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BEAMS Co., Ltd. BEAMS’s Metaverse store is opening for the 5th time at the world’s largest VR event “Virtual Market”, setting up a virtual base in Harajuku during the event

Beams Co., Ltd.
BEAMS’s Metaverse store will open for the 5th time at the world’s largest VR event “Virtual Market”, and a virtual base will be set up in Harajuku during the event.
Sales of 3D fashion for avatars that link the real and virtual, collaborative content with Cainz, Gakugeidai Seishun, Dai-Nagoya Exhibition, etc. Until December 18th (Sun)

BEAMS Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hiroshi Shitara; hereinafter BEAMS) has formed a business alliance with HIKKY Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Yasushi Funakoshi; hereinafter HIKKY) in the xR field. will open a virtual shop for the fifth time at the world’s largest* VR event “Virtual Market 2022 Winter”, which is being held from December 3 (Sat) to 18 (Sun), 2022. (*Certified by Guinness World Records (TM) in 2021 for the largest number of booths at a virtual reality market event)
[Image 1

BEAMS virtual customer service staff in front of the BEAMS virtual shop at Virtual Market 2022 Winter
Harajuku is the gateway to Metaverse
BEAMS HARAJUKU (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which served as the model for the virtual shop, has set up a virtual customer service center, and about 40 employees are currently providing virtual customer service in shifts. A gaming lifestyle space finished with Herman Miller chairs and Logitech G gear will be open to customers, providing an
opportunity to feel closer to the Metaverse, and a place where you can meet customers you met at the virtual shop in real life. Many people have come to visit us. (Virtual customer service and experience until December 16 [Friday])
On the Twitter account @BeamsVket (, in addition to photos of the staff in charge of virtual customer service and the venue, 8 virtual models selected from the public will post styling photos of 3D costumes for BEAMS avatars every day. Posting. ・ Virtual customer service: A customer service staff will appear randomly during the daytime on weekdays until December 16th (Friday). ・Customer virtual experience: General customers can also experience the virtual shop on the 3rd floor of BEAMS HARAJUKU.
Until Friday, December 16, 11:00-13:00, 15:00-17:00
Place: BEAMS HARAJUKU 3F (3-24-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) [Image 2

Set up a base for virtual customer service and experience on the 3rd floor of the “BEAMS Harajuku” store
[Image 3

The exterior of the virtual shop (left) is modeled after BEAMS Harajuku (right) 3D costumes for avatars are styling proposals that link the virtual and the real A total of 11 types of 3D costumes for avatars, including suits, dresses, coats, boots, bags, balaclavas, arm warmers, etc., which are 3D models of real products, are on sale at the virtual shop. Centered on the original labels BEAMS F and Demi-Luxe BEAMS, all of the products currently on sale at stores nationwide and official online shops are digital twin products that have been turned into 3D models. We are directing how to enjoy fashion without barriers. In the virtual shop, we will implement a function that allows the user’s avatar to easily try on products simply by clicking on the displayed products, enhancing the shopping experience.
The 3D costumes this time are produced according to the standards of the popular avatars “Minase” (mio3io) and “Grus” (Kyu), and are displayed on the 1st floor of the BEAMS virtual shop. Continuing from the last time, 3D modeling is by SELECT SHOP -Cornet-, which produces avatar costumes.
Search Twitter with the hashtag #BEAMS virtual model or #Metasta to see this season’s dress-up style worn by eight virtual models selected by public offering. [Image 4

Linking 3D avatar costumes with real products, proposing ways to enjoy fashion that transcend the boundaries between virtual and real (Avatar cooperation: Grus/Hisashi)
[Image 5

Linking 3D costumes for avatars with real products, proposing ways to enjoy fashion that transcend the boundaries between virtual and real (Avatar cooperation: Minase / mio3io)
[Image 6

Styling by BEAMS virtual models Shiomaru and Chiru Michiru
[Image 7

Styling by BEAMS virtual model Kiriu
Get a virtual dog mask with a makeover game from Cainz!
On the 2nd floor of the shop, in collaboration with the home center “Cainz”, a makeover game is being held to complete the children’s room on behalf of Santa. The “virtual dog mask” (digital prize) that can be worn on your avatar, which you can get by completing the challenge within 2 minutes, is very popular. Furthermore, if you participate in the SNS campaign, there is also a chance to win Cainz products. Please also pay attention to the cute dogs wearing “Pet’s One by BEAMS DESIGN”, a limited-edition pet wear produced by the BEAMS DESIGN label, which is on sale at Cainz. (You can check the details of the SNS campaign from the banner in the virtual shop or from
“@cainz_official” on Twitter.)
[Image 8

If you clear the makeover game on the collaboration floor with Cainz, you will receive a virtual dog mask (photographed by Need)
[Image 9

“Virtual dog mask” that can be worn on your avatar (digital prize) [Image 10

At the Dai-Nagoya exhibition corner, Ogiri, who poses a question with “Temae Miso-chan,” and “Narikiri Grampus-kun,” which you can wear on your head and play with.
[Image 12

All five members of Gakugeidai Seishun descended into the BEAMS Virtual Shop and interacted with fans in the Metaverse.
Captain Leecha in a suit appears at the rooftop bar
Various people come to the rooftop bar every day to enjoy the longed-for “from that customer” situation using the gimmick that slides the glass. On December 4th, we held an event to enjoy the bar with the popular VR cartoonist and virtual explorer Captain Leecha (, wearing a BEAMS suit and different from the usual expedition clothes. Many customers gathered at a glance of Captain Leecha, who emits an aura. A must-see manga that depicts a lot of laughter and drama.
[Image 14 Compatible environment:
– Apple iPhone series: iPhone X or later / iPhone SE (1st generation) or later *iPhone 7 or earlier is not supported.
– Android: Android 11.0 or later / RAM 8GB or more / Google Pixel Pixel 5 or later
Web browsers such as Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge that can be used Virtual Market 2022 Winter Overview
Name: Virtual Market 2022 Winter
Organizer: VR corporation HIKKY
Date: Saturday, December 3, 2022 to Sunday, December 18, 2022 (16 days in total) Official website:
1. From VR equipment / PC to the world “Virtual Market 2022 Winter” in VRChat 2. In some venues, you can enter just by clicking the URL from your smartphone or PC browser.
* Click here for the browser version of the BEAMS virtual shop
[Image 15d12471-551-66aec648d558488c3144-14.png&s3=12471-551-deb56e4a249dc30daa8293ed9e2ad4af-1300x705.png
■ About the virtual market (commonly known as Vket)
The world’s largest VR event where you can buy and sell various 3D items such as avatars and real products (clothes, PCs, food, etc.) at the venue on the Metaverse. Held since 2018, it boasts over 1 million visitors from Japan and around the world, and is a pioneering event of the Metaverse that has been certified* by the Guinness World Records (TM). In addition to buying and selling products, Metaverse offers unique “experiences” such as riding on vehicles, watching movies, and participating in live music. In addition, voice communication is possible between visitors, and you can enjoy the presence as if you were walking around the city together in the real world. The virtual market began with the purpose of selling 3D data products between individuals, but in recent years, major companies that want to enter the Metaverse business have expanded the sale of real products, creating new possibilities for VR commerce. (*As the largest number of booths at a virtual reality market event)
■ About HIKKY Co., Ltd.
– Creating a world where the value of creativity is widely recognized – HIKKY Co., Ltd. is a VR corporation that realizes an open metaverse that anyone can freely create and access. With notable creators who lead the industry as members, we provide highly unique Metaverse solutions such as “Vket Cloud”, plan and operate Metaverse events, and provide consulting services that support business entry into the VR/AR field. will do. We aim to develop the living, economic, and cultural spheres of the virtual world and create a society in which all creative people can live more freely and abundantly. The world’s largest VR event “Virtual Market” hosted by HIKKY will acquire Guinness World Records (TM) in 2021. (*As the largest number of booths at the virtual reality market event) In addition, in 2020, the highest award in the marketing category of the international VR award ceremony “VR AWARDS” and the highest award in Japan’s “XR CREATIVE AWARD 2020” Awarded.
Representative Director and CEO: Yasushi Funakoshi
Headquarters: 4F, ​​Mitomi Building, 1-20-22 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013 Established: May 1, 2018
■ About BEAMS
In 1976, the first store was opened in Harajuku, Tokyo. We have been leading the times as a pioneer of select shops that procures all kinds of fashion and lifestyle items from all over the world. We have a wealth of experience as a planning group that creates new value through collaboration, and we provide creative solutions in various genres that go far beyond the realm of fashion. With approximately 170 stores in Japan and the Asian region, it is supported by many people across generations.

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