”
Every Friday from 9:00 ~ “MOTIVE!!” DJ: Hiroki Ando, ​​Sakura Miyajima
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On Friday, the last day of WEEKDAY, the information entertainment program “MOTIVE!!” introduces a wide range of topics such as society, sports, entertainment, etc. that happened during the week, as well as useful information on the weekend and hot trends.
With Hiroki Ando and Sakura Miyajima’s lighthearted and heartwarming (but sometimes crazy!) talks, we’ll give listeners a chance to think and act! May your life be as rich and warm as possible.
On December 23rd (Friday), Mr. Shuji Kunikane, editor-in-chief of Tanka Research, a tanka magazine founded in 1932, and Mr. Machi Tawara, a famous poet who is also famous for the best-selling “Salad Anniversary”, will be welcomed as guests. Then, in addition to talking about the charm of tanka, we will ask the two of you to critique the tanka sent by listeners this time as well!
The “tanka boom” is reigniting mainly on SNS. By all means, please join us by putting your own thoughts into the 31 characters! ≪Present≫
Eco-NOTIVE (program original eco-note) x 3 people

From December 19th (Monday) to December 25th (Sunday), win the lottery!? “bayfm Catch The Dream WEEK!”
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2022 years to go! Would you like to “Catch The Dream!” at bayfm at the end of the year?
A lottery will be held from all those who participate in the target program by e-mail or fax during the period, and you will have a chance to win 1 billion yen including the first prize and the first and second prizes!!
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